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Monolith Soft looking for an action planner with knowledge of online games, medieval / fantasy settings

Posted on July 30, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Xenoblade developer Monolith Soft recently posted an interesting job listing on its website. The company is recruiting a game planner for its main branch in Tokyo.

The person hired would be involved with: creating specifications of characters and actions; draft, design, and construct battles and rules. Overall, Monolith wants someone who has experience with developing action games.

Monolith Soft highlights the following as important points for the potential hire:

– Those with much knowledge of online games
– Those with much knowledge of medieval and fantasy settings
– Those with much knowledge of trends, pop culture, and entertainment in overseas countries

Monolith Soft is currently working on the big Switch RPG Xenoblade Chronicles 2. This job listing doesn’t seem to be related, so it’s very likely for a future project instead.


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  • Flying Carpet

    I smell a hunting game

    • Samma

      That “knowledge of overseas culture” makes me think of an internationally focused game, coupled with online… I smell an MMO, which could be very interesting.

      • Flying Carpet

        Idk,I think an multiplayer focused hunting game would be a reasonable choice, now that Capcom will be out a a while, it makes sense for Nintendo to take the advantage to takeover the future large hunting fanbase now that Capcom is out

        • Lance Devon

          I wasn’t aware not announcing MHW for Switch was evident proof Cappy abandoned the platform already.

          • Fore

            It sure as hell doesn’t inspire confidence either, even if the Switch is doing insanely well.

        • Princess_Eevee9

          Whynotboth.jpeg Call me insane but it sounds entirely possible that the Legend of Zelda Series could actually pull off this Genre thanks in entirety to Breath of the Wild.

  • Lord Ozzie

    This looks like Monolith might be creating an MMO. I am not ready for this…

  • Vinicius

    I rather have XCX 2.

    • Hugrazy

      Everybody would rather have something they already know over something new.

    • Fandangle

      That’s probably what it’s for. XCX was supposed to appeal to western audiences more.

    • Tlink7

      One doesn’t have to exclude the other

  • Re;Ryan

    how i can get this job ? ;_;

    this may be the over hype for monolith soft game with giant robots and open world adventure play as Anime-style characters :’3

  • Luke WalkingMoonTree

    Could this be… Golden Sun Online ?

    • Princess_Eevee9

      Why you tease us? ;n ;

  • Adrián Alucard

    I just hope is not a Xeno related game. I hated XCX just because it wanted to be a weird single player mmo (bad and generic story, bad gameplay and “mmo-ish” farming…)

    • Waldo

      I guess it just wasnt your thing, I love the game btw

      • Adrián Alucard

        -Bad story (“oh! Some alien guys want to kill us”)

        -You can’t choose the characters in the story. You are stuck with the same 3 characters…

        -The playable characters are just plain and have no development at all. Just a couple of side quest and thats all the development they have

        -Classes don’t offer variety at all (unlike Xenoblade Chronicles) all basically do the same.

        -MMO-ish farming

        • Fore

          Opinions be opinions. I love the game as well, and have had great fun with it. I’d buy it again for Switch, should they decide to remake that.

          • Adrián Alucard

            Not opinions. Just facts.

  • hi-chan!

    Maybe this is for the online portion of XCX2?

    • ImReallyNotAmused

      Too late to develop something like this if the game is coming out in lest than a year. probably the next project.

      • burchdude65

        If hi-chan! really does mean a hypothetical XCX2 instead of XC2, it’s certainly possible.

  • Leonel

    Would be nice if they were working with hironubo sakaguchi to make the last story 2

  • It could also be a safe net. Medieval and fantasy settings aren’t actually irregular for them, and knowing pop culture and trends is just valuable anymore. (Especially since they are popping up in Nintendo games more; hello, BotW.)

    I would love if it were for a new game that’s to come, but it also just seems like it could be for someone with good expertise in general.

  • Roto Prime

    Yo, Final Fantasy XI style Xenoblade with Online and offline lan would be a wet dream come true!!!!!

  • Hopefully it’s a new project with a new team being developed in parallel to whatever Takahashi moves on to next. I’d be eager to see new kinds of games from Monolith but I really want Takahashi specifically to go back to narrative-driven sci-fi RPGs already.

    Also, kinda bummed that the Kyoto studio still doesn’t seem to be developing any in-house projects.

    • SOMEGUY7893 .

      Yeah it kinda sucks that we got a fantasy sci-fi Xenoblade 2 and not a more Sci-fi oriented one or a narrative focused sequel to X. I also just want to be able to use mechs so I might be biased.

      • I don’t have any special attachment to mechs but X did them well enough (once you were actually allowed to pilot them!) that I’d really like another go. No open world feels the same now that I’ve navigated one in a giant robot.

  • Tlink7

    Another Scarlett Blade, just what the world needs 😛

    • Fore

      You mean that MMO?

      • Tlink7


        • Fore

          Oh T, you know it won’t ever be even CLOSE to that. Nintendo wouldn’t allow it to say the least 😛

          I see you’re still one to look for extremes xD

          • Tlink7

            I know I’m just mocking Monolith Soft for allowing this:

          • Fore

            Yeah, not sure what spurred the entire change. I thought the art-style used in XCX and XC1, albeit a little old looking, was just fine the way it was I like me some anime, sure, but I wonder if it’ll enhance the game in any way. It’s like they thought an anime look was a must-have for a wider demographic.

          • Tlink7

            Sex sells. Especially in the animoo crowd.

            I just started with XC3D and I rather like it 😀 haven’t encountered any Pyras just yet

          • Fore

            That’s because that game has no Pyras. That starts with XC2.

          • Tlink7

            Good. Probably the only XC game I’ll end up liking then… X has the creepy faces and 2 has the boobufestus. Kinda weird how different the tone is between Chronicles and 2

          • Fore

            Weird faces? XCX has the same art style as 1 still, well, largely so anyway.

          • Tlink7
          • Fore


            But I don’t think that’s something that a little bit of stronger hardware can’t fix for you.

          • Tlink7

            I agree that Shulks face here is more the result of the game being on the weak Wii than anything else xD

          • Fore

            I thought Shulk did a really good job replicating your face at the previous picture xD

          • Tlink7