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Niantic says more news about Pokemon GO will be shared “soon”

Posted on February 25, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in Mobile, News

John Hanke, chief executive of Niantic, says that the company will have more to say about Pokemon GO “soon.” That information comes from an interview conducted by GamesBeat.

Hanke told the site:

“Pokémon Go is looking good. We’ll share more details with the world soon. There certainly are a lot of fans.”

In other news, Niantic has raised another $5 million from companies such as Alsop Louie, former Havas boss David Jones, Fuji Television, Lucas Nealan, and Cyan and Scott Banister. The Pokemon Company, Google, and Nintendo also invested $30 million last October.

Niantic should be discussing Pokemon GO at GDC 2016 next month. Attendees “will get a first-hand, in-depth look at how players are interacting and exploring the world with one another through Pokemon GO, the collaborative approach to design and development for the game and the next evolution of augmented reality and real-world mobile gameplay experiences.”


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  • Vigilante_blade

    Unfortunate, I am not very interested in a smart phone app, especially one that relies on being online on the go, using your data plan, and even asks you to leave your house and go somewhere to get content. It’s not really something I can get into.

  • DeltaPeng

    Seems like an interesting idea, I hope they test the heck out of it many times over and put safeguards to prevent people roaming into areas they shouldn’t be and kids from running into streets, and all that

  • MagcargoMan

    I still haven’t watched the trailer.

  • Alberto Madonna

    meanwhile waiting for the gameplay to down to reality