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Nintendo now selling Super Mario 3D World in a red case?

Posted on June 25, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in Rumors, Wii U

Super Mario 3D World in a red case

Rumor has it that Nintendo has started to sell Super Mario 3D World in a red case, much like Mario Kart 8. The shot above was taken at one Target store in North America. Is anyone else seeing the same sort of thing?


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  • Tito

    We don’t have Target in my area. And it’s still $60 in online retailer. 8D

  • I want this game….but I dont want to pay $60 for it :/

    • aaron

      Good luck mario games never go down on there prices better make some trade ins

      • ShilaquilOneal

        Have any of you heard of amazon?

        The game is selling for $50 bucks there. Unopened and brand new (unlike at GameStop).

        Heck, you can even find it for $49.99 at Best Buy.

    • Skittles

      Same here.

    • It’s going to be a while before you find any great deals on it. Try going for a buy-2-get-1-free deal of some sort or a used copy maybe, though I’m personally of the opinion this game is definitely worth $60, unlike NSMB U or something: IMO it’s got great everything, from gameplay to graphics to music to extra content and replayability. One of my most fun Wii U games to date, haha.

    • mofi

      It´s totally worth it though. You can buy it and sell it afterwards for almost the same price you bought it.(If you don´t like it for some weirf reason)

  • superphillip32

    Yes, saw this last week at a St. Louis area Best Buy.

  • Whybee

    Upon closer inspection, the two $29.99 tags are for Madden NFL ’13 and ZombiU.

  • Danny Goulter

    ‘Family Game of the Year’ edition?

    • superphillip32

      Might be an award from a site that Nintendo opted to print on the wrapping of the box art.

  • Alex0714

    i like my blue case better…but red did look good on MarioKart8.

  • xXFloydianXx

    Great, now can NOA get rid of those terrible eco-box cases? Europe and Japan surely aren’t falling for the EPA’s scams.

  • Tony

    i order mine at best buy website it shows the blue case but when i go it in the mail, the case is red but doesn’t have the “Family game of the year” on it