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Michel Ancel wants to create another Rayman game

Posted on October 12, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Michel Ancel directed the excellent Rayman Origins in 2011, followed by the equally-as-good Rayman Legends a couple of years later. The series hasn’t seen much movement since then, but Ancel hasn’t forgotten about the franchise.

On his Twitter page, Ancel mentioned wanting to bring Rayman back “for his fourth adventure”. He currently has his hands full with Beyond Good & Evil 2 and Wild, however. After those two projects wrap up, a new Rayman title may not be out of the question.


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  • Roto Prime

    Please make it look like cup head, hand drawn animations!!! Sprites work too <3

    • Kyrio

      Origins and Legends are also hand-drawn. But I think he’s talking about a 3D game.

      • Roto Prime

        That would be nice!!

  • Snackster1001

    Ubisoft really should make a fourth main installment in the rayman franchise. Origins/Legends were fun as callbacks to Rayman’s roots as a 2d platformer, but I also miss the 3D platforming Rayman we saw in 2 and 3.

    • nope, origins and legends were the best rayman that ever raymanned

  • Rhinopotamus

    His fourth adventure? Since most would consider Rayman has 5 mainline games already, I suppose one might take that at least two different ways:
    A: Ignore Rayman’s 3D adventures and create the fourth 2D sidescroller.
    B: Ignore Origins/Legends and create Rayman 4 (a 3D adventure?)

    Conveniently cryptic enough that hardcore Rayman fans can’t get upset that the next game doesn’t turn out how they thought it would.

    • Kyrio

      I don’t think Michel Ancel would ignore Rayman 2. He’s more likely talking about Rayman 4 and taking Origins and Legends as spinoffs. Notice that he put a few smileys after that, he’s referring to the fourth game the fans have been repeatedly asking for 😉

      • Lance Devon

        That’s pretty much the sum of my suspicion. Don’t get me wrong, Origins and Legends are pretty rad games and I hope they continue to use the UbiArt engine in yhe future. But even the talks from Ubisoft’s Switch researchsampling had many asking for Rayman 4.

  • Metroid-Dark-Echoes

    Yes please i would love to see a new 3d Rayman

  • Lumine

    Please let it be a new 3D game in the series.

  • MagcargoMan
    • BananaJama

      Rayman Origins & Legends are spin-offs, Michel means a 4th main series title.
      Rayman 3 was the last.

  • Tlink7

    You sure there won’t be another Rayman Legends edition? 😛