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Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 and 2 coming to Switch, will have amiibo support

Posted on December 4, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 and 2 are in the works for Switch, Capcom announced during its 30th anniversary live stream celebration for the series. Both will support amiibo.

The original Mega Man Legacy Collection came to 3DS in 2016. However, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 hasn’t been available on any Nintendo system – until now.

Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 and 2 will launch for Switch sometime in Summer 2018.

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  • Padre

    So what now Capcom haters? Whats your next reason?

    • Exy

      Plenty of older series they could be reviving alongside and still haven’t yet. Not to mention their poor track record with post-launch support in the last few years.

      • Hidden Flare

        If we are talking megaman at least, something that has been asked for, it’s good that they released this collection on switch for everyone and include it for all announced games.

    • Lance Devon

      They lack faith in their products in its entirety, this is just one step in getting company growth again.

    • theFooFighter

      They still sold out to Sony with monster hunter

      • azoreseuropa

        Capcom of Japan still sell Monster Hunter for NIntendo Switch. Capcom of USA should release it as well! Its very popular in Japan. It can help Capcom of USA more profits! COME ON, Capcom of USA!

    • Princess_Eevee9

      Are you serious? A couple of ports that we Nintendo fans should’ve gotten in the first place and we’re supposed to be happy with this? This is just common courtesy, they need to roll out more.

      • Hidden Flare

        What? Pretty sure he said he couldn’t st first cause they were already ready for other consoles and were pretty much done before the switch came out.

        If you don’t like ports they also said megaman 11, a new game, will be coming to switch too.

        • DonSerrot

          They ported MHXX to the Switch pretty quickly in Japan. They also had access to the hardware so long before most everyone else that they were able to suggest hardware changes. Capcom has no excuses that I’ll believe for how slow they’ve been in supporting the Switch.

          • Hidden Flare

            Actually it’s cause of separate teams. They basically had a side team handle games like the megaman collection and the Disney after noon collection. They mentioned for the Disney afternoon one that they didn’t know about the switch as the game released and therefore couldn’t port in time. I’m guessing this is the same thing. Monster hunter probably used a more main team compared to the other team. It does make sense.

          • Nhat Anh Hoang

            Why not english ver of MHXX?

          • DonSerrot

            Probably because they’d rather put all their focus on MH World instead. It’s lame because I’m positive both games could sell well together. World isn’t portable though so I refuse to touch it.

          • Nhat Anh Hoang

            Till they localized MHXX, it’s already too late, sales will be very bad no doubt

            Vào Th 6, 08 thg 12 2017 lúc 15:09 Disqus đã viết:

          • DonSerrot

            Honestly I don’t think that’s the case. A lot of the MH fans are willing to follow the series to any platform and the more well known fans who have gotten to play World have nothing but good to say about it. Good for them getting the game they’ve been wanting but it isn’t the game I want so it’s a hard pass.

          • Nhat Anh Hoang

            Not for a late localized of a port of an enhance port of a game on 3ds
            Vào Th 6, 08 thg 12 2017 lúc 15:26 Disqus đã viết:

    • azoreseuropa

      Nono no. I am still capcom haters until they release a brand new Megaman games.. Mega Man 11 is good but what about Mega Man Legends 3 ? Still a hater until they release Mega Man Legends 3 then I will be Capcom lover! 😀

      • Hidden Flare

        Isn’t that a big issue that’s hard to solve due to the fact the legends creator left? Pretty sure he was the guy who made mighty number 9 right?

      • jimmy

        MM Zero as well

    • DrWilly

      Summer 2018. That’s more than half a year. The other announcements are cool but these two collections shouldn’t take this much time.

    • Ardisan

      I still hate Capcom but atleast they are finally doing something I actually care for. Took like 5-6 years

    • JJ

      Well I am not a hater, but I ~still~ do want Disney Afternoon Collection and Okami HD on Switch.

      • jimmy

        You’re a closet hater, lol

        • JJ

          Um no.

    • jimmy

      What you talking about there’s still plenty of reasons like why the f it take them so long to really support the switch, why the f they releasing 1&2 as seperate games, why mve:i graphics suck

      • Hidden Flare

        Who said they are releasing them as separate games? They could combine them.

      • Nintendofan4000

        I’m actually OK with the collections being separate. I already have the first one and I don’t need to re-buy it.

    • E.I. Sircha

      you’re really giving them a pass because they’re releasing one new game and more ports?

    • Locky Mavo

      This is just a start, Capcom can and should be doing a lot more and better.

  • Exy



    • Velen (Not WoW)

      The wat?

      • Ardisan

        The everything of course, maybe, idk this guy clearly isnt saying anything about it for some reason.

        • Stuart

          Actually it is because everytime Capcom do something stupid he posts “THE EVALUATION SHALL CONTINUE!”, as a joke because they keep evaluating on Switch but not really doing anything,and now they are actually doing something so he can’t say that.

          Sorry Exy for explaining the joke lol.

      • Exy

        A dumb running gag about how Capcom stated earlier this year that they needed to “evaluate” how they’re going to support Switch at a time when many of their competitors bigger and smaller were openly announcing major games for it. They reiterated that they were unsure how they could possibly get returns on any new games they could port to Switch, which I took to mean they’re still evaluating it. It’s over now.

  • Ok Capcom….you’re back in good graces with me, welcome back….announce Okami HD for the Switch and I won’t doubt you guys again

    • Dylan W

      Disney Afternoon Collection and an HD version of Okamiden would be welcome as well.

      • Kathleen

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    • Nhat Anh Hoang

      Ahem, MHXX localization

  • Vinicius

    They could release both in the same cart at least.

  • Snackster1001

    Now THIS is something that should’ve been on your priorities capcom

  • Umegames Official


  • That’s a lot of Mega Man games coming to Switch. Anyways I do hope the fix some of the issues that both collections have.

  • Lance Devon

    This just sounds like Capcom likes money.

    It feels wierd.

  • Princess_Eevee9

    They did it.

  • Drybonekoopa85

    YES!!! Buying every Mega Man game for the Switch!!! Mega Man 11 looks AMAZING! Having all these games on the go and on the big screen is also going to be amazing!!! Such a great day!!!

  • Force

    And today, we gained some justice.

  • Bruno_Ostara

    Will i finally use my megaman amiibo on something other then mario kart? :3

  • Cesar Miyamoto

    Capcom don’t be greedy and release the 2 collections on the same cart please

  • awng782

    Both games should have come to Switch this year.

    • TDude73

      They weren’t interested at first.

      • awng782

        They should have been.

    • Hidden Flare

      I bet if they could they would. Who wouldn’t want to release a game for holiday sales? It’s likely they couldn’t in time.

  • DrWilly

    Godd*mn Summer 2018 is sh*tty as hell.

  • Nice. Since Capcom ‘almost’ supported amiibos with RE (which they may come back to eventually) good to see them taking advantage of amiibos with Mega Man as a starting point for supporting their IP’s in the future. ^_^

  • Don Zaloog

    Thank so much for this Capcom. This will make a lot of Switch owners very happy.

  • Reggie

    I already got Legacy Collection for the 3DS, but I will gladly double dip this, especially as the controls on the 3DS are kinda wonky.

    • Aline Piroutek

      Hybrid Master Race

    • Wonky how? And how’s the 3D?

      • Reggie

        It just felt a little wonky for me. I would prefer playing MM with a controller. And I don’t use 3D.

  • Derberker

    Not until summer? DAMN

  • Aiddon

    That’s a lot of Mega Man

  • hi v3.0


  • R.Z.

    I was about to be happy, and then Summer 2018 ???
    Are they only just starting the ports or what ?

  • Locky Mavo

    This is good news overall, but a Mega Man Legends Switch announcement would had been so much better.

  • Pinkie-Dawn

    Already got Legacy Collection 1 on the 3DS, time to get Legacy Collection 2 on the Switch.

    • Mark

      Looking forward to Legacy Collection 2 myself!

      If we find that meteoh, we’ll find docta Wahwee!