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NBA 2K18 corrupting save files, patch planned

Posted on September 18, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

NBA 2K18’s launch hasn’t been entirely smooth. One big issue players have encountered pertains to corrupted and lost save data. It’s definitely an issue on Switch, but all versions of NBA 2K18 are affected.

On the bright side, we should be seeing a patch to address the situation soon. It’s not entirely clear when that will happen, but we’ll watch over the situation.

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  • Exy

    5 GB save files.

  • Addy
  • Connor The Dreamer

    And this is a big reason why Switch needed to have cloud saves. At least on the other systems you can reverse the damage…

    • Blackbishop

      Even if that would be possible, I’d not use it for this game. Downloading a save game of 5GB every time this happens is preposterous.

  • sremick

    Considering one single savegame is about the size of the entirety of Super Mario Odyssey….

    • DonnaJKarim

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  • Paweł

    So, this game costs more than Breath of the Wild and has almost as big save files as the whole Super Mario Odyssey, and is as buggy as many of current Non-Nintendo AAA titles on launch.

    • Constantinos Lapiotis

      This game costs as much as Zelda Breath of the Wild (€70). At least where I live.

      • Felipe M.

        Games in € are absurdly overpriced.

  • awng782

    5 GB save files.
    5 GB save files.
    5 GB save files.

    Just let that sink in…

  • jimmy

    Buggy on all platforms, EA really treating the Switch like the rest, lol

    • Bojan Babic

      This is Take two/2K, EA makes NBA Live

    • Felipe M.

      Um, what? This isn’t an EA game, Jimmy. lol

      The EA haters are so obsessed hating on EA that they think this is their game. Whatever floats your boat.

      • jimmy

        My bad, my, argument? still stands, Switch being treated as an equal, including bugs

        • Felipe M.

          Nintendo told publishers to release games on it, not to make sure they actually work properly. lol

          The Switch third party is going to be a mixed-bag by the looks of it.

          DOOM/Wolfenstein for the Switch better be polished.

          • jimmy

            Yeah that was kind of a given, the system does have prove to them it can sell the games, but the other versions being in the same boat with the glitches puts the switth version in equal terms eith the others, did i really have to explain the joke 3 times?

  • Reggie

    First we get a mandatory update that highly recommends having a sd card.
    Then we hear that the save files themselves are 5 GB each.
    Then we hear this.

    Is there no end to this massive train wreck?

    • ronin4life

      It’s funny, because 2 weeks ago this game was a switch golden boy

      Now I know what it feels like to watch an honor student ruin his life on crack cocaine and too many parties.

  • JasonBall

    Does anybody test their games besides Nintendo anymore?

    • ronin4life

      They sell anyway, so why bother?
      ^is why so many games ship out as steaming piles

    • Felipe M.

      Shut up and buy it!

      lol real talk, I’d like to get DOOM for the Switch but the UK MSRP is ridiculous. It should be £29.99-34.99 like other games have been before.

  • Felipe M.

    This game was so badly rushed. Save file size is almost that of Mario Odyssey and half of the game has to be downloaded.

    Pretty crappy release.

  • If this happened 10 years ago in the Time Before DLC, the programmers would be fired.

  • metalpants

    Well now… good thing I skipped launch. Wake me up when it’s properly patched.