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Mario Rayman Rayman

Mario + Rabbids creative director Davide Soliani, who worked on the original Kingdom Battle and last year’s Sparks of Hope, has significant interest in working on a new Rayman game.

In an interview with Nintendo Everything, Soliani said he would be “crazy to not take that chance” if given the opportunity. He also told us that from a developer standpoint, it’s the “pinnacle of all the possibilities”.

Hollywood Reporter published an article today stating that Ubisoft is planning an animated series for its Rayman franchise. The only tidbit that has been shared thus far is that it’s a “comedy-adventure inspired” show.

Here’s a single piece of concept art:

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Michel Ancel directed the excellent Rayman Origins in 2011, followed by the equally-as-good Rayman Legends a couple of years later. The series hasn’t seen much movement since then, but Ancel hasn’t forgotten about the franchise.

On his Twitter page, Ancel mentioned wanting to bring Rayman back “for his fourth adventure”. He currently has his hands full with Beyond Good & Evil 2 and Wild, however. After those two projects wrap up, a new Rayman title may not be out of the question.


Lizardcube co-founder Omar Cornut managed to get his hands on the unreleased Rayman prototype for SNES. It’s not a full game, but a development build instead.

While we saw it towards the end of last year, now that the prototype is online, direct-feed footage is available. See Rayman SNES running in the video below.


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Back in October, Rayman creator Michel Ancel managed to uncover the original ROM for the first game on SNES after 20 years. Ubisoft planned to bring it to Nintendo’s old console at one point, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Since Ancel discovered the news about his discovery, a video actually surfaced. It may not be long and sound is absent, but it does show the SNES version in motion.

Ancel was also at IndieCade Europe late last month where he spoke about Rayman on SNES. Thanks to that, we have the off-screen image above.


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Many years ago, Ubisoft was planning a unique version of Rayman for the SNES which would have featured unique visuals as well as co-op. In the end, it unfortunately never released. But 24 years later, Rayman creator Michel Ancel managed to find the original ROM.

Ancel posted his findings on Instagram:

It’s an absolutely notable discovery for sure, and an important piece of gaming history. I’d be down for seeing it revitalized on Switch somehow!


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