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My Nintendo updates with latest rewards in North America

Posted on August 16, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, 3DS eShop, News

Update (8/17): Another reward has been added. The Wonderful 101 can be had for 30 percent off in exchange for 70 Gold Points.

Original (8/16): My Nintendo has added in a few new rewards. One is related to Smash Bros., two are for Tank Troopers, and the final one is for Flip Wars.

As for Smash Bros., Nintendo has added in the Smash Controller app for 3DS. It’s basically what allows you to use the handheld as a controller for Smash Bros. Wii U. It costs 10 Gold Points.

You can also spend 30 Gold Points for a 30 percent discount on Tank Troopers. A wallpaper for the game is available for 50 Platinum Points, too.

And speaking of Flip Wars, that title also has a wallpaper. You can spend 50 Platinum Points on this one as well.

All of today’s rewards are accessible here.

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  • JasonBall

    I’d buy Tank Troopers but no one to play with. 90% of the fun of sub wars was online death matches. No online is truly no buy for this game, since your reviewer told me it isn’t a ton of fun single player.

    Would love to hear more impressions of Flip Wars from people who have it, since it does online I’m considering it.

  • Martin Naranjo

    This is such a joke

  • Mando44646

    Nintendo can shove it

  • Aline Piroutek

    I miss the full games from Club Nintendo. And I thought Club Nintendo was bad.

  • Zeebor

    Oh! Acknowledgement that Steel Diver 3: Tank Troopers exists! Neat!

  • JJ

    What a bunch of dog rubbish! These aren’t rewards, and 10 Gold Coins (not even Platinum) for an app. which was previously free (glad I grabbed it then) that adds a special feature to play Smash with. Nintendo seems to have thrown customer loyalty out the window with this shtty program.

    • Riku0493

      When was it ever free?

      • JJ

        Yes it was a free app to play smash with your 3DS and still should be, to charge Gold coins for this especially is junk..

        • Riku0493

          Again, when was it ever free?

    • Nintendofan4000

      The Smash Controller app was always $0.99. Seriously… finding that fact took me 8 seconds.

      • JJ

        Whatever, so I forgot that I paid a dollar for it. Such q low amount I must have thought I got it free.

  • ジョシュ

    Oh nintendo….I love you but you just don’t understand what I really really want.

  • TheGoomba

    The Smash Controller should have been free from the get-go. It was one of the more disgusting, money-hungry things I’ve seen Nintendo do.

    • Nintendofan4000

      It launched at $0.99… Sooooo crummy and money hungry. Shame on them!

  • Vive

    What? i was hoping for deals or full games with gold points.

    My Nintendo part is a joke at the moment.

  • Dunnington

    Me: “Man, MyNintendo rewards really couldn’t get any worse.”
    Nintendo: “Hold my drink”

  • DeltaPeng

    I sold my copy of Smash 3DS and mainly play on WiiU via pro controllers but…the control stick movement of the 3DS does feel pretty good in Smash.

    I think I’ll pick up that smash controller.

    What I’d really like to see is Smash on Switch, with an option to use WiiU pro controllers on Switch. I’d pay for that (if that’s what it’d take to get the functionality)