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Nintendo on why EarthBound isn’t included on the Super Famicom Mini

Posted on October 12, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

The Super NES Classic Edition and the Super Famicom Mini are fairly similar in the games they offer. However, there are some differences. On the Super Famicom Mini for example, EarthBound (Mother 2) isn’t included.

Nintendo’s Kazuyoshi Nishi explained the omission in an interview with Famitsu. Nishi spoke with the site about wanting to balance out the games according between various genres and titles people loved.

Nishi said the following, as translated by Kotaku:

“It’s not simply because it’s Japan that we didn’t include Mother 2, but with the balance of genres, IPs and characters, there were lots of other RPGs we wanted to compile besides Mother 2. The concept this time around was that this was something to be played with kids and friends.”

Nishi also indicated that Nintendo didn’t want to have an overabundance of single-player RPGs. Also, if there weren’t boundaries, fans would want every game on the Super Famicom Mini. But if it were possible, Nishi would have liked all titles to be included. 

Nintendo’s Takao Shimizu also participated in the interview. He feels that if fans think titles are lacking, they can buy them on the Virtual Console. Shimizu added that, because of this, he doesn’t believe that these types of products have to be perfect.

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  • Zeebor

    “Fire Emblem’s bigger.”

  • Bart

    “He feels that if fans think titles are lacking, they can buy them on the Virtual Console.”

    Where do I even start… xD

    • Exposer

      CT not,but those are on the Wii VC

      • Bart

        Well alright, but that’s not much of a consolation, is it? 🙂

        Even if you ignore how far back the Wii is now, its shop is about to close forever too… (Don’t remember exactly when.)

        • Exposer

          In 2019…

          • Bart

            Oh that’s farther out than I thought, thought it was sometime early next year.

        • You’ll be able to put points on the Wii VC until March, and then buy stuff for a while after, and in 2019 at some point, it’ll be gone completely.

          Which yes, this does suck. My hope is the Switch gets everything the Wii’s VC had, and more. (Dreamcast and Sega Saturn, please!)

          But the Wii really does have an incredible VC library, and I urge people to invest in it while they can.

          • Bart

            Saturn VC… Now that would be something. But I fear making an emulator for that would be a tall task even for Nintendo.

          • I know. It’s a lot to ask (and imagine). But a gamer has to dream, right?

            Lol, I’m so sorry. x’D
            Hang in there! It could come to be!

          • awesomeparadise3

            Sega Saturn titles are confirmed to eventually come to Sega Forever which is incredibly likely to come to Switch. I think they will be ports instead of emulators but I’m not sure if I remember that correctly.

          • Bart

            I hope you’re right on that ‘incredibly likely’ part… 🙂

          • awesomeparadise3

            Dreamcast and Saturn are incredibly likely to come from Sega Forever, not Virtual Console.

          • Sure, but Dreamcast games have been on the PS3 and 360, so I imagine it’s possibility for Nintendo at some point for separate VC.

    • Reggie

      CT may not be as easy to get on VC because of Square Enix.

    • amak11

      No Switch VC yet…. it’ll happen and I guarantee many companies will be on-board this time around

      • Bart

        Indeed, I should have probably added that “yet”…

  • MagcargoMan

    Unless a turn-based strategy game counts as an RPG I don’t see how having Mother 2 in the Japanese version is any different. Plus now they’re missing one of their notable first party IPs on their version the SNES. I mean, we’re missing Fire Emblem but that was never localised so it’s more understandable.

    Also I just looked up the games list on Wikipedia. Why did we get a version of Street Fighter II with less content?

    • CucumbersForThumbs

      What do you mean less content? Unless you’re referring to them instead using Super Street Fighter 2.

      • MagcargoMan

        We got the third iteration of Street Fighter II while they got the fourth iteration which has more characters.

  • Exy

    Absolutely golden that anyone in Japan is complaining about not getting Mother 2. They already have Mother 3 all to themselves so getting Mother 2 yet again would just be greedy.

  • ronin4life

    They needed Fire Emblem on there, and FE didn’t come out in the West so we got Earthbound.

  • Tlink7

    A SNES game is like a few MB, so it is not like Nintendo didn’t have the space… what a stupid excuse 😛

  • Jamie Kuchma

    Just hack the f****** thing and add it yourself why is this a big deal

  • Gestrid

    What VC?

  • Paddy Alfan

    Translation: it will be on another platform so that you could spent more money.

  • fox_whisper85

    They have Mother 3, and they mitch and boan about not having Mother 2? Oh wah wah wah.