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In what has essentially become a weekly ritual at this point, the SNES Classic Edition has been restocked at GameStop. You can nab one here.

Based on past precedent, this will likely sell out eventually. But GameStop has been one of the few retailers restocking the SNES Classic Edition almost weekly.

Toys “R” Us has announced that two sought-after Nintendo items will be restocked next week. The SNES Classic Edition as well as Switch will be in stores during the week of November 27. Unsurprisingly, Toys “R” Us says quantities will be limited.

Toys “R” Us will be carrying the SNES Classic Edition on November 27. Then on November 29, Switch will be back in stores.

Best Buy also just confirmed a restock of the SNES Classic Edition a few hours ago. The system will be available in stores once again tomorrow.


Best Buy stores across the United States are having a restock of the Super NES Classic Edition. Tomorrow, November 25, consumers will be able to head to their local outlet to pick up the hardware. It will not be sold in stores.

Best Buy has a few details regarding how it will be handling the re-release of the SNES Classic Edition. It’s basically a first-come, first-served basis with tickets.

The full details are as follows:

Visit Walmart’s website and the first thing you’ll see at the top of the page is the Super NES Classic Edition. The retailer is advertising a restock for this week.

Between November 15 and November 17, Walmart will be selling the SNES Classic Edition. That gives you three days to nab the hardware. Try visiting Walmart at 2 PM ET / 11 AM PT for a chance to get yours.

We already knew that the SNES Classic is doing quite well so far – it sold over 368,000 units in Japan in its first four days on the market in Japan and it outsold all current consoles in the US in September. We now have some more concrete numbers coming from Nintendo’s recent financial results meeting. According to the Wall Street Journal’s Takashi Mochizuki, Nintendo has stated that as of September 30th, 1.7 million units of the SNES Classics had been shipped worldwide.


NERD, otherwise known as the Nintendo European Research & Development team, worked on last year’s NES Classic. It’s no surprise then that they were also largely responsible for the Super NES Classic Edition. On its website, NERD explains the various aspects of the hardware it worked on.

NERD writes the following on its website:

The Super NT, a little console by Analogue chock-full of SNES games, comes with a cool little surprise. Super Turrican: Director’s Cut will be released for the first time. This is the complete, original, untrimmed version of the Super Turrican released in 1993, and the Director’s Cut is 50% larger in file size. Analogue’s Christoper Taber says it has “a new level with new music, more enemies, better sound effects and graphics and even a new way to use the beam weapon.”

For those who haven’t heard, the Super NT is a reimagining of the SNES. It’s described as “the definitive way to explore Nintendo’s 16-bit era” and is compatible with the 2,200+ SNES and Super Famicom game cartridge library.

Whether you played Turrican in your youth or not, it is bound to be a new experience.


Had it not been for the Super NES Classic Edition, Star Fox 2 may have been lost to history. The game was never intended to be released after Nintendo canned it due to the impending launch of the N64. That’s despite the fact that Star Fox 2 was essentially complete.

A couple of decades later, Star Fox 2 finally made its debut on the Super NES Classic Edition. Famitsu decided to ask Nintendo how the release happened. In an interview with Famitsu, Kazuhiro Maruyama, Takao Shimizu, and Kazuyoshi Nishi explained the situation.

Amazon hasn’t exactly done the best job with pre-orders of the Super NES Classic Edition. Many customers have yet to receive their units, despite putting down their reservation months ago.

Amazon also sent out emails to customers this week, stating that shipments have been delayed. Making matters worse, the retailer still doesn’t have a concrete date as to when they’ll have the SNES Classic Edition ready to ship out. The email also asks those who placed orders whether they “still want to receive this item.”

Famitsu has reported that the Nintendo Classic Mini Super Famicom has over sold 368,913 units in the first 4 days in Japan. This is almost double the sales of the Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer if you compare the 262,000 units sold on its first 4 days.

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