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Nikkei claims 3DS with larger screen incoming, Wii U price at 30,000 yen, non-game distribution

Posted on June 4, 2012 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, Rumors, Wii U

For the past few years, Nikkei has reported on a number of elements set to be announced during Nintendo’s E3 2012 presentations. The publication has followed its tradition once again this year, providing possible news regarding news during tomorrow’s conference.

If Nikkei is to be believed, a new 3DS model is on the way, and it’ll feature a larger, 4.3 inch top screen – that’s 1.5 times the current size. Apparently this update could hit North America, Japan, and Europe as early as Summer 2012.

Nikkei also published rumors about Wii U, which will supposedly be priced at roughly 300,000 yen. That’s roughly $383, though Nintendo would likely adjust that price for other markets. It should be made clear that this is not the final price from Nintendo, and we won’t be hearing about this tomorrow.

Nikkei’s other Wii U rumor suggests that the console will be capable of distributing non-game content such as a car navigator, books, and a karaoke service featuring approximately 10,000 songs.

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