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[Let’s Talk] What are you playing? – November 2017

Posted on November 4, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Let's Talk

A new month is here! We just entered November this week, so that means we want to know what you’ve been playing.

Have you started up something entirely new for the month? Are you still knee-deep with Super Mario Odyssey? Whatever the case, let us know in the comments below!

Highlights from last week’s topic: Early Super Mario Odyssey impressions


It’s still too early for me to give a final verdict, but from what I’ve played so far… It’s a game that’s both very familiar and very different at the same time. It’s “new” enough to feel refreshing, and “old” enough to feel nostalgic. I’m still getting use to the various control schemes that the game has to offer, that would have to be my only complaint. That, and perhaps the Power Moons; some are super easy to find while others are super difficult. In the end, I’m back at where I started – I just haven’t played enough to give a final verdict.


I’m about 50 moons in, and I love it. It starts off a little slow, as they explain a bit more, and it’s been more and more addicting as time goes on. Somewhere mid-sand kingdom I was really getting into the groove.

Two things I’d like to say. First, I’m always exclusively a handheld player due to my lifestyle- my dock is in a closet at the moment- and I’m a little sad that I don’t get to use the motion controls. I tried tabletop mode with the split joycons, and it was faster and more accurate than button presses. Spinning the cap around Mario isn’t so easy without motion controls, and there’s a bunch of times I’ve wanted to use Mario’s ‘spin attack’.

Second, it’s hitting me just how much is spoiled in the beginning stages of Odyssey. I thought that people complaining about Mario spoilers were being silly, but there’s probably only ten seconds of cutscene that I haven’t seen, either in a preview or review from a youtuber. While ‘spoiling the beginning’ might not be too big of a deal on a Square Enix or Bethesda game, that’s like half of a Mario game’s story. I think I’m going to have to go on media blackout mode mode in the future for any other anticipated game, and possibly unsubscribe to some people.

Overall, it’s a great game. As a person who *loved* Sunshine and thought it superior to Galaxy in all but voice acting (yes, we exist!), I really find this game a joy to play.

I love SMO. It’s a perfect blend of old and new and adapts the best of many great platformers before it, including Kirby, Banjo-Kazooie, and most dutifully, its own series. It is overwhelming how chock-full of secrets (plus within secrets), collectibles, and easter eggs the kingdoms are. It is beautiful, creative, cohesive, and oh such fun. There are a few oversights and areas of improvement, as with any handiwork of mortals, but it would be surprising if Odyssey ever fell from the gilded status of masterpiece in the public eye.


I’m a bit underwhelmed to be honest. It’s not the level of challenge. It’s sort of the limits to the sandboxes. There a couple of things to do in each world. Then you do them over and over and over. There are inly about 2-3 locations in each workd. Outside of a few exceptions, I don’t find the capture mechanic all that compelling. All these costumes to collect, but they’re all the same and offer absolutely no advantage. The music is forgettable.

It does put a big grin on my face every time I step into an 8-bit section.

I just finished New Donk City last evening, and the end of that definitely picked up the pace and my level of enjoyment. Hope that continues, but as of right now I enjoyed Galaxy and 3D World more.


Already one of my all-time favourite games after playing it for a few hours. Mario feels great to control, it isn’t story-heavy at all (I really didn’t care about Rosalina and her ilk in Galaxy), the game flows well (no breaks like in 64/SS/Galaxy), it is very pretty and I absolutely love the hundreds of tiny details that are in Odyssey 😀 some of the moons are really sneakily hidden and I still didn’t have all of them, even after what I thought was a thoroughly search of the level <3 the characters are oozing with charm as well Morian

I like that the game let you choose when and how to obtain a Moon. It’s more open and less linear than Sunshine and the Galaxys. My biggest issue it’s that I feel the world is inconsistent. I mean, I don’t feel too much immersion, the kingdoms are not connected, there is no hub, every kingdom is a floaty island, the realistic stuff feels out of place (like the T-Rex and the humans). I think 64 and Sunshine have a better sense of adventure. I’m not complaining just for the sake of it, I find this thoughts to be more useful when everyone is full of hype than just repeating the mantra of the good features.


I just finished the main story today and started into the post game content and I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed the trip this game has taken me on. No spoiler here, but the absolute best moment for me was the conclusion to New Donk City. It was like a love letter from Nintendo. I’m having a harder and harder time deciding if this or BotW is my GotY. Both games are masterpieces and Nintendo should be proud of the dev teams that worked on them.

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  • TheWeasel

    Odyssey, ya see!

    Not even Fire Emblem Warriors could keep me from playing Salmon Run on Splatoon 2 literally every time it was live, but Odyssey is now occupying 100% of my Switch time. I went on vacation last Friday and you bet I played Odyssey in handheld mode every day until I got back. An experience like that is only possible on the Switch!

    Been having a complete blast exploring each area thoroughly instead of rushing ahead in the story!

    • hi v3.0

      Come back to Discord ;-;

      • lina the clueless

        can I join yo discord

    • Tlink7

      I’m doing the same thing, just exploring each area until I’m bored and then I move on with the story. I hope you had a fun holiday 😀

  • Strawman

    Fire Emblem: Warriors. Got me all the special weapon scrolls and am now on the looooooooooooong road to unlock a certain character 😛

  • Aline Piroutek

    Not Switch related but I recently got Wind Waker HD and Super Mario 3D World.
    For a remaster, Wind Waker HD have such a nice visual. Personally I’m enjoying more this game as a Zelda title than Breath of the Wild.
    Super Mario 3D World is quite fun to play, a mess in multiplayer just like New Super Mario Bros. U, but I still think the style of gameplay of Super Mario Galaxy is the coolest/best. Maybe the new Super Mario Odyssey is cooler than Super Mario Galaxy.

    • Aline Piroutek

      Yeah, WiiU still have over $1200 Worth of games to buy.

      • lina the clueless

        what a waste of money

  • lina the clueless

    3D World is by far better..

  • lina the clueless

    hmm I wonder if Nintendo will make DLC for Odyssey…. I got a feeling they will

  • Lane Whitney

    I’m playing Odyssey, but I am also re-playing Pokémon Moon in anticipation for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. I’m super excited!!!

  • hi v3.0

    It’s all about Odyssey these days for me, until Xenoblade comes…

    • Ctoan

      That and Forces for me.

  • JasonBall

    Too much

  • Lord Drieg

    I wasn’t interested in Odyssey, so I havent bought it yet. It’s something I think I’ll look at buying when it’s on sale. Or maybe if I win it in a giveaway.

    So what have I been playing instead?

    Been splatting squids, kids, & salmon in Splatoon 2, sure. But WayForward, Tom Happ, & Sumo Digital have stolen my heart, money and time with The Mummy Demastered, Axiom Verge, and Snake Pass respectively.

    • Lord Drieg

      Both Axiom Verge and The Mummy Demastered are games in the Metroidvania vein. However Axiom Verge is a true Super Metroid experience with story telling elements borrowed from Metroid Fusion. Though your character has interactions with others and is given objectives to locate by those individuals, there is zero indication given on where to go or how to find what you’re looking for. It’s really been a patience-tester for me but one I plan on powering through to the end.

      • Lord Drieg

        The Mummy Demastered feels more like the new Metroid: Samus Returns in terms of level design, layout and progression. You explore an area, find a power-up(s) that lets you complete that area, make you way to the boss, defeat it, move on to the next area, repeat till the end. You’re highly encouraged to return to previous areas after acquiring new upgrades, as there are a number of power-ups and collectibles that cannot be reached otherwise. With enemy killing akin to Contra, a death system reimagined from the Dark Souls series, and a phenominal soundtrack that’s haunting, electric, and invigorating, The Mummy Demastered is a wonderful licensed game that stands apart from the film that spawned it.

        • Lord Drieg

          And finally Snake Pass. A clever puzzle game with heavy platformer vibes where moving like a snake will keep you alive. Take advantage of your pliable body and twist, climb, swing, & slither your way to collectables and the end of each level.

          I’ll admit I haven’t given as much time to Snake Pass as I have to Verge & Mummy. I’m a huge Metroid fan and despite the wonderful Samus Returns, I’ve had an itchin’ for Metroid for the last 7 years that Samus Returns couldn’t sate on it’s own.

          Hopefully when my confusion is cleared up in Axiom Verge (or if I get sick of being lost or unable to progress) I’ll slide over to Snake Pass’ adorable charm and unique premise.

    • Why you are not interested in Odyssey? the game seem ok, my case I’m not a fan of Mario in 3D.

      • Lord Drieg

        My Nintendo loyalty is mainly to their science fiction franchises: Star Fox, Metroid, F-Zero, & Pokémon. I’ve played their big franchises, Mario & Zelda, but they don’t really appeal to me. BoTW is one of the exceptions because the story they put in the game was phenominal! I’m glad my curiosity about the story was sated, though it did require some exploring. Perhaps it appealed to my Metroid sensibilities, which is why I liked it so much. But from what I’ve been hearing, the new game is light on story. Nothing really hooked me into buying or playing the game. Despite the game selling itself so well to so many, I’d like to play a demo myself. As the gameplay is the selling point over the story in Odyssey, I have to try it for myself in order to truly gauge my interest in the game.

        • Sorry for reply late, I thought I reply to you.
          Well you are entitled to like some franchise, I undertand. myself I found I don’t like Xeno, FE at this moment, maybe in the future I will give a shoot of these both titles. Mario is ok like I said not crazy enough lol

    • Mark

      Totally understand where you’re coming from. I’m not exactly a Mario fanatic; never owned 64 (though I did rent it enough in the day to get about 2/3 of the way through), bought Sunshine used at a discount, and bought Mario Galaxy at full price but not Galaxy 2. I went out on a limb and purchased it at launch, and am loving it completely.

      It’s not exactly scratching my “story” itch (no surprise) but is extremely addicting. I’ve also been dying for a Metroidvania as well. Between Axiom Verge and Mummy Demastered, which would you recommend?

      • Lord Drieg

        Depends on where your Metroid love lies. If you’re a fan of Super Metroid’s and Metroid Prime 1’s lack of direction and indication of where to go, then Axiom Verge is the game for you. I’ve put 10 hours into Verge so far aaaaaaaaaand I’m stuck. It’s driving me crazy cause I wish there was some indicator on where to go and what to do. I don’t remember what Verge costs, but it’s certainly worth the cost, in terms of gameplay and playtime.

        If you enjoyed the less-explorative, back-tracking heavy Samus Returns and Metroid Fusion, then The Mummy Demastered is your game. I’ll admit it’s very short despite its up-and-down difficulty, so I’d wait for it to be a little less than its $20 asking price. I found the difficulty comparable to Samus Returns, actually. I found general exploration fair in its difficulty, while certain events & gameplay occurances slighty too challenging.

        I like both equally, though because I’ve already finished The Mummy, I’ve been giving Axiom Verge more of my time. I may get sick of not figuring out where to go in Verge and try to do a no-death run of The Mummy.

        I rambled a bit in the end, but I recommend that you should play the game that fits your Metroid craving, based on the descriptions of them I’ve provided. I hope you have fun with whichever one you choose! =]

  • Douglas Siano

    SMT4A and Killing Floor 2

  • Wolfenstein 2 great game awesome solo mode FPS!

  • Locky Mavo

    I’m still waiting on Mario Odyssey, but I’ve finally gotten FE: Warriors and I’ve gotta say, it’s really good, I’m enjoying it more than Hyrule Warriors and for a Warroirs game, it’s very satisfying to play. Been playing Flame in the Flood and Stardew Valley, I never thought it would be as addictive as it is, it was my “most played” last month. Got a few other indies with Morphite and Super Beat Sports which are good and The Mummy De-mastered, a great Metroidvania game. Then I’m always jumping into the Nintendo 1st and 2nd party games every now and then, Splatoon 2, Zelda, MK8, Arms, Pokken.

    Looking forward to L.A. Noire, DooM and Skyrim this month, there’s also the RE: Revelation games, Sonic Forces I’ll probably get later on, and then there’s Xenoblade 2 on the horizon, I can’t wait! Which a couple of ups and downs, it’s still been a great year in gaming.

  • Gamingfan

    Zelda botw on the wii u.

  • i played kirby 64 this morning
    it was total butt

    • JasonBall

      I hear it wasn’t great but a lot of people like it. What’s wrong with it?

      • it’s super boring
        walk to the right, kill stuff
        you dont even jump, really
        even the first kirby games were way more complicated, level-wise

        • JasonBall

          I found Triple Deluxe really boring. Have you played it? Is it the same kind of problem as 64? Because yeah I love the first few Kirby platformers, but later 2.5D ones seem to be boring.

          • no i’ve never played triple deluxe
            64 is like playing someone’s first attempt at making a game
            like if i was making a mario maker level

          • JasonBall

            Isn’t the copy ability fusion system interesting?

          • i got a flame sword instead of a sword

          • JasonBall

            Lol when you put it that way I see why that’s not so exciting.

            Okay, last question. Did you hear the music? Was it good as the series usually is?

            I actually love the way you judge games. I find it accurate and enlightening.

        • RoadyMike

          Now I finally know why I didn’t like Kirby 64 as much as the other games. You do really just go right
          Even Klonoa had you move in different directions to get through each level

    • Aline Piroutek

      3D Kirby was a mistake just like Bomberman.

      • It’s not really 3D, you just go to the right. The analog stick doesn’t even do anything.

  • Addy

    Pokémon Sun & Moon Demo. I missed an event yet again, so I have to start all over. Again…

    • JasonBall

      Is that the one where he says “the dude should be back in a month”

      • Addy

        I don’t know what that’s about, but it’s the one where you get the Ash-Greninja. I know most of the rewards you get in the demo are just high-price selling item but it’s the principle. I wanted to fully complete it. And this time I will finish it.

        • JasonBall

          Oh, how do you get it?

          • Addy

            By completing the trial and beating the Team Skull admin. Afterwards you talk to the professor to transfer the rewards into Sun/Moon.

  • burchdude65

    Super Mario Odyssey, the greatest game of all time!

  • Gamingfan

    The new pokemon games coming to the 3ds look pretty good.

    • Addy

      I though you don’t care about portable gaming. Why the praise?

      • Gamingfan

        I have a 3ds but I’m not into handhelds anymore. I was praising the games. not the portability lol.

        • Addy

          There is an upcoming mainline Pokémon game(s) for the Switch, but I doubt you’ll want that, due to a number of obvious reasons.

          • Gamingfan

            The switch is the same price as the ps4 pro where I live so there’s no way I’m buying it until a price drop.

          • Addy

            Well you might as well wait a long time. The Wii U never had a price drop (if I recall, or at least discontinued the 8 GB models after a year in life cycle) and the Switch is very likely not doing that anytime soon.

          • Gamingfan

            the wii u didnt drop in price much because of the expensive gamepad.

          • Addy

            And I’m guessing the deluxe bundles that came with a game or two costs about the same when the Wii U deluxe set launched in 2012. I am so out of touch.

    • Cathy

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  • awng782

    Just playing this small, insignificant game about some fat Italian ex-plumber.

  • James Fox

    Stardew Valley [and on small spurts: Zombie Gold Rush, Voez and Deemo]

    I am eagerly awaiting Pinball FX 3 and Superbeat: XONiC

  • Exy

    Everybody should experience the ending to Super Mario Odyssey.

    • James Fox

  • masterjedi

    I was playing Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle and absolutely loving it until I got Odyssey. Now that’s all my Switch does.

  • I’ve been playing Odyssey, the Octopath Traveler demo (which may make me buy the game), the Bravely Second demo, daily Badge Arcade / FE Heroes / YGO Duel Links / Tales of the Rays / FF Brave Exvius, and debating whether Pokkén will entertain me long-term. I also played Dead Space for the first time on Halloween.

    • Aline Piroutek

      After I got the Vita, I stopped playing all mobile games except Fire Emblem Heroes. And I liked Super Mario Run and Duel Links.
      I got the feeling that playing those games were a waste of time when I compare with the Vita 3DS games.

  • Sinton

    The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX on the 3DS. I’m about halfway, and it’s been amusing so far.

  • R.Z.

    I’m mostly splitting my playtime between Super Mario Odyssey (all of the love that game) and Nights of Azure 2.
    I’m having a lot of fun with the latter, despite it’s technical flaws it’s a fun little game and the progression is pleasent, I’d recommend it unless you are allergic to anime stuff.
    I kind of dropped FE Warriors, not that it’s bad but it’s pretty high tension and I’m not in the mood for that right now.

    I also tried Sonic Forces that I got yesterday in the mail. I can’t say much because I only played three levels but I think the 30 fps cap can be detrimental in some of the faster modern Sonic side scrolling parts.
    Otherwise it deosn’t seem to be a bad version overall, but it’s cringy as hell, as any modern Sonic game is bound to be.

    I’m also slowly completing the Mega Picrosses of Picross S during my toilet time and playing Pokémon shuffle on 3DS as usual.

  • Vigilante_blade

    I fell in love, so I… haven’t been playing a lot of games lately. Only Fire Emblem games

    • JasonBall

      Lol nice answer. Not even love can keep you from Fire Emblem.

      • Vigilante_blade

        Okay, I cried of laughter, lol. Good one.

    • Radish

      Let’s get real here. He fell in love with SSBM but is cheating with Fire Emblem.

      • JasonBall

        If only polygamy were allowed, yeah?

        • Radish

          Lol yeah, I just stay friend-zoned with games ;P

          • JasonBall

            They must be crushed.

  • MagcargoMan

    The announcement of Miiverse’s cancellation inspired me to play more Wii U, since I had barely used Miiverse much at all besides a couple of instances. I spent the month playing a lot of Super Mario Maker, uploading more of my courses and commenting on a lot of them, as well as making plenty of play journal posts. I made some pretty cool new courses, although I also ran into limitations of the level editor in ways I hadn’t encountered before. Really hope they fix things in the future, even if it has to be through a sequel rather than an update.

    I also played a bit of Smash during the last few days of Miiverse since I had only ever drawn one support post for the Miiverse stage. I drew support posts for 19 different characters (most of which had at least two posts). Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to do one for every character like I wanted.

    RIP Miiverse.