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Nintendo says Fire Emblem Switch is “going to be looking beautiful with great graphics”

Posted on May 31, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Nintendo announced a new Fire Emblem game for Switch a few months ago. We’ve yet to see a single image from the game, but it’ll apparently be worth the wait. Nintendo’s Kenta Nakanishi told USgamer in a new interview that “it’s going to be looking beautiful with great graphics”.

That’s not the only thing Nakanishi recently said about the project. This past weekend, we reported him noting that Switch “should be able to offer a completely different Fire Emblem, breathing life into our characters like never before.”

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  • KnightWonder

    “going to be looking beautiful with great graphics” … “going to be looking”…

    • YamiryuuZero

      I was gonna tell you to cut the guy a slack, since he’s Japanese, and he was probably trying his best to speak English… but seems like the entire interview was translated to English, so, yeah… whoever translated didn’t really do a very good job…

      • KnightWonder

        I didn’t mean to make fun of him. I just found the wording kind of humorous is all.

        • YamiryuuZero

          No, the wording is terrible. Point at him and laugh all you want!

    • Apfel

      Il assume you’re not from Japan. If I’m wrong…sorry.
      If it’s hard for you to learn Japanese, imagine how hard must be for a japanese to learn english.

    • キロ

      Sounds like a certain president. xD

  • metalpants

    Bring it.

  • Roto Prime

    Hand drawn animation for every battle!!!!

    • Tlink7

      Probably gonna be 3D models again

  • Justmadeanaccount2

    I hope it takes a while. I still need to play the Fates games.

  • O.H. X-1990

    “Beautiful with great graphics”, yeah, I’d so like to see that.

  • theFooFighter

    E3 can’t come soon enough

  • DeltaPeng

    I’d say you’re looking pretty great yourself, Nintendo ;p

  • ben

    Full waifu simulator activate …….

    • YamiryuuZero

      Nintendo makes one game with waifus out of a series that spammed 11 games prior to that, and FE is forever known as waifu simulator…

      • Locky Mavo

        Well it IS the game/reason that saved the franchise from going dormant.

        • Fore

          That said, it’s something that (I’ve not a clue how many) people who picked up Awakening enjoy. I get the fact that people hate the “new” but this silly crapping over it should really stop. Those people are getting the Echoes style remakes, which seem to be continuing, so why is this still a thing?

          • キロ

            I guess because they’re hoping for a new game that doesn’t have said mechanics. Awakening and Fates both had it, and Echoes is a remake, so more about seeing/fearing what the next new title brings.

          • Fore

            I don’t get why it’s so bad in the first place. Plus Echoes seems to be a continuing thing, so players of the older games will get their wishes as well, right? I’m just fed up with all this whining and complaining about something that, I personally, perceive as a boon and not something harmful. If they changed the weapon triangle and dumbed it down to all hell, alright, I can see the disdain. But this? I would’ve expected better of people.

          • キロ

            I’d say try not to let it get to you, but that’s much easier said than done. xD I think the issue with games like Echoes being made for old fans is that the old fans still want new games, just in the style of the old. But still with a new story, setting, etc Echoes, if a remake or series of remakes, is just giving them exactly the same, you know?

            I understand why you feel that way, and it’s fine to personally see it as a boon, just as others may see it as a hindrance! It’s a difficult situation to be caught up in. for sure.

          • Fore

            Apparently, Nintendo themselves said that Awakening is what saved the series, and Fates has gotten quite the sales last I checked, so I doubt they’re going back to the old, save for remakes. It would be better if people accept that, and get on with their lives, rather that whine on it, and the new people Awakening brought with them.

          • キロ

            Yes, I wish there was never this odd split. Imagine how much people could get done if they simply cooperated! Of course that can be said for things way beyond video games too. xD

            Yes, in the recent two interviews dealing with Awakening and Echoes the FE staff was quoted to have said it was FE13 that would be the last if they didn’t sell enough, etc.

          • Fore

            I’ve a good example for you. There’s a series of the Warhammer franchise, known as Dawn of War. The first, was a base-building RTS. The second, minimized the base-building and had a whole different aspect to it. Now, they’ve tried to converge these two very differing games and fanbases into one, the third game, which is a painful process at best, and one doomed at worst. It’s been struggling on Steam ever since, since the effort has been deemed as being “meh” for lack of a better word.

            Is that what people would want for FE?

          • キロ

            I guess so! Since FE Fates was an attempt at it (Conquest vs Birthright), though a lot of people felt disappointed in Conquest which promised the more in-depth story and fell short of that xD but I guess that sort of thing was the experiment heading in that direction.

            I wonder how fans of the pre-handheld FEs felt about it appearing on GBA for the first time…

          • Fore

            Probably adverse, annoyed and powerless. But things run their course, and Switch in that regard, gives people what they want (both handheld and home-console).

            I’d simply like the FE Switch game to have a good, solid story, one I can lose myself in, and solid characters that are not defined by this, one extremely prevalent quirk (Rinkah and fire). Switch can do this, and it’s significant power-gap over 3DS will allow more, and better things.

          • キロ

            Graphics and what they could do with them was never really my concern (I was totally content with the GBA stuff xD) but if they utilize that and manage to pull of an engrossing story with what you said of more than 1D characters, I’m all for it. : )

          • Fore

            Plus the Side-quest system I mentioned to you elsewhere, would allow character/relationship building and fleshes out the “side” characters by allowing them to do their story.

          • キロ

            Yes, Valkyria Chronicles 2 & 3 had a system like that. : )

        • MetalGear Lamia

          A minor common mechanic didn’t save anything marketing and push did….

          • Locky Mavo

            I did say it was ONE of the reasons. New gameplay/features did help make the game more interesting/appealing.

      • キロ

        That one FE game brought it many fans who only know it for that. It’s just how it goes!

    • Ninty Kad

      Wait, senran kagura? I thought we’re talking about FE.

  • YamiryuuZero

    I know they’re not gonna do this, but I really hope there’s a Tellius saga compilation coming to the Switch. Full HD graphics, more Trial Maps after completing the game with different challenges (such as not letting anyone die unlock certain trials, gathering all skills, all SS Rank weapons, etc.), side quests, full base support conversations, magical weapons and Bands for FE10, removable skills for FE9, rework the Laguz units (because they’re freaking useless in 9, since they eat a lot of EXP in order to level up, meaning your other units will be underleveled if you’re using Laguz, not to mention they can’t even counter attack when untransformed and are a pain to babysit in 10, since that transformation gauge is a pain to keep track off and the stats change between forms are too extreme) and unbreakable weapons with a “classic hardcore mode” for those who want breakable weapons back!

    And please, no marriage system!

    Can we have it, please?

    • TDude73

      Survey says… [X]

    • Fore

      Do tell me what’s wrong with more emotion in your game that marriage provides? Would you rather have copious quantities of blood and gore? I can point you in that direction, no problem. I can even point you in one that has turn-based strategy.

      All this whining about a new mechanic, that a fair amount of people definitely seem to enjoy. It shows people who like the older games to come off as whiners. The franchise was partially saved by it, yet so many of you are harping on it. Would you rather FE ended right there and then?

      • キロ

        Many people would actually say yes to that question (about it ending then and there xD) “Better to die with dignity” etc

        • Fore

          So then what is so incredibly “evil” about marriage? I don’t understand this whole anguish against it…

          • キロ

            Hmm I can really only state my own opinions on the matter… so can’t speak for others obviously. xD But I suppose just as you find it inconceivable that others can feel differently, they feel that exact same way –and so both sides are more alike than you may think! (I doubt there is any way to convince one side or the other, but my personal belief is an argument should not be an argument at all, but a discussion on why people feel the way they do, not a discussion forcing people to join their view)xD

          • Fore

            You seem to misunderstand me, I do not find it inconceivable that they feel that way, on the contrary, I very much understand. I’ve felt the same way in regards to Switch at first, but I’ve come to accept it’s form-factor. I understand that these people have their beloved franchise and wouldn’t want it to be “tainted” by these new mechanics, but they’re a part of what caused the franchise to still be around today. What would they want otherwise? Blood gore and body parts?

            I get the whole “fear of the unknown” the “fear that the series will never be the same again” and I’ve seen franchises I’ve personally enjoyed shift in a direction I couldn’t agree with. I’ve simply decided to leave them be, as they’re no longer my cup of tea, rather than be annoying to those that do.

          • キロ

            Oh, I see! Sorry for the misunderstanding. xD

            I guess it’s that feeling the series has abandoned them when they held it so dear, and so harder to let go. Power to you for being able to do so, but perhaps not as many are as strong as you are. The people who “annoy” others are probably just trying to find people who agree with them, as it can indeed be comforting in times when one feels abandoned.

            Just know (as you’re probably well aware) that there are people out there who celebrate both and welcome any and all fans. xD *waves*

          • Fore

            To that abandoned part, I would say one thing: Embrace change, sometimes things aren’t as bad as they seem. I’ve been VERY critical of the Fates localization, being annoyed by the “rawr it dragon for I love you” and “waggle waggle bladiebla” but looking at it from the other side, made me think that my reactions were over the top. When you’ve come to expect one thing, and see another, it can blind you. But if you wallow in that blindness, you’ll never find an actual answer.

          • キロ

            To be clear, do you mean relationships like between characters or between player/avatar and other characters? : )

            If they can manage to make a great story I really wouldn’t mind what they throw in, as I would get the experience I was looking for. If the story took an odd turn due to say, forced marriages and odd relationships, then that is where it may be jarring and what people are thinking of when they think of marriage. FE4 had marriage and children after all, which was great for its setting. xD

            Taking children out is probably what those fans want more than taking marriage out, which you agree is okay too.

          • Fore

            Exactly, the marriage part can really contribute. But some people would like it constrained to pre-set characters, I’d like it the way it is in Awakening/Fates. Why? Because it adds replay-value, to see their reactions, see how the story wends, etc. There’s fun to be had in that aspect.

            I enjoy going for a different marriage character to try things out. In fact, my 3DS is next to me, open as I’m going for a 2nd Revelation route and choosing a different spouse this time. The children had the annoyance of being extremely good in stats, and thus near mandatory, as well as not fitting the story (far less so with Awakening than with Fates). In fact, I’ve barely used them in Fates, and many of them I’ve not even unlocked at all!

            The relationship a strong part of why FE has such appeal to me, being an RTS and TBS (turn based strategy) player for a long time now (starting with Heroes of Might and Magic 2, back in 1996 (around that time, perhaps a little later).

          • キロ

            My RTS experiences is mostly limited to Age of Empires, StarCraft, and the Command and Conquer series. xD …and SimCity if that counts…

            My TBS games have only ever been Advance Wars and FE! …and chess if that counts I guess. xD

            I see what you mean about replay in that sense. Children are indeed an unnecessary distraction in Fates, so I too didn’t really recruit any beyond to see what it was like. xD

          • Fore

            Well, in Awakening they at least somewhat tied into the story. In Fates, they were blatantly thrown in because Awakening had them.

      • YamiryuuZero

        “Do tell me what’s wrong with more emotion in your game that marriage provides?”
        The marriage system can be a good mechanic when implemented CORRECTLY. When implemented half heartily, like what happened to Fates, the system comes off as a gimmick that hinders the experience (I mean, putting the kids in a pocket dimension where they grow up without their parents? Really?!) Just because the system worked in one game doesn’t mean it’ll work in all games, and putting that mechanic in the Tellius games would not make any sense story wise!

        “Would you rather have copious quantities of blood and gore?”
        I don’t know why you’re asking this. Is it because the opposite of marriage means gore in your head? I seriously cannot see the relation between what I said and this line.

        “All this whining about a new mechanic, that a fair amount of people definitely seem to enjoy. It shows people who like the older games to come off as whiners. The franchise was partially saved by it, yet so many of you are harping on it. Would you rather FE ended right there and then?”
        I’m not denying that the franchise was saved by Awakening, a game that had this mechanic implemented, or that people enjoy the marriage mechanic. And no, I would not have preferred for the franchise to end either! What I am asking for is for the developers to take consideration over what would work best for this possible remake, and the marriage system would not! It would be too forced to feel organic or make any sense at all. Not to mention the Tellius saga ends with 73 playable characters, with the newest additions being flat or even forgettable due to the lack of support conversations. Adding more characters (the children that result of the marriage) would not solve that problem.

        And let me correct a misconception here: Awakening didn’t add the “new” mechanic of marriage systems. Genealogy of the Holy War had introduced the system back in 1996, meaning the mechanic is nearly as old as the franchise itself! So, no, when people complain about the marriage system, they’re not whining because it’s a new mechanic, they’re complaining because of how badly it was implemented in Fates!

        • Fore

          Then how would you have the marriage system? Ingrained like Celica and Alm? Because that’d remove a piece of re playability in exploring how characters react to one another, and the fun of experiencing the story with a different character.

          I said blood and gore, since that’s very much the opposite of marriage. You don’t exactly carve your loved one (without malice tsundere etc, keep all of that out) to pieces now do you?

          The kids were ill-conceived and I’d like them gone myself, or, at least, properly fitted within the universe itself (Awakening did a far better job than Fates) and marriages not becoming a thing to “game” as in combine two people for the stats their child will have, or combine them for job classes. Just choose the one that appeals to YOU the PLAYER (and making it scripted, aka Alm and Celica would destroy this.)

          I like the choice factor that the relationship, and directly linked to that, marriage gives. It gives emotion and makes you more invested in the characters, that’s why I enjoy the system for what it is, in both Fates and Awakening. (also just for the record, I see kids and the marriage system as two separate things.)

          • YamiryuuZero

            “Then how would you have the marriage system?”
            You either have a marriage system that makes sense and feels organic to the narrative, such as what Awakening made, or do no marriage system at all. If the mechanic doesn’t work in favor of your work, you scrap it altogether.

            “I said blood and gore, since that’s very much the opposite of marriage. You don’t exactly carve your loved one to pieces now do you?”
            The alternative to having a marriage system is not having one. You don’t need to pull gore out of nowhere if you’re not having a marriage mechanic. It’s not one or the other, you can have neither and still have a good or even great game! ‘Sides, FE never had gore before, I don’t know why you thought someone would advocate for that!

            As for your last two paragraphs, you detail exactly my thoughts on the game (except for the kids =/= marriage part). Awakening introduced it well, Fates did not. My point is to have the marriage system only if it works to the game’s favor. Now tell me, do you think having the marriage system in Tellius would work to the game’s favor, or feel like a half heartily introduced mechanic just because people liked it in Awakening?

            I can’t see the kids and the marriage system as two separate things. One results in the other, the other cannot exist without the one. You can choose to not use the kids, just like you can choose to not marry your characters, but that’s about it.

          • Fore

            Hahaha, We seem to have missed a very particular page along the way. I meant for FE as a franchise, in the future. Not the remakes in particular. I forgot to mention that, and, in my annoyance, stared myself blind on the “no marriage part” of your first post, due to all the hate that flies around for it these days. You’ve my apology for that.

    • キロ

      It’d be nice to see support convos in FE10 just to give the majority of the cast that gets swept aside some sort of screentime. xD

      • Fore

        This could be done in the form of a side-quest system. I think the 3DS may have not had the capacity for that to be included, but on the Switch, there should not be such limitations.

        • キロ

          Hmm FE10 was on the Wii though, I think it had more to do with development time and stuff!

          • Fore

            I meant side-character screentime 😛

          • キロ

            Oh xD I thought that the 3DS ones got plenty in that department thanks to those support systems, compared to FE10’s non existent ones.

  • bugman83

    It’s rare for Nintendo to ever talk about graphics.

  • Santoryu02

    I wonder if the main character of this next one is going to be custom like Robin/Corrin, or set like Chrom. I’d rather not be able to create my own character to be the main character like in Fates. Makes the story kinda bland, but who doesn’t like customization?

    • MetalGear Lamia

      It’ll likely be like Robin as a side protagonist the Corrin concept was absolutely terrible we need a true original protagonist/s

  • Vigilante_blade

    Bring back the Echoes artist. He is wonderful at FE art.

  • Omegalionheart

    I hope they bring back Hidari(Echoes Artist) his art fit so well with Fire Emblem.

  • Locky Mavo

    Pretty graphics is always a plus, but I just hope the game is good. Though the thought of this being the first HD FE game does make me a little excited.

  • Fore

    If FE: Warriors is anything to go by, I’ll gladly believe that.

  • MoYeung

    “it’s going to be looking beautiful with great graphics”.

    Because of nvidia gpu on switch…

  • Tlink7

    The game I’m most excited for thus far 😀

  • MagcargoMan

    “This past weekend, we reported him noting that Switch “should be able to offer a completely different
    Fire Emblem, breathing life into our characters like never before.””
    Oh boy, they’re probably gonna make the supports full-blown love sim stuff.

    • MetalGear Lamia

      Doubt it

  • hi v3.0

    Nintendo be talking about graphics XD

  • Jacob Groves

    First time I’ve heard Nintendo says something like this. Lol 🙂

    Cannot wait for E3 and this game too. 🙂

    Looooooooooooooooooooooove my Switch + Zelda + Mario Kart + other Switch games. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Arms in 2 weeks time, Splatoon 2 coming next month. Exciting and good time for Switch.