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Nintendo holding a “special” panel at PAX West 2017

Posted on August 13, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Nintendo tends to appear at the regular PAX events each year. With PAX West 2017 just a few weeks away, the big N’s presence is confirmed – and in an interesting way.

The official PAX West schedule was published this week. We now know that Nintendo will be holding some sort of panel in the Hydra Theater on September 2 between 10 and 11 AM. The panel itself is a mystery at present, with its description simply stating: “A special Nintendo panel at PAX West 2017!”

Could it be for Metroid: Samus Returns? Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s upcoming DLC? Anything is on the table at this point. Nintendo should be announcing details about the panel soon, along with other plans it has in store for PAX West 2017.


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  • Travis Touchdown

    Nintendo has bought the Bloodborne IP from PlayStation and has the game up and running on Switch, alongside it’s sequel.

    You didn’t hear it from me.

    • Gregory Weagle

      Citation required please. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see some From Software stuff; but I doubt Bloodborne is one of those games. I don’t think Sony is going to just hand Nintendo an M-rated game like that. Sega did with Bayonetta; but Sega hasn’t produced hardware in competition with Nintendo in many years.

      • Emufred

        Did you take this post seriously?

        • Gregory Weagle

          Yes, and if wasn’t serious, I’m disappointed. I do like getting a few cheapshots on Sony when need be.

      • Jacob Groves

        Buddy calm down. He just fake mouth post. 🙂

        • Gregory Weagle

          Well; that was a disappointment. I was hoping he was serious. The little fanboy in me just loves cheap shotting Sony a tiny bit.

  • Francesco Gentile

    Can’t think of anything outside of Super Mario Odyssey

    • Gregory Weagle

      Hmmm; this panel is happening on September 2nd, which would be one day before the Switch being on the market for six months. I wonder if this means a Nintendo Direct is coming before or during this? We’ll see. It would be a perfect time for one since they still haven’t released dates for Fire Emblem Warriors nor Xenoblade Chronicles 2 yet.

      • Francesco Gentile

        Oh my…i am expecting a Direct between September and October also with Xeno 2 date in it (don’t care about FEW, so…). Why did you tease me like that? XD Now i can’t wait for this panel!! 😀

  • Busterblade

    Ahhh Nintendo, ya’ll do love your surprises over there, don’t you?

  • cloud36426

    It would be very nice for it to information on Virtual Console for Switch.

    • GoldenTriforce

      That would be a very bad PAX announcement lol

      • cloud36426

        Not for me. I would really like to have VC,it really doesn’t matter where they announce it.

        • GoldenTriforce

          Id love a VC announcement soon, but for an event where over a thousand fans wait in line for 2 hours to get into a physical room, its better to have stuff a bit more engaging.

          • cloud36426

            I agree. I am just grasping at any chance for a VC announcement. There are tons of old games that I want to play. I haven’t owned a Nintendo console since N64. I also don’t have any of my old consoles anymore. The Switch would be the perfect VC machine IMO.

          • GoldenTriforce

            I’m reaching but I’d also love SEGA stuff and not just Genesis. SMS, Saturn, and Dreamcast would be great!

          • awesomeparadise3

            Sega stuff would fall under Sega Forever, which will very likely come to Switch.

          • GoldenTriforce

            In the past SEGA platforms were supported on Wii VC like the TG16 & MSX support on Wii U

          • awesomeparadise3

            Sega Forever is basically Sega VC. Sega said it’s very likely that it’ll come to the Switch. No reason to put it on VC if they have a near identical service.

  • GoldenTriforce

    The description for the panel also says “Check the mobile app or digital schedule for more information!” which I find hilarious because if they are referring to the PAX schedule, then that would just be an infinite loop, and if they were referring to some form of a Nintendo app, then they obviously forgot that PAX puts the schedule up a few weeks in advance.

  • RoadyMike

    Virtual Boy 2.0 announcement confirmed! Will work by sliding the Switch tablet into the slot on the headset

  • bugman83

    I think they will only address this falls lineup. Don’t expect any new announcements.

  • awng782

    Has Nintendo ever had similar “special” PAX West announcents in previous years??

  • Ektoras Kalderis

    Mother 4 will be announced……….and then hell will freeze

  • Fadi Ali

    I hope from Nintendo to share us about gamecube virtual console.

  • Bojan Babic

    Virtual Console with a special focus on classic Metroid because the launch of the new game?

  • Leonel

    Seeing how we get some sort of news in august from Nintendo whether it be about Nintendo Selects or future bundles hopefully an announcement this month can be related for the special panel