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[Let’s Talk] Your 2017 Game of the Year

Posted on December 23, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Let's Talk

Can you believe that 2017 is almost over? For me personally, it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long since the Nintendo Switch Presentation in January. But hey, that was almost a year ago!

This has been an incredible year for gaming, and Nintendo no doubt contributed to that. Switch made a huge splash, and a bunch of great games launched this year. From Nintendo on Switch alone we saw Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Splatoon 2, and ARMS. There were other heavy hitters as well like Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and Fire Emblem Warriors. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Doom, and many others helped round out the year. And don’t get us started on indie hits like Golf Story and SteamWorld Dig 2.

We also can’t forget about the 3DS. Sure, you could make a case that the system is winding down, but some great games came out there as well. Dragon Quest VIII, Monster Hunter Stories, Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon, were among the titles to have graced the dedicated portable this year.

With the year winding down we want to know what your Game of the Year is. Is it Zelda? Mario? Something else? Let us know in the comments below.

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Locky Mavo

I thought this year’s VGA was really good, much better compared to years past, though a lot of it is thanks to how good the games were this year, which it has been an incredible year, no matter what platform you play. So some pretty tough competition for each category, but I do think all the winners were well deserved (though admittedly there were some I hoped others would win instead).

Personally I was backing Mario Odyssey to win GOTY, but BotW is an incredibly good game and well deserving of GOTY. A lot of great World Premier, the Bayonetta trilogy was my personal favorite reveal and with tat announment leaves one WiiU game I’d like and that I feel needs to be ported for a 2nd lease in life, Tokyo Mirage Sessions.
I was a bit disappointed with no Switch version for Soul Calibur 6 as the rumours suggested, but we’ll see how Nintendo goes at the Bamco conference this week, a big Nintendo presence was reported to be there, hoping for some Pokken news among others (or could they be porting or making a new Smash Bros? It could happen).
As for Death Stranding, that was a huge “WTAF is going on?”, for me. I mean it looks… “interesting”, to say the least, but from what I saw, it doesn’t really feel like it’s something up my alley, though some actual gameplay would have been nice.

Sony was surprising though, a lot of nominations (and a lot of VR talk, they’re really trying to this thing), but no big wins. The couple of jabs about micro-transactions was pretty funny. And the orchestral music was fantastic. And some big wins from Nintendo always a cool thing. Yes, I quite enjoyed this years VGA and I do look forward to next years and hopefully it’ll be even better.


There were tears. I absolute love it when Nintendo surprises me, that is my favorite thing about them.

It was awesome that two Nintendo games where in the top and I loved that Zelda won because it is just a joy to play and not just for certain types of players.

I still have no interest in Death Standing. There cutscenes are strangely interesting but I can’t judge a game on them. I’m not a fan of the creator even though I see how much if a creative artist he is. I will likely never play the game and what was shown was more confusing than anything.


I didn’t follow the show because I was at work, but I was nicely surprised to learn of such a cool announcement as the Bayonetta Ports + Bayonetta 3.
I thought the Zelda DLC and some minor thing would be all they show.

I think I was disappointed with some of the other revealed games not appearing on Nintendo consoles, like the long rumored Soul Calibur I-don’t-know-how-many-eth and the DMC collection (not sure that one was part of the show though).

I also expected Nintendo to get a lot of awards because they were very clearly high above the competition this year, and they did. So that’s cool.

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  • nekoknight

    Super Mario Odyssey takes the cake for my “Game of the Year.” It’s just so much fun – it has everything you know and love about 3D Mario games, and is brimming with creativity the likes of which we’ve never seen in a Mario game before. I found Zelda: Breath of the Wild to be mostly hum-drum with only a few awesome parts spread throughout, plus the world is just too frustrating to navigate. But the world of Super Mario Odyssey is both big AND accessible. Definitely my pick for game of the year.

  • theFooFighter

    Yeah Zelda and Mario are cool and all but persona

  • Leonel

    Super Mario Odyssey for sure is my goty

    I liked breath of the wild but I never fully got into it

  • JasonBall

    Zelda of course. And that’s not to say it’s the only worthy one, it’s just the best of the best. Ever Oasis, Bye-Bye BoxBoy, Metroid and Miitopia are 4 of my top 6 3DS games ever and they all released within a six month period this year, but again, Zelda is just the best of the best.

  • Santoryu02

    There are 4 games that stood out to me this year. Zelda BOTW, Persona 5, Mario Odyssey, and Xenoblade 2.

    Zelda was great to start with the Switch, I put a lot of hours in it and completed all the shrines, but I couldn’t play the game consecutively. I’m just starting my master mode game with the DLC included.

    Persona 5 was probably my most anticipated, and it had amazing gameplay and story. But it was more or less a refined version of the previous game.

    Mario was pure fun. I didn’t stop playing that game until I had all the moons. Did not take me very long to do that. And there isn’t much replayability for me afterwards.

    Xenoblade was something I was looking forwards to, as a huge Xenoblade fan. However my expectations were not very high, thinking that it was rushed for release. It was surprisingly really enjoyable, but had some obvious flaws that I could personally overlook.

    I think I would put Xenoblade as my GOTY. RPGs are my favorite genres of games, so I enjoyed it the most, but I still had a great year playing a variety of games of different genres.

    Honorable mentions for me are Stardew Valley, Fire Emblem Shadows of Valentia, and Danganronpa V3.

  • Zeebor

    Gravity Rush 2: Kat is best girl, and Japan Studio proves you can do great things with all that power if you just put gameplay first, characters second, and a cognizant plot line and back story that makes sense a distant 68th.

    No it was Zelda Breath of the Wild everything else is trash

  • Roto Prime

    My Game of the year is Soldam *Drop, Connect, Erase*! The feeling the game gives me…….I will remember them forever…


  • Vigilante_blade

    Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valentia, hands down. That is in my oppinion, the best game on the 3DS right now. it brought me back to a time where Fire Emblem respected itself.

  • Luke WalkingMoonTree

    My GOTY is hands down The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and yet here I am, playing chapter 8 of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 instead of the Champions’ Ballad, this game just keeps on giving and probably if it featured climbing or a parasail I’d consider it better than Zelda, the OST is flawless, the Combat System is layered and satisfying to master, the locations are breathtaking (not that Zelda’s weren’t too, but this is on a whole other level of fantasy/sci-fi) I’m simply mesmerized by Xenoblade and I can’t wait to see what a project made AFTER BotW laying down the basics for Open World games could become in Takahashi’s hands.

  • Bart

    Nekopara 3

  • AJK

    It’s a really tough choice as 2017 has been such an incredible year for games. Breath of the Wild really blew me away. I usually find open world games a bit dull after playing about for a few hours, but I’ve put 200 hours into Zelda and still haven’t touched either DLC.

    But I think Mario Odyssey just beats Zelda for my game of the year. It’s the Mario game I’ve wanted since Sunshine and playing it made me feel like the first time I played Mario 64 when I was a kid. The fluidity of the controls and chaining jumps with cappy feels so satisfying. And just being able to explore the world’s and find moons your own way felt so freeing.

  • MARl0

    I’ve never had a year that was so difficult for me to choose my personal game of the year. Between Zelda, Mario, and Xenoblad 2—it’s absurdly hard for me to choose between them. I think ultimately my choice will go to Mario Odyssey, but man, any one of them could take the cake.

  • Padre

    Splatoon 2, Zelda: BotW being close second.

  • Auragar

    Does it have to be a Nintendo game because my Game of the Year is easily Persona 5 but if it has to be a Nintendo game then I would say Xenoblade 2 because while I am enjoying it a lot it does still pale in comparison to Persona 5 but it is definitely up there.

  • Aline Piroutek

    Mine is Fire Emblem Shadows of Valentia. The game was done with a lot of detail and passion. Oh yeah, the great voice acting. The best since Kid Icarus Uprising in my opinion.
    How could they do so much for a remake of a NES game? Maybe this is the power of RPGs.

    • R.Z.

      That game restored my interest in the Fire Emblem series.
      It’s a shame it seems to have been largely overshadowed by the Switch’s launch.

  • R.Z.

    Thanks for the feature !
    It’s a shame I only just realized there was a “Let’s talk” this past weekend and came so late …
    On to the subject !

    The header is a spoiler !
    My favourite game of 2018 is hands down The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild.
    Super Mario Odyssey felt like it could take the title for a while, but after having played through the main adventure and done some extra stuff in the course of about thirty hours, I just realized that while the game felt like it was a nearly flawlessly realized idea, on the contrary to BotW where I felt like you could still see the seams in many places, the enjoyment it brought me (and it did bring a whole lot of enjoyment) was nowhere near what Zelda had done.
    Mario was one of the best games I ever played but Zelda was like an alternate life that I had for nearly 200 hours.

    On the rest of the podium, Super Mario Odyssey takes a much deserved second place and Mario + Rabbids kingdom battle is the unexpected outsider who stole the bronze medal.

    Now for some honorable mentions :
    -Fire Emblem Echoes : Shadows of Valentia restored my interest in the series, but being on 3DS it ended up put aside in favor of fancier games, a shame, it could have made the podium.
    -Splatoon 2 delivered, only not enough to keep me hooked after the initial period, and I’m unfortunately in a position that doesn’t allow me to play online as much as I would like to.
    -Xenoblade Chronicles 2 while I initially had a reaction of rejection keeps suprising me in good ways but also stumbles quite frequently. Plus I’m too early in the game to put it above stuff that I have actually finished. It’s great though.
    -Disgaea 5 has a whole lot of charm and great gameplay. I loved it, but as with the first game in the series (the only one I played until now) I got lost on the side-stuff (which is arguably 99% of the game) and ended up putting it aside in favor of other things while still wanting to come back to it “later”.
    -Nights of Azure 2 was my guilty pleasure, even competing for my attention with Mario’s biggest adventure. The game is technically a disaster, but it’s still highly enjoyable and somehow very soothing (music, artstyle etc.). I can’t honestly recommend it but I enjoyed it more than many other entries in this arguably off topic list.

  • Gabrielle Santiago

    Ever Oasis would be my favourite game. Even though I’m a pokemon fan, Ultra Sun is way too hard to play.