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Mega Man Legacy Collection on Switch will have extra museum content and amiibo challenges from 3DS version

Posted on December 7, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Capcom made various announcements pertaining to Mega Man this week, and each one involved Switch. Among what was revealed, both Mega Man Legacy Collections are coming to the console. Capcom also said that amiibo support will be included.

Digital Eclipse, the company that handled the first Mega Man Legacy Collection, is confirmed to be working on the new Switch release. They’re not involved with Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 or the re-releases of the Mega Man X games, however (as was the case with other platforms).

A new feature will be added to Mega Man Legacy Collection on Switch. “Rewind” functionality will be included, so if you make a mistake, you can go back in time before you made the error.

Digital Eclipse has also separately confirmed that the extra museum content on 3DS and its amiibo challenges will be included. The developer has also teased “a couple of other updates”, which may include the aforementioned rewind feature.

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  • Aline Piroutek

    We need the pricing of both titles

    • TDude73

      To be announced later… in 2018.

  • Roto Prime

    Can we get both versions in a single game card? OH, and add Mega Man football please!

    • Ardisan

      Lol, one question. Why are so always so excited? I swear you really put that avatar to good use instead of bad memes.

    • Zeebor


      • Roto Prime

        Football!! >.<

        • Zeebor


          • Roto Prime

            …………SAUSAGE ROLL!!!!

  • theFooFighter

    Capcom was on such a good streak then they announced the dmc trilogy for everything except the switch

    • Roto Prime

      The pain >.<

    • Jon Turner

      That game was probably in development before they knew about the Switch. It’ll probably come later.

      Also, the RESIDENT EVIL COLLECTION is doing fine — both games are on the charts on the eShop. And the Switch’s port in Japan sales sold about as much as the PS4 port did on opening day. So all is not lost.

      • theFooFighter

        It’s a hd port of games that were already remastered in hd. There’s no way it was in development before March

        • Jon Turner

          It’ll probably come later either way though.

        • nemo37

          There are rumours that they are releasing this to tie in with an DMC V announcement, which some say will be a Sony exclusives while others say it will only revealed at a Sony event but may come to XONE and PC. I think the tie-in nature of this collection (assuming rumours are true) is probably why they did not bother porting it to Switch.

          I do hope in 2018 we get Bayo 1+2 and Bayo 3 for Switch. Just so that we also get a good hack ‘n slash game. I am skeptical of a Bayo 3, but hopefully at the very least Bayo 1+2 is a lock.

          • Radish

            Bayo 1+2 was confirmed in the announcement for February 2018. Bayo 3 may be Fall 2018 earliest depending on when development started, but I’d expect it 2019.

          • nemo37

            LOL…I was just describing my desire of Bayo 1+2 coming and Bayo 3 being made in the comment above. I am extremely happy that it is actually happening πŸ˜€

    • Elizabeth

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  • Cesar Miyamoto

    Capcom should bring the two games together in a single cart, we waited long enough for the port , even charge $50 and it will sell.

    • Aline Piroutek

      Even without Megaman & Bass(a great loss) I would buy it. No download codes please.

  • Joshua Woodward

    Please do the same for Resident Evil titles. I would also like to see this with Metroid as well!

  • Snackster1001

    huh, neat addition.