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Level-5 says there are no plans to release Youkai Watch outside of Japan at this time

Posted on April 24, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

On its official English website, Level-5 posted a press release about shipping over one million copies of Youkai Watch in Japan. It comes with a disappointing – yet unsurprising – disclaimer pertaining to a potential western release.

Level-5 notes that, at this time, there are no plans to make the game available outside of Japan. The game “will be announced separately if considered for a Western release,” the company added.

Level-5’s message in full states:

There are no plans for release outside of Japan at this time and will be announced separately if considered for a Western release. All titles and project names are tentative English names.

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  • Damn you Level-5!! Damn youuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!! >_<

  • Blake Good

    Instead get ready for more Call of Duty games, ugh!

  • TalesOfBS

    Expected of them. Bandai Namco was the one who localized Ni no Kuni on the west.

  • Tsurugi

    We have to ask for Bandai to bring this game to us…. Level-5 give a s*** to USA, only cares about Japan, and they like to spend money because they have a company in USA that is useless….

    • Not entirely true, what about Izuma Elven and Professor Layton? They care , its just this case around….I guess.

      • Tsurugi

        What I mean is that I don´t want to wait years to play this game =D , Japan=1st Inazuma Eleven in 2008
        USA=1st Inazuma Eleven in 2014

  • KH

    At the end of everything it is not that surprising, the game rebounds about Japanese spirits, they would have to rework to much of it for it to be understandable and appealing to the Western Market, though they could release the TV series first, and see how that do.

    • I dunno, a lot of successful anime that caught on here are about spirits.

  • Blake Good

    Instead, get ready for more goddamn Call of Duty games, ugh!

  • maurer156

    result of FPS dominance int he west… bad!

    • Blake Good

      The FPS genre really needs to f***ing die!

      • James Fox

        I totally agree

  • mewcus

    level-5 hates money

  • mewcus

    level-5 hates money

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