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Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Famicom sells over 368,000 units within first 4 days

Posted on October 11, 2017 by in General Nintendo, News

Famitsu has reported that the Nintendo Classic Mini Super Famicom has over sold 368,913 units in the first 4 days in Japan. This is almost double the sales of the Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer if you compare the 262,000 units sold on its first 4 days.

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  • ben

    outsold the ps4 pro in Japan in 4 days… This is why the stock market thinks Nintendo is worth more than sony.

    • This isn’t to knock the popularity of the SNES Classic, but just keep in mind that you’re comparing an $80 device to a $400 device. I think that plays a big part as to why it’s selling so well.

      • ben

        I don’t think that price has anything to do with it.. It is more people buying the Super Famicom as a collectors thing. I just pointed out that in over a year the PS4 pro has barely sold any units.

      • FutureFox

        Well if 5 SNES customers equals 1 Pro customer that’s still over 70000 people but it in four days versus what the figure would be for Pro., which according to one report sold around 65000 during its first week. We’ll have to wait for the next shipment to see how it does but given its a scare item that hurdle shouldn’t be hard to clear. Pro after the week sold only 11k units in Japan and continued to fall from there.

  • awng782

    That’s a bigger launch than many actual platforms in Japan, including the Switch.

    • ben

      More than the total life time sales of the Xbox one and the ps4 pro to date.

      • awng782

        No surprise given that both flopped in Japan.

        • ben

          In fairness to the switch it has sold out since launch and has never even been on a shelf in Japan in almost 8 months.

          • awng782

            I’m not saying the Switch sold badly or anything. Just that the Super Famicom launch was really impressive.

  • Fernando Silva

    Ordered mine. Could not resist the box art…

  • AJK

    Your maths is not great. 368000 is nowhere near double 262000. Still impressive for 4 days though.