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Metroid: Samus Returns reviews roundup

Posted on September 12, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

The embargo for Metroid: Samus Returns has lifted, and the reviews are in. We’ve rounded up early verdicts for the game below.

Nintendo Everything – Thumbs Up
IGN – 8.5 / 10
GameSpot – 9 / 10
GamesBeat – 90 / 100
GameXplain – Loved
Nintendo World Report – 9.5 / 10
Nintendo Life – 10 / 10
Kotaku – N/A
Destructoid – 8 / 10
Easy Allies – 4.5 / 5
USgamer – 5 / 5
Polygon – 9 / 10
GameReactor – 8 / 10

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  • fbnaulin

    Astonishing scores. Now, I hope it sells like hell.

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    • Exy

      Yeah! Take that, AM2R!

      • Carlos

        What do you have against AM2R?

        • Devlind

          He saw the sales charts. Even Federation Force surpassed AM2R in sales.

          • Carlos

            I hope Federation Force sold more since AM2R wasn’t sold. It was available for free.

          • Devlind

            That was the joke 😉

        • CarolKHendricks

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  • Gamingfan

    Surprised people still play the 3ds.

    • shadymatt

      When it is Metroid, people will buy.

      • Exposer


      • Devlind

        Well, I’m a Metroid fan, but I know that Metroid isn’t a system seller. The Majora’s Mask new 3DS was sold out within minutes. I think the Samus Edition is still up somewhere.

    • chancetime

      Pokemon USUM is still on the way, there was a new Ace Attorney in Japan recently, a Kirby game is on the horizon too.

    • Game_God

      I still play GameBoy & DS…

    • Devlind

      If the success of the NES/SNES Classic is any indication, I think people value games more than the system itself.

  • Exposer

    Ok Metroid fans now you have no excuse, BUY THE GAME.

    • Devlind

      Even if all the Metroid fans buy the game, it will not be near the Pokémon/Mario numbers.

      • Exposer

        So? The point here is support the franchise if it deserves it, it deserves it AND they have the “Make a new Metroid, nobody ask for this %$” of Federation Force”…Remmember?

        • Devlind

          My point is that, whether it has or not the support of all Metroid fans, the game will not sell enough to turn it into a mainstream franchise (at least profit wise). People buying it or skipping it makes no difference.

          • Metroid doesn’t need to make Mario or Pokemon numbers. Zelda, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Fire Emblem or Animal Crossing doesn’t do those kinds of numbers and are still very profitable to make.

            If Metroid can at least make Kirby or DK sales it will be just fine. Hopefully it can do even better than that.

          • Devlind

            – Zelda is out of Metroid’s league. There isn’t a chance that it can sell like it, or at least not for now.
            – Donkey Kong doesn’t have that many main entries, so selling like it wouldn’t guarantee a healthy flow of games.
            – Kirby have a dedicated team pumping those out on a regular basis since most of them use the same engine. I can’t imagine they being expensive to make.
            – Fire Emblem has only started to being mainstream after it updated its aesthetics, before that the franchise was at the brink of death.
            – Animal Crossing is an evergreen franchise, something that Metroid (and many other franchises) can’t do.

            I agree that Metroid doesn’t need to make Mario/Pokémon numbers, but I’m not sure that doing Kirby/DK numbers would be enough.

          • -I never said that Metroid had a chance to sell like Zelda. My point was that Metroid doesn’t need to sell like Mario or Pokemon cause Zelda sure doesn’t and it is still a successful series.
            -DK does ok. It is a travesty that Tropical Freeze didn’t sold that well though.
            -Kirby, they could easily assign a team to work on Metroid games IF Metroid could reach Kirby’s margin of sales.
            -FE, a hardcore series not accessible at all to newcomers becoming mainstream. Would you have ever thought that FE could reach the levels of success that it has reached in recent years? Cause I sure didn’t. There is no reason to believe the same could potentially happen with Metroid.
            -AC. True, but not the point.

            My point was that Metroid doesn’t have to do Mario or Pokemon numbers to be a successful ongoing series. I do think if Metroid starts selling around the same as Kirby it might have a better chance to stick around. The Metroid games don’t need to come yearly or every two years. But hopefully the series will do well enough to never again see a Metroid drought like we saw after Other M.

          • Devlind

            – I didn’t say that you did. I just wanted to pont that out.
            – It is ok only if you want sporadic main entries (how many years passed between DK64 and DKCR?)
            – Yes, they could, but just like DK, Nintendo doesn’t seem to sit with a developer for that task. We could keep arguing about this, but it would be only speculation.
            – FE stopped being hardcore since Awakening and that’s why it became mainstream (that and the waifus- I mean, aesthetic change). There’s a reason why older FE fans dislike the new entries. I don’t want Metroid to be like FE.
            -My point with AC is that those games keep selling no matter when they were released, so a new entry every couple of years is unnecessary. New Leaf launched in 2013 and we still don’t know when a new one will release. That, in Metroid years, is a drought.

            I did agree that it doesn’t need to make those numbers, I just pointed out that it could never make them. Unless there’s something radically changed about Metroid (adding anime stuff to make it more popular in japan or making it more action based to broaden the american market), I don’t see it selling enough to guarantee a game every couple of years.

          • Exposer

            Arms and Splatoon sold more than 1M and are good new Ip’s, what about Waifu Emblem? Mario Maker?…Why Metroid cant do that? Im not the biggest Metroid fan or buy this because i dont have the money, because it cost like 309$ here, but still i want this to surpass the million units.

          • Devlind

            Simply because it isn’t as popular. I have every game of the franchise, and even have bought them again for newer platforms, but I can’t lie to myself and pretend it has a chance against the most popular franchises. Even when Super Metroid and Metroid Prime appear in almost every list of the best games ever made, the franchise hasn’t evolved to attract more players.

            Arms, Splatoon and Fire Emblem are designed to appeal a huge group of people. Splatoon is a great game, but I bet you that if the characters were different it would not have been that popular (I mean, lolis and tentacles. You can make the connection on why it is wildly popular in Japan). Fire Emblem was dirt (sales wise) until it was simplified and the art style was updated. Search pre-Awakening numbers and you’ll see what I mean. Mario Maker isn’t surprising. It’s an easy-to-understand concept, and besides, Mario level editors have been around for a long time, there was already a community for the game. And for Arms, it’s a fun game, yes, but just look which are the most popular characters.

            Arms, Splatoon and New Age FE have something in common: appealing aesthetics. Metroid doesn’t have that, or at least not at the same degree. And no, I don’t want Metroid to adopt a generic anime style, but I can’t say either that doing so wouldn’t make it more popular.

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            Love how you ignore L.A.C’s comment. He’s right.

            Nintendo just needs to know there’s interest in the the franchise. Other M is what caused the franchise to not be around for 7 years before Federation Force was released, and nobody wanted it.

            Now we’re getting something we actually do want. People who have been craving Metroid will buy this, and if people are paying attention to the marketing, they will buy it.

            Even if it doesn’t make Pokemon numbers, if it performs above Nintendo’s expectations we can expect more Metroid games, possibly.

            That’s why supporting it is important. Saying it doesn’t matter is just stupid.

          • Devlind

            I find amusing that that’s what you think that “ignore” means.

            “Nintendo just needs to know there’s interest in the the franchise.”
            Now that’s sweet.

            I bet F-Zero, Mother and Animal Crossing fans would love that to be true.

            Yes, Nintendo knows there’s demand, but there’s also demand for a new Zelda, Mario and other games that sell way better. Nintendo isn’t a guy that does what we ask for, it is a business, and if game A sells better than game B, no matter how many people ask for B, they’ll make A. That’s what I meant originally. Even if sales exceed expectations, it would not be enough to guarantee games every couple of years since other options may be more profitable.

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            What I mean by ignore is you didn’t even address them.

          • Devlind

            And I’m still amused.

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    It’s almost as if people prefer the actual official game than to a fan remake. Now don’t misunderstand me, I don’t hate fan games but I do have fanboys who will refuse to acknowledge Samus Returns and un-rightfully compare to a fan game based on nostalgia.

  • If this is as good as it is, Metroid Prime 4 should be GOTY.

    • Devlind

      Completely unrelated, but I agree that a good Metroid game has a great chance in becoming GOTY.

      • What I was trying to say was that this game had a lot of effort put into it and was received well, maybe the same will happen to Prime 4.

        • Devlind

          I would recommend caution with Prime 4 expectations. Tanabe was the man behind Federation Force (a fun game btw) and Retro Studios isn’t the developing it, but if Mercury Steam can pull it off with the right direction, maybe Prime 4 has a chance.

  • Devlind

    I’m not surprised with the praise. Since I played the original on the GBC I always thought that there was a lot of room for improvement. AM2R did a good job upgrading the gameplay and the general aesthetics, but it was almost the same game. By the look of the reviews, this game went beyond that and feels like a completely new game, and that’s what I’m looking forward.

  • Pachirisu

    hopefully these scores translate into sales,
    i mean i doubt it will sell much (it is metroid after all) but hopefully it sells enough to convince nintendo to continue the series