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More Sonic Forces footage

Posted on October 17, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Switch, Videos

IGN and GameSpot both shared new Sonic Forces videos today based on some of SEGA’s latest reveals for the game. We’ve attached the two clips below.

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  • Supporter

    That gameplay is looking pretty sweet! I didn’t know you could switch between Custom Heroes!

    • Felipe M.

      Scripted and QTE now passes as “gameplay.”

      • Dumdum

        Because it is gameplay. You’re probably one of those “hardcore” gamers who think everything should be Dark Souls-level of hard and whatever, so you’re too dense to see what gameplay actually is.

        Gameplay consists of a wide variety of mechanics, from your assumed favorite “ZOMG, I WANT DIFFICULTY” to something as simple as swiping a tile right to make a 3-tile match.

        Realize that not all games are made solely for you, which is great, because I actually want to see variety in games, not just ones that cater to your limited tastes.

        • Felipe M.

          Whoa, this bone head Sonic fanboy got really angry at my comment. Ha ha.

          Automated scenes and QTE does not imply actual gameplay.