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[Let’s Talk] Will you play Switch more as a console or a portable?

Posted on February 25, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Let's Talk, Switch

There are two big ways to play Switch. You can use the system as a traditional home console, but Nintendo is also offering an option to play it as a handheld. So as a simple question for you this week: which one do you see yourself preferring?

I’ll probably end up using Switch more as a portable system personally. These days, I’m so busy and caught up with a bunch of different things that I find it difficult to be in front of a television for an extended period of time. I really do like how the portable option lets you play anywhere and easily come back to a gaming session. That being said, I definitely won’t be playing Switch exclusively as a handheld. I know that I’ll want to at least have Zelda on the big screen at some points, for example. Thankfully the Switch dock makes moving between both modes very simple.

That’s just me though. Curious to see what everyone else has planned!

Highlights from last week’s topic: Will you still pick up Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Wii U?

Doc O Carneiro

I’m planning to buy the Nintendo Switch only next year and I already have my own WiiU so, yep, I’m still going to pick up Breath Of The Wild on WiiU


I’ll get the Wii U version because I probably won’t buy the Switch until next year when it has games and I can get it with a packed-in title


Yes, I plan on getting it on Wii U first simply because I won’t be getting a Switch for a long time and also because it has a chance of becoming rare.


I got a simple reason, really

The Switch is all sold out over here before I could even preorder it, there’s a ‘second run’ to preorder the Switch but it won’t come out till 31st of March at best, so basically if I preorder it now, I won’t get the console on launch date, so i’m going to preorder the Switch console, get the Wii U version and get the Switch version later in the month

I intend to play the game at launch and I don’t really like waiting more for a game I have been waiting for, for a long time already


I’m getting both the Switch and the WiiU versions because I’m a collector and a completist. I’ve already spent an obscene amount of money on the Switch and all of the Zelda guides (regular, collectors, deluxe), Zelda game variants (SE and UK LE) and oh so many accessories.

Jaxon Holden

Switch version, also Wii U version, and an expansion pass for each.

This is the greatest Zelda (maybe even game?) of all time. Even if Switch was never going to see another game afterwards, it would be worth it for having said greatest game on a handheld alone. As for Wii U… for completion’s sake I guess.

Timtendo Gaming

As long as my budget for the fortnight allows, I’ll definitely be getting the Wii U version of Breath of the Wild as well as the Switch equivalent. Like what was mentioned in the article, it’s more due to being sentimental than anything. This is mainly due to it being the last Wii U game (at least from Nintendo), and because the Wii U got me back into Nintendo and console gaming; a hiatus I’d been on since the Nintendo 64.

So, I’m looking forward to playing on both… but I’ll have to think about whether I’ll be doing the same with the DLC.

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  • Billy Bob Throrton

    Console…portable,I’ll figure it out when I get there. All I know is I’m not using the Joycons until ARMS

  • Anonymous1234567

    Console at home. But when waiting appointments, which are always nerve wracking for me, I’ll be glad of the distraction.

  • drinKNIRD

    Portable for obvious reason: bed. When I get tired of loitering one spot, I’ll be using it conole. Hopefully, half and a half in between but no doubt portable will win out for me.

  • Addy

    As a console. I’m not going to risk taking or lugging around a $400 CDN item with additional accessories.

    • Kenshin0011


    • Lilla My

      CDN dollar? The country where there is no locked doors? Are thieves coming from stateside?

      • Reggie

        We don’t have doors because we all live in igloos, clearly.

      • Addy

        Way to imply Canadians with a negative stereotype I never heard of.

        • Lilla My

          So basically saying that Canada is a less violent country and thus a more peaceful country than others in North America is a negative comment?
          Well sorry, normally it’s seen as a good thing.
          At least Reggie responded me with humour.

          • Reggie

            That’s an unfortunate false myth. Canada is no better than the US. Believe me, I wish I could say that we are more peaceful.

          • Tlink7

            Are there true myths? πŸ˜€

          • Reggie

            The sorry myth is true. Sorry.

          • Tlink7

            I should be a Canadian then, I say sorry too much πŸ˜›

          • Lilla My

            I just looked at statistics, not easy to compare.
            You know better the country you live in, I won’t argue with you.

            Nevertheless, the differences across the country seem pretty big.
            I only visited Quebec, but didn’t based my assumption on this and I already knew there were differences.
            I took the risk to make this outdated joke because it’s hard for me to understand how it can be negatively perceived by some folks; peacefulness is by no way a weakness.

            In the meantime, I talked about thieves coming from stateside, no one gave a s**t. I guess this is the fun part.

          • Reggie

            Well you are right that I know better about the country I live in. Maybe Canada is just better at “hiding” it, but to say that we don’t have crud here is completely false.

          • Lilla My

            I never said there is no crud.
            I’m getting tired of not being understand correctly, is my English writing so bad?

          • Reggie

            No? It’s just the majority of people, including people in Canada, all think that everything is “great in Canada and has better morals than the US”, and it doesn’t. I’m all too used to hearing that.

          • Lilla My

            I’m not the majority of people.

      • Supporter

        How dated. It hasn’t been like that since probably the 70s or 80s. Please check your facts before making such comments.

        • Lilla My

          Yeah, β€œsuch comment” – I’m a bad guy.
          Look my response to Addy.

          • Supporter

            I didn’t say you were a bad guy. Your comment did seem rude and ill-informed though.

          • Lilla My

            My comment was a joke based on a friendly stereotype, so saying it’s ill-informed is absurd, all the mechanism of the joke was based on that.
            It’s not because I don’t put smileys everywhere that it’s rude.
            If someone with absolutely no humour read this joke, he would just find it stupid.
            When I heard a joke about my country, I try to respond with humour, even if it’s an overused one.
            A lot of countries have worst jokes about them; all this discussion is utterly ridiculous.

            Also, I warn you, you got fake news in Canada: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/unlocked-doors-a-sask-tradition-but-is-it-a-good-one-1.2635938

          • Supporter

            Any jokes based on stereotypes seem to have poor taste in my eyes. I hope you don’t see me as being hostile. Jokes like that always rub me the wrong way and are often not funny to me, which is the point of jokes.

    • ( β•Ήΰ¨Šβ•Ή) hahahahahaahahah

      • Addy

        Whatever it is you find so funny, I do not care what is.

        • ( β•Ήΰ¨Šβ•Ή) hahahahahaahahahHAHHAAHa

    • Tlink7

      I’m sure a lot of people carry far more expensive things with them daily than a Switch xD and doesn’t all you need to play with fit in just one medium-sized case? What else would you need to take with you save the console and two Joycons?

      • ForeVision

        I’ve got a good argument to make. I’m Dutch, so it’s expected of me to be “greedy” or as it’s better perceived “careful” with my expensive stuff πŸ˜›

        • Tlink7

          I see so many expensive phones just handled carelessly here πŸ˜› sooo many broken screens… xD

          • ForeVision

            So even the stereotype doesn’t count any more? Booooooooo!

          • Tlink7

            Maybe for older generations πŸ˜›

          • ForeVision

            I feel like waving my non-existant cane at you now πŸ˜›

          • Tlink7

            *walks all over your non-existent lawn*

          • ForeVision

            Politely ask you not to ruin my imaginary flowers that I’d never maintain, because even mowing the lawn is too much of a pain in the butt where I live. Seriously, 1 grass field to the side of the house, 1 in front, connected to another to the side, and an entire field where horses graze behind it. Care to come mow my lawn?

          • Tlink7

            Just get the horses to mow your fictitious lawn!

          • ForeVision

            No no no, I meant our actual lawn. We have a mechanical lawnmower, since doing it manually will get people murderous tendencies.

            And if you do mow said lawn, mow down some carnaval gangers along with it will you? They’re drunk enough to make a stereotypical dwarf gasp in pure awe.

          • Tlink7

            You live in the south eh? I’ve had to entertain those buggers with my side job, but hey, it earns me more money so eh πŸ˜›

            Wish I had a grassy garden ;-;

      • Addy

        The only thing I need to carry that costs around or more than that is my phone. Can the Switch call 911?

        • Tlink7

          In the future, who knows πŸ˜›

  • JasonBall

    Portable. I’m nearsighted such that I always sit close to the TV no matter what I’m watching or playing (except 3D movies because the 3D requires two meters of space to work) so I was hyped for Switch from the get go because I can basically have the TV a foot from my face. So even when I’m at home, I’ll use the tablet mode. Also, I’m simply out a lot. It fits my lifestyle.

    I plan on using the dock if: I’m doing local multiplayer anything at home, there’s a game that really benefits from 1080p, or I get laser eye surgery. Also there’s probably many uses for docked I can’t think of right this second, so I look forward to experimenting with different configurations and games and what works best. But as of now, I’m thinking mostly handheld.

    • Tlink7

      What about glasses? xD

      • JasonBall

        Lol yeah I use them when I have to but they make my face look stupid and are just generally a pain.

        • Tlink7

          I’m sure they don’t look stupid πŸ˜€

  • ShadowDragoon

    In the event that i actually end up getting a Switch, i would be using it as a home console the whole time, i already have the 3DS for my portable gaming needs..

  • Lilla My

    Home console, can’t beat a plasma.

  • Exy

    I expect to go 50/50. Can’t stream a handheld, after all.

  • Luigi K.

    Console. Even for the Wii U I barely used the OFF-TV option, and I play my 3DS mostly at home.

  • Bart

    I’m not sure yet, I guess a bit of both, depending on the game, some games actually look better on a smaller/lower resolution screen than on a big tv… I’ll definitely be motivated to play on the tv though, I’ll want to get my money’s worth out of that pro controller…

  • Hexodious

    Portable, but I will just be playing indoors anyways

    I just can’t sit still in front of a big screen these days and my eyesight is getting worse too, constantly need to move back and forth to confirm what the heck’s going on the screen, it just ain’t for me anymore, i’ll play some turn based games like the upcoming SMT in dock mode for a hour or two, and maybe play some Mario Kart 8 with my friends or family but that’s about as home console as it gets for me

    • JasonBall

      Yay someone else with bad eyesight who won’t even be able to see the Switch games in docked mode! (high fives)

    • Tlink7

      Same question for you… glasses? πŸ˜€

      • Hexodious

        It ain’t that worse yet to the point I need glasses lol, I’ll probably get glasses when I start walking into objects

        • Tlink7

          ”going back and forth to check what’s going on” sounds pretty bad πŸ˜› I have incredibly bad eye-sight; when I’m not wearing glasses everything is a blur, but I never bump into things… I just can’t see the detail of the things I’m avoiding

          …nice avatar btw πŸ˜€ Axel ftw <3

  • Ry L

    Console mostly, but I’m going on a business trip less than a week after launch so I’m excited to try it as a portable. I guess I’ll need to use it portable whenever the wife wants to use the TV as well.

  • Roto Prime

    90% Docked 10% handheld.

  • Leonel

    I’ll get the switch later this year, I will mainly use the switch in Handheld mode since I played the wii u mainly off tv. I only doubt that i’ll take my switch out of my house

  • ChaosNocturne

    99% handheld even if sometimes plugged in i played the wii u alot as a handheld in bed

  • Indielink

    Between the 4 people in my house, we will have 3 Switch and 2 TVs. We’ll see how the battle for the big screen plays out. No matter the result I will be okay.

  • Reggie

    For me personally, I’m going to be using it more as a portable, and by portable I mean I’ll sit anywhere in the house to play it. I don’t really have the space to play it as a console, and if I did, it means I would have to share it with my brother who gets hyper-aggressive when frustrated. So yeah, rocking the portability.

  • Eros VI

    50-50. I’ll use console mode with games like Zelda or RiME because I usually playing alone in home, and also portable mode with games like Splatoon or Mario Kart when I’m with my friends -they are going to buy Switch- (or my girlfriend e.e)

    greetings from Spain! ole ole xd

  • ImReallyNotAmused

    portable, games will look better on the small screen than upscaled on full hd tv.

    • Lilla My

      Worst argument ever! :p

      • ImReallyNotAmused

        not really, look at how beautiful this game looks on handheld mode!

        btw my other argument is that I enjoy handheld gaming a lot more so a game like zelda on a portable system is a dream come true.

        • Lilla My

          I admit it looks very sharp on this video, but it’s a known phenomenon that smaller screens seem sharper, it has to do with pixel density.
          A TV screen could seem less sharp to you, but you’ll gain in field of view and immersion.
          The last time I saw a film on a small screen, it probably was in 2005 with the PSP, a big screen is better for watching a film.
          Nevertheless, both modes will be enjoyable for sure.

  • I would like to play it more as a home console, but I’ll probably end up using it the most as a portable console. It’ll just be easier to keep up with my toddler that way, and I can imagine I’ll be doing a bit of travel with it.

    • you have a toddler?! :V this whole time i thought you were 16 or something (οΏ£β– οΏ£;)

      • YamiryuuZero

        So did I…
        Wait, what if it’s a 16 with a toddler?!

        …maybe we don’t question any further…

        • ( β•Ήΰ¨Šβ•Ή) the Switch is really for her toddler

      • Haha, nah, I’m pretty older. ^u^;
        But yeah, I have a toddler~. It’s fine. We sometimes play the 3DS together. By which I mean, they just move the joystick around as I play games. x’D;

        • ok i will call you grandmama from now on then Κ…(β—”ΰ±ͺβ—” ) Κƒ

          • Haha, thanks~! I’m often told I have an old soul, so it fits.

          • Supporter

            You’re not old! Age doesn’t take away from your awesomeness! πŸ˜€

          • ForeVision

            I’m 25 and I feel old, must be those kids and their graphics these days πŸ˜›

          • Aww, thanks so much~! >u<

  • Jacob Groves

    Console for me. Portable is when I am on bed before sleep or go hospital if my health issue or if I am lonely outside yeah play it.

    Console is for me. I am console gamer not portable or PC or mobile. πŸ˜›

  • Jacob Groves

    I owned XB1, PS4 and new 3DS as well Wii U. Will trade in XB1 next few days when get Switch!!!

  • burchdude65

    Probably more as a home console, but I do plan to SWITCH around pretty often.

    • YamiryuuZero


  • Hidden Flare

    Probably portable, I think I just prefer having to see the screen easier the whole time and I’m running out of rooms in my house for game time without someone else needing to the tv. So whenever I do get it, mostly portable for me.

  • Hidden Flare

    Oh and seeing I just see this topic, getting Breath of the Wild for the wii u seeing I am not getting the switch anytime soon.

  • I work 15 hour days, so I get an hour lunch break – that’ll be portable time.

    At home though, 95% console.

    My wife and kids will probably prefer portable even at home.

  • just sell ur Wii U problem solved..

  • YamiryuuZero

    Well, let me see, the only HDTV in the house is on the living room, so there is where I’ll be placing the Dock, but since I like to play in privacy, I will be mostly using the Switch in portable mode in my room.

    • ImReallyNotAmused


  • Paperballer

    65″ tv or handheld? Definitely console and handheld when the in laws are in lol

  • Melatelo

    Definitely as a home console. Nothing beats playing a game on the big screen with incredible picture and sound. Plus I usually game with / in the company of my friends, so playing on the Switch in handheld form wouldn’t make much sense when I’m at home.
    I would hate to play a game as beautiful as Breath of the Wild and not get to experience it in all it’s glory on a smaller screen.
    Will play in portable in my bedroom and on the go of course. The thought of being able to take a console level experience on the go is super exciting.

  • hi v3.0

    80% portable 20% TV

  • Melatelo

    Doesn’t your TV have multiple HDMI ports?

    • it’s probably from 2008.. Κ…οΌˆ β€ΎβŠ–β—οΌ‰Κƒ

  • Lord Drieg

    Much like the author, I find myself too busy or occupied to spend long times in front of my TV so I’ll use the Switch largely as a portable console. I do want to spend a little time with it playing on the big screen, but I know I’ll use it largely as a hand-held.

  • skilarbabcock

    Recently I got a part time job, and work Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. And I am still in high school, so those day’s I probably won’t be able to play on the TV, so I’ll be using the handheld part. However, the rest of the time, I will probably do half and half. Depends on if I want to kick back in relax in bed, or sit and play.

  • DeltaPeng

    I mainly game at home, at which point I have a 36-38″ TV and it makes more sense to play on the big screen. I’ll enjoy the rarer times when I need it as a portable as well.

    Particularly looking forward to playing games that were originally handheld exclusive, on the big screen!

  • give me your address i will send you a 2012 1080p tv with 3 HDMI out inputs

    • Tlink7

      My TV only has one HDMI input as well… it is so annoying πŸ˜€

  • At least if Swtich Dock could do something more than1080p I will say Switch is just the successor of 3DS/Wii U.

  • Thomas_NE

    Upgrading my TV to a beamer soon, so I’ll be playing that 900p Zelda docked with surround sound on a giant wall. Can’t wait. That being said, once a month I do a 2 hour train trip to see my family, I’ll be bringing the Switch along in the future!

  • FutureFox

    Portable in the summer. Console in the winter.

    • Evan Gustavson

      And you deign to call yourself a gamer?
      You need to get out less.
      Gamers don’t go outside just cause the weather is nice.
      They stay indoors because the summer light burns and the winter night chills.

  • Saxo2712

    I am always traveling for work and play my 3DS on the train or read. I will definitely be bringing my Switch to play in portable mode and charging it at work. I travel maybe 2 hours each day and being able to play high quality console games on the go will be a ton of fun (the 3DS is great quality but there is a difference between playing BotW on the go and Fire Emblem Conquest).

  • Saxo2712

    Another thing, perhaps as I have gotten older I simply can’t sit in front of the TV or computer and play video games. It bores me and also I don’t have time. But on the go I love the personal nature of using handhelds like my Ipad or 3DS.

  • Eileen the Pizza Queen

    Definitely as a console. To be honest, I really don’t play games when I’m out of the house, not even 3DS games. So if I’m going to be at home anyway, being a weird loner, I might as well enjoy the full HD experience, right?

    • ForeVision

      I usually don’t have time to play games when going out and about, except for the rare occasions when I’m alone going somewhere via bus (nature denied me the ability to drive a car) which is rare enough in and of itself. And even then, I’d take my 3DS along. It’s got a great many games I should still pick up on at some point in the future πŸ˜›

    • shout out to the weird loners

  • Supporter

    I’ll probably stick to using it as a console and just use it as a handheld to play in my bedroom or around the house. Nintendo has made it clear that the Switch is being treated as a console first and that’s how I would want to use one (if I’m fortunate to get it for holiday next year).

  • Tlink7

    Portable. I find it increasingly difficult to just sit down infront of a TV and watch a film or play a video game. I’d much rather game with some company, or outside, or when commuting… I just enjoy not being tethered to a telly I guess πŸ˜€

    • ForeVision

      Try my schedule, aka being tethered to a computer daily. Your level of “I’d really not like to be tethered to anything” dies within a couple of years. At that point, you don’t care, as long as it’s fun.

      • Tlink7

        I would go insane with your lifestyle xD if I sit behind a computer/TV/whatever for too long I get bored, then uneasy and eventually stressed. Makes it sound like I have ADHD or something, but I just need something to keep me mentally/physically occupied every now and then.

        I can play in the bus, in the train, on campus (though that’s very rare because I rather engage in conversation), anywhere in the house, in the garden… any opportunity that presents itself πŸ˜€
        I really don’t care about stupid opinions so that isn’t a problem for me πŸ˜›

        • ForeVision

          “I just need something to keep me mentally/physically occupied every now and then.” That’s what the games are for T! :P. Also try not having a choice in that regard (my situation is complicated, but let’s just say that I’m at home most of the day) you’ll get along with your situation, or become a mental wreck all the same. I’ve gone with the first part (and maybe a little bit involuntarily with the 2nd).

          I try to not either, but old-fashioned parents, what can I say. Plus there are plenty of other issues going around, so I try to accommodate them as much as I can. Also yes to the conversation part. I used to bring my 3DS to restaurants and such, since I tend to get bored without something interactive to do, but these days I can fill that time talking just as easily.

          • Tlink7

            I get what you mean… but gaming isn’t quite as engaging for me as, say, going to the gym or reading scientific material. I hope your situation improves <3

            I already make weird faces whilst riding the train when I play Smash on my 3DS (I *really* get into my Smash xD) so me swearing underbreath could probably happen πŸ˜›
            I used to play a lot of StarCraftII/Heroes of the Storm/Team Fortress 2/Chivalry/Fist Full of Frags and I still play a bit of WoW nowadays. I haven't done solo Nintendo online in a while (I play MK8 online with friends/family every now and then). In that respect it is a shame Switch' Mario Kart isn't an all-new one, because I don't have an incentive to play like 250 hours online on my new handheld now D:

          • ForeVision

            “I hope your situation improves <3" I appreciate your kind words. I've been in this situation for about 6-7 years (and counting), since I've been diagnosed. Gaming has helped me drag through every single one of them, hence why it's near and dear to my heart.

            It's a shame you no longer play such games, I wouldn't mind doing some online gaming with you πŸ˜› If you come around to getting a title like say Overwatch/HotS etc, let me know.

          • Tlink7

            I can understand now why you are fierce when it comes to gaming.

            HoTS is free and even if it wasn’t I bought the box a year ago πŸ˜› I haven’t played in almost a year though, so I’d have to look up how much they changed poor old Kael xD

          • ForeVision

            I think they haven’t done that much too him. Still blasts the sht out of people with pyro and phoenix πŸ˜›

          • Tlink7

            Nice. I had a 79,5% winrate with him during the first season. Got to rank 4 and didn’t bother going higher because rank 1 didn’t really give me any extra rewards I wanted πŸ˜€ …wish they’d add Kel’thuzad to the game

        • I’m similar with movies/shows. I get fidgety half way through and need to take breaks to be able to finish.

          But with the right games I can sit for hours, totally absorbed, and not realize how much time hasn’t passed. Weird!

  • ForeVision

    Console all the way. It will take the place of my Wii-U, and hopefully succeed where it failed. My 3DS is for on the go, I couldn’t bear the thought of losing my Switch anywhere, and not only my handheld, but my home-console simultaneously.

  • RoadyMike

    When/if I ever get one, handheld. I’m more on the go recently, that’s why I loved the concept when it was revealed. Occasionally, I would play on the TV just for the bigger display or keep it docked for my sisters to play. It really depends however, how long will certain games last while in portable, how well will they run etc. If any of those factors become negatives I’ll just keep it docked most of the time
    Not entirely sure, I need to have it in my hands for a while(among other factors) before I buy

  • Mando44646

    I see it as a next gen portable. I already have two more powerful consoles but there’s nothing like it in the handheld space

  • SpectralDynamite

    Umm… both? Isn’t that kinda the point?

    It’ll probably be more of a portable thing in my case, since my schedule usually has me out of the house a lot (not to mention my non-gamer girlfriend keeps me pretty busy) and even when I finally get home, I’m likely gonna be too tired to sit in front of my TV so I’ll be playing it in bed…

    I guess I’ll say it’ll a portable on weekdays and a console on weekends. That should be an apt description of my use of it.

  • nemo37

    For me it will be mostly used as a portable system. In fact, assuming it gets a good library of games (Zelda, Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Sonic Mania, and Project Sonic 2017; are already starting it off in the right track; but obviously I expect a lot more) it will become my dream portable console. What is great about the Switch though is how versatile it is, so while I expect to use it mostly in portable mode, I like the ability to dock it when playing local multiplayer games.

  • R.Z.

    I guess it will depend on the games.
    I’ll probably play anything online exclusively in T.V. mode so I can use the ethernet connection.
    I’d rather play the “bigger” games like Zelda on T.V. but since the screen seems to be more than decent it probably won’t bother me to play these games in portable mode too.
    For the “smaller” games like Bomberman or 2D platformers or VC titles I will probably mostly use portable mode, like how I only displayed Mario Maker on the T.V. about twice.
    I can actually see myself bringing my Switch over to friends for a Bomberman or Mario Kart, so these will be played mostly in “kickstand mode”.

  • HobbesGrrrr

    I have my Switch pre-ordered and plan on using it both as a portable and on the big screen at home. I think it will get used more as a portable because I plan on taking it to work and playing on my lunch break (which I do on my phone right now) and I want to take it to family and friends homes to play with them. I’m actually looking forward to 1-2 Switch because I like mini-games. I also will be playing Zelda for the first time since the original! I almost forgot to mention that I’m really looking forward to Snipperclips.

  • MagcargoMan

    Console definitely. I don’t fancy bringing something this expensive out in public too often. I’d probably only take it with me on vacation to a friend’s place.