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Update: Some clarification – Nintendo games to be eligible for Niconico Creative Endorsement Program

Posted on November 17, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Update: Some clarification (and partial corrections) via the source below: the Creative Endorsement Program was originally created by Niconico and its parent company Dwango – not Nintendo. It was originally started in 2011 to reward creators who made highly-viewed videos. Nintendo’s announcement was that its games will soon be eligible for the program.

Fans will be able to create and post derivative works without any concerns. It’s not limited to Let’s Plays, but game music covers and song covers as well.

Nintendo games will be eligible for the Niconico program starting December 1. Once that date rolls in, we should receive more information!

Dwango has revealed Tokaigi “Game Party Japan” 2015, which is all about playing games together. It will take place on January 31 and February 1 next year.

Some extremely notable Nintendo information has come through the initial announcement. Nintendo will be a special sponsor of the event, and president Satoru Iwata appeared in a video. He stated that the company now officially gives its permission for anyone to use their properties for derivative works – Let’s Plays, music covers, fan art, and more were specifically showcased.

Additionally, Iwata announced a “Creative Endorsement Program”. This will allow Nintendo to provide revenue to creators who produce well-received work. At the moment, this program is only available on Niconico, as it is a subsidiary of Dwango.


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  • Edgarska

    That’s great, but I hope there’s some sort of quality control over endorsed products.

    • Guymelef

      knowing Nintendo, i’m pretty sure they will…

    • Vigilante_blade

      They may and that could be an issue. By controlling the message, it also means shutting down negative messages toward Nintendo. I think that the Internet is a free forum of ideas and while I’d be okay with them say… giving the spotlight to artists like GaMetal, I would take issue if it affected reviewers.

      If it meant taking in quality fan gaming projects, that would be quite excellent.

      • Pedro Gomez

        Aren’t you that jerk from Smashboards who constantly bashes Smash4 without knowing anything about the actual game? And who’s on a Nintendo-bashing spree for the APEX 2015?

        • Vigilante_blade

          I’m certainly not a jerk. I just happen to have an oppinion that isn’t coloured by blind love for a company. Besides, saying that I prefer other game sover Smash 4 is not bashing it. It’s stating one’s beliefs.

          Please, be respectful of my opinions, and I willr espect yours.

        • Guest

          Yes, he’s that guy that’s bashing smash 4 and nintendo because he wants the OFFICIAL smash bros tournament at the APEX 2015 to be played in project M… an illegal MOD that’s actually considered criminal activity and its creators could be taken to court for distributing copyright-infringing software…

          • Guest

            This is actually wrong, its not illegal. They weren’t given permission, but they cant go to jail for it. The worst nintendo can do is order cease and desist on it.

  • Noah

    Sounds great!

  • lucaslink2

    Sounds like Nintendo is giving more freedom in that regard.

  • The Let’s Play thing is about damn time, now I can watch VGA without them complaining about it. As for music covers and art, that’s awesome I hope to see that go somewhere more.

    • Vigilante_blade

      Nintendo was shooting itself in the foot by making let’s Players not want to play their games and thus not publicizing them.

      • Agreed, hell the reason I bought Costume Quest 2 was because I watched VGA play it on their show.

        • layerpay

          “I did it for frash frash!” -Iwata

          • Miyamoto 2069 – “Frash is so ballet”

      • Glommo

        How? A business ultimately wants to be responsible for controlling the message of their products. The vast majority of Let’s Players are not promoting product, but promoting themselves.

        The catchphrase “no such thing as bad publicity” is a falsehood. A random YouTube commentator with half a million subscribers talking about how dumb Link looks in the latest Zelda game might murk the message Nintendo as a company wants to give to their game.

        It is a highly complicated issue and saying they were simply “wrong” for it is myopic.

        • Vigilante_blade

          Have you ever heard of the mere exposure effect? Continuous exposure to a stimuli increases a person’s attachement to it. Having the Internet show more Nintendo-related things off actually helps.

          Furthermore, the average Nintendo game is based on having replay value, so merely watching an LP will normally not reduce its value.

          • Glommo

            I wasn’t getting into the pointless argument of whether or not the video part of a YouTube video’s showing of a video game decreases value of a game.

            The point is that marketing is based on control. As soon as the control over the marketing, and the message behind that marketing, is lost, it is detrimental to the company.

            This isn’t about John Doe who plays games and has a great time.

            This is about John Smith who spends 30 minutes trying his hardest to point out every single flaw and ignores his own hypocrisy for the sake of views, and ultimately, his own livelihood.

            It is logical for a company with a marketing department to not be too thrilled about the prospect of John Doe getting 50 people looking at his video and John Smith getting 50 million people looking at his video because he was screaming loudly and going for the cheap laugh.

            The mere-exposure effect doesn’t apply here. It is about controlling the message. That is the purpose of marketing. That is the reason why large gaming websites get invited to preview events and small YouTube channel owners do not.

            Furthermore, the mere-exposure effect also argues about ‘brand attitude’ and general “brand experience”. This can also be negative. A hundred YouTube videos about why Assassin’s Creed: Unity is terrible will make people believe it is terrible even if they have never watched any of the videos or even taken the time to think about the issues themselves.

            Not all publicity is good.

            And the contents of this article almost go as far as proving this. “endorsing” certain types of content, whatever it actually means in terms of benefits, means Nintendo is promoting those types of content they consider to be beneficial to their brands and marketing. They are only further reinforcing their control over this content.

            Nintendo doesn’t need Let’s Players. Therefore discouraging the Let’s Players that make money off of Let’s Playing is not “shooting themselves in the foot”. It is simply directly shooting the Let’s Players. Since they do need Nintendo. (this is not even mentioning the fact that there still would be Nintendo Let’s Play videos made even if their policies hadn’t changed and you still couldn’t make money off of them)

            And the replay value argument is childish. A video recording of a game does inherently, always, lower its value, since part of the content is being given away for free. However, there are also benefits, such as making the consumer consider things like:

            *This game looks fun to play. (playing the game requires owning the game)
            *This person(s) endorses the game.

            These being things that might add value back to the game for some.

            Every game is a value proposition and the marketing message is an undeniable part of that. In the end, this “scheme” is actually Nintendo attempting to gain more control over fan projects, not less.

          • MagcargoMan

            My goodness, you truly do like to argue with everyone.

          • TalesOfBS


        • TalesOfBS

          You are being too of a diehard Nintendo fanboy now.

          • MagcargoMan

            Now? He’s been like this for a while now. It’s sad really. Nintendo aren’t gonna give him any brownie points for blind loyalty.

          • Glommo

            I see that in place of actual discussion, you too have degenerated to name-calling and generally not responding, but instead just throwing a temper tantrum.

            I suppose it isn’t too much of a surprise considering, though.

          • TalesOfBS

            Tell me then, is it even worth it to discuss with you? You just blindly accept and defend anything Nintendo does.

          • MagcargoMan

            I see that instead of admitting the truth, you try to act like the righteous one after people call you out on your BS.

            I supposed it isn’t too much of a surprise though, considering you’re full of yourself and might die of ego-poisoning.

          • Vigilante_blade

            You know, I got newfound respect for you. Not because you called the guy out, but the reasons why you did. You’re different for what I initially imagined. I hope you don’t take it the wrong way when I say that.

  • spaniel

    Excellent news! Now finally we will get our Metroid movie hopefully!

  • Anon

    I assume mother 3 is coming now…

    • ZeldaWiiUTakeMyLife

      there’s a fan developing mother 4!

      • Windego

        This is exactly what I was thinking! If Mother 4 gets real popular they might actually endorse it 😀

  • KShrike

    Project M pls…. Nintendo, that’s a very well received work 🙂

    • Vigilante_blade

      Thanks, it’s nice to hear good things about our baby.

      • Windego

        Yeah PM is fantastically made but I doubt they’ll endorse something that teaches people how to mod their product. Maybe when the Wii is entirely dead and Smash 4 is less recent…

        • Vigilante_blade

          Well, we never know. They could turn it into some virtual console title. Albeit… Project M actually doesn’t teach you how to mod your console. In fact, Project M works without any console modding. It uses an exploit but doesn’t install anything on your system.

          • Windego

            Yeah but my point about Smash 4 still stands. They MAY someday let people know they can just get an SD Card and Brawl and play P:M if they really wanna but with Smash 4 coming out so soon and it still being a very fresh title, they won’t start telling people to run off an play an entire different version of Smash, you know what I mean? It’s the most likely reason why they aren’t allowing PM at APEX. And before anyone argues with “Oh but you can still play PM and enjoy Smash 4!” then yeah no. Why endorse competition for your NEW smash game with an old one that’s modded? But I digress, at least they haven’t told you guys to C&D, right?

          • Vigilante_blade

            I’m thinking more in a few years honestly.

            As for getting no C&D, it’s great, I would lose all respect for them if they attacked their fans.

          • Glommo

            It is a fan modification of a Nintendo produced game.

            It will never be on any Virtual Console, because Nintendo cannot possibly acknowledge the existence of Project: M without shutting it down entirely.

            Why not? Because on the simple legal basis that if a copyright holder acknowledges and then subsequently doesn’t act on copyright infringement, the copyright becomes void. And any and all future “fan modifications” to their games cannot be disputed.

            And yes, Project: M is copyright infringement. But Nintendo has a history of looking the other way when it comes to fan projects.

          • Thatbro

            However, if they were to hire the team that modded project M and make their team a subsidiary/branch of Nintendo than it would change all that. They could writeup a contract with the Project M team wherein both parties recieve money from the published product, the team could add a whole bunch of features, have access to more tools, and improve it. Boom bam, no legal misinterperetation, no lawsuits, everyone gets paid and everyone is happy. Except for Sakurai, he’d probably poop his little smashy pants.

          • Glommo

            Why would a company hire a bunch of people of who they have no idea what their specific talents are?

            It is a modification built upon a game that an internal development team at Nintendo created. The majority of the ‘work’ is that which was done by the original team. It is impossible to gauge the actual potential of this team of fans from this.

            Sure, there is precedent. Valve hired the team responsible for the Counter-Strike mod for Half-Life. But where Counter-Strike could legitimately be called it’s own game, Project M is Super Smash Bros. Brawl made to play like Super Smash Bros. Melee and then edited to appeal to whatever the majority of people they listen to want. It has no vision. It is a blatant copy just as much as PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale was. Except this one was built using code from an official Smash Bros. game.

            And your hypothetical scenario also assumes that any and all changes made by the Project M people are accepted by whatever person(s) at Nintendo is responsible for the Smash Bros. franchise. If they are not, then what? Does Project M change?

            You are assuming that Project M could not be replicated by a team already present at Nintendo, or now, Bandai Namco. If Nintendo wanted a Project M, they would have made one by now. Case in point: Two Smash Bros. games are coming out this year, and they are not the same as what the Project M team made from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

            The idea that Sakurai or whatever team is assigned to him are unable to do this is hilarious. They do not live in a vacuum. They know Project M exists. They ostensibly did not attempt to replicate Super Smash Bros. Melee. So it is fair to assume that Project M, a Smash Bros. Melee clone for all intents and purposes of this argument, is not the type of game Nintendo has decided benefits them more than the type of game Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U are/will end up being.

            And the sales numbers support this.

  • David Burns
  • Patrick Lloyd

    3 years and a bunch of news later, it’s safe to say that the whole “Fan Works” thing went down in flames…