Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Lagombi screenshots and details

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1 year ago by (@NE_Brian)

Capcom updated its blog with a rundown of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate’s Lagombi creature. Details and screenshots can be found below.

- Type: Fanged Beast
- Has a thick layer of fur on its back
- Strong and smooth shell coating on its belly
- Lagombi can slide away from you, towards you, or in a circular motion with its shell
- Need to run fast or be quick with your guarding – both options require Stamina, which will deplete faster if you stay out in the cold for too long
- Hot Drinks needed for the Tundra
- Use Sonic Bombs to stall Lagombi in place for a few seconds
- From the same family as Arzuros
- Some very sharp claws as well as successive attacks in a swiping manner


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