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Switch will allow for “a completely different Fire Emblem,” will breathe life into characters “like never before”

Posted on May 28, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News, Switch

Tying in with the launch of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, French site Jeuxvideo spoke with three of the game’s developers. They are as follows:

– Masahiro Higuchi (Intelligent Systems), producer on Fire Emblem Echoes, Heroes and Fates
– Hitoshi Yamagami (Nintendo), producer on Fire Emblem Echoes, Fates and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE
– Kenta Nakanishi (Nintendo), director on Fire Emblem Echoes

One portion of the interview touched on how Fire Emblem never ended up on Wii U, and the series has had a focus on 3DS over the past few years. Yamagami explained that the series has a “long history of home console games,” and it’s not primarily considered a handheld franchise. Nakanishi chimed in by saying Fire Emblem Switch will allow for something “completely different” while “breathing life into our characters like never before.”

Here’s the full excerpt:

Do you see Fire Emblem as a handheld series first and foremost? The latest home console release was Radiant Dawn ten years ago; and though a new Fire Emblem is coming to Nintendo Switch next year, a lot of players had their hopes up for a Wii U installment. Do you think the Wii U wasn’t suited for a series like Fire Emblem, or were there other reasons to focus on the 3DS?

Yamagami: The Fire Emblem series has a long history of home console games. While we were developing this title on a handheld console, we felt like we were reaching the apex of our work on Nintendo 3DS. Looking back, we don’t believe the series is a handheld one above all else. In the future, we hope to have more opportunities to create home console games.

Nakanishi: As it was said earlier, we’re currently working on a Fire Emblem game on Nintendo Switch. With this title designed for home consoles, we should be able to offer a completely different Fire Emblem, breathing life into our characters like never before.

Just to highlight one more excerpt from the interview, Jeuxvideo also asked ideas for Fire Emblem spinoffs. Yamagami had this to say in response:

“I think many people were surprised of our collaboration with Atlus for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. If we revealed our ideas beforehand, there wouldn’t be a surprise anymore! (laughs) This autumn, another game based on a collaboration will come out: Fire Emblem Warriors. I hope you’ll look forward to it!”

Big thanks to Kyrio for the native translation.

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  • RoadyMike

    Even more waifu possibilities
    God help us all

    • SomeUser

      If that happens I’m killing myself: Going back to Echoes and blocking out the world. I DON’T GIVE A FU-

    • Dominik Niklas

      It may sound good at first but the more you think about it, it’s actually terrible. See Fates.

      • RoadyMike

        I know. I hate the new waifu aspect of FE. I’m not looking forward to it at all. Awakening is the last game in thea series I will play

    • Velen (Not WoW)

      Uhm, big assumption? I don’t see anything about marriage in there.

      • RoadyMike

        It’s joke. I could care less about the FE series

  • Man

    Great. Things still looking bright for FE.

    • Exy

      And completely bleak for Advance Wars.

      • キロ

        : (

  • YoungTheFish

    Now Nintendo has experimented with a physics engine on Switch (with Breath of the Wild), we can create realistic boob jiggles on our characters, breathing new life to them.

    • JasonBall

      Maybe they can borrow Koei Tecmo’s.

    • Fandangle

      You forgot: JP only.

      • Henriettamhardy

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    • Addy

      You want realistic boob jiggling? Play a Dead or Alive game.

      • Thomas Knapp

        There is nothing about the jiggle in those games that’s “realistic.”

        • Addy

          Should have added quotes on the word ‘realistic’.

  • Snivyshinvy

    Fire Emblem: persona

    • Fandangle

      already happened. sold terribly. everyone hated it.

      • And I loved it! Hah.

      • looks pretty positive, here

        only people who were mad were weird mra weebs

        • UNIverse

          Weeb? This reply makes no sense. Just who do you think #FE was aimed at?

        • Fandangle

          People who were mad didn’t like that:

          1:) It wasn’t what they initially revealed it as.
          2:) It was just another Persona game with FE charactes, mostly from awakening.
          3:) It was merely an alright RPG
          4:) It got censored
          5:) The music was horribad to average at best.
          6:) It was a load of wasted potential.

          It was pretty much disappointing to almost every longtime FE and longtime SMT fan in existence, except the new age fans who only play Persona and FE:A/FE:Fates and the only people it appealed to was the small crossover between them, which is why it sold horribly.

          My guess as to why the reviews are so high because most reviewers are those people who play persona and FE A/Fates and loved them. They both are pretty easy mode compared to the games and series they came from so it’s natural that modern age reviewers who never bothered with any other game in the franchise to love the most casual versions of it.

          Now I’m not saying this is true for all but I’ve seen too many articles like “SMTIV is the Dark Souls of Persona” to think otherwise. That’s my guess. I’ve literally never met a person who actually enjoyed it or wasn’t
          disappointed by it except on the Nintendoeverything and Gematsu comment
          section. I just assume the people who liked it are either also in that incredibly niche overlap of “Likes persona” and “likes modern FE” or just picked it up without any pretenses and enjoyed it despite it being a thoroughly average RPG.

          • Desiderio Lazaro

            I agree. Pretty disappointed with the game even if I put around 50 hours on it

          • if you’re judging a game by the poster that came out two years before, you’ve got serious problems

          • Fandangle

            And you’re pretty psychotic if you can’t empathize with longtime fans who were mislead by the initial announcement trailer into thinking that this would actually be “Fire Emblem meets SMT!!!” not “Fire Emblem Awakening with some Shadow Dragon characters with Persona gameplay.”

            I’m trying to explain to you why most people didn’t bother to buy it and why the five people who did absolutely love it.

          • Yeah I’m the crazy one. Stop buying into weird hype that you literally just imagined before seeing footage. Judge the game when it’s out at Target.

          • Fandangle

            I wouldn’t call “Taking what nintendo themselves said at face value” as “weird hype”. I would however take “People mindlessly loving an incredibly average game for almost no reason besides the fact that everyone hated it” as “weird hype”.

            Did you know that the game that we were promised, an actual SMT and Fire Emblem crossover existed at some point but they scrapped it purely because “Awakening and Person are more popular than the other games”. They talked about it in interviews after the massive fan backlash over it. This isn’t just “People hating to be hating” like you’re trying to make it out to be, people have legitimate issues here.

          • fdsadard7777

          • DeltaPeng

            I agree that it wouldn’t been nicer to be more FE than Persona, from the bit I tried. That all said, no need to throw insults around while sharing opinions, let’s keep it kosher

          • Fandangle

            I and literally everyone else but the five people who this game actually appealed to would have preferred it if we got an actual SMT and FE crossover game, or even an actual conceptual crossover between the two based on actual game worlds/mechanics. Instead not just Persona except with Idolshiz mixed with awakening and a dash of Shadow Dragon.

            Like, imagine two of your favorite RPG series announce that they’re crossing over and the product that comes out barely resembles anything like either of them and is based more on a love it or hate it spinoff on one series with characters almost exclusively from the popular installment of the other.

            Outside of that, it’s an incredibly average game anyway. The only thing of note outside of the gameplay is how bad the japanese Idol stuff is in the game and the pretty terrible the music is.

          • DeltaPeng

            Well, while it didn’t quite meet fan expectations, I feel like it got a fair amount of positive reception online (minus some who disliked the censorship side of it a fair chunk). It did it’s own thing, and it’s good to know ahead of time that it’s more like FE cameos / references than gameplay, but other than that it sounded like a decent JRPG.

            I rented it and would’ve liked to try out more, but my WiiU disc drive was acting up >_<. I may check it out later if there's a fairly heavy discount, cause I like the theme and art style they gave it, but I find I'm not personally a fan of persona gameplay, and I'm mostly about gameplay when it comes to games, so that's that for me. I feel similarly for Persona 5, I even more like the theme/art there, but, yeah.

          • Bart

            Not sure what you mean by Persona gameplay? P5 and TMS are really quite different I’d say, and I love them both to bits. 🙂

            5 is the only Persona game I’ve really played though, so I might be missing something here.

          • DeltaPeng

            I don’t know, I tried Persona Q, some Tokyo Mirage Sessions, and some Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse, and they all felt pretty similar. All have the magic elements named similarly. I do find I have less time for games, so perhaps I just don’t want to learn the complexities or type weaknesses.

            In general I’m finding I have less tolerance for grinding levels in RPG’s. Per SMT4 and Persona5, both look to have the capturing/bribing demons to join the party, I am not a big fan of that, for one it all seems to be fairly random. Sure, it makes sense some demons would try to trick you, but there didn’t seem to be any patterns, rhyme, or reason at all for successfully getting that done, and since you change them out so often, it doesn’t seem worthwhile. I think I prefer just having a stronger set of main characters with skill/ability trees to focus on (maybe akin to like FF7, FF9, FFX type character ability upgrades), rather than having that extra layer of complexity. Is the best way I can think of describing it at this moment.

          • Bart

            Hmm, well you might like P5 then, demon conversation is less random and bit easier in that. Still involves some guesswork at first though, I’d say look up more info on it if you’re interested, I don’t want to go in more details, it’s a bit spoilery…

            Getting new demons and fusing them is just part of the fun to me, but I see what you mean now, if you’re not into it what can you do. 🙂

      • Apfel

        I love the game

  • Vigilante_blade

    Valentia breathed new life into the series, so I hope we can expect greatness from the Switch version.

    • KnightWonder

      They need to get the team back who made the animated cutscenes for Awakening and Fates. The ones in Echoes didn’t look that good.

      • Burning Gravity

        Opinions are great, since I think the exact opposite: Fates’ scenes especially were trash in terms of correography and general appeal… somehow even Awakening’s were better

      • NintendoPSXTheSecond

        I agree too, the animation for Echoes cutscenes just looks amateurish even though it’s a legendary studio making them. They just look choppy and sub-30 FPS.

        • Linkavitch Chomofsky

          Most animation is done sub 30 fps.

        • SomeUser

          Better than Fates and Awakening’s

      • Vigilante_blade

        I really don,t agree. I thought the scenes in Echoes were incredibly well-coheographed.

      • hi v3.0

        I think the animations for Echoes is to resemble to old school feel

  • theFooFighter

    I really enjoyed the dungeons in echoes so I would be pretty happy if they expanded the traditional rpg elements. Just make a flat out rpg with dungeons and towns and a big overworld with the tradational strategy rpg combat. Instead of clicking on points on the map I want to actually travel to the next major battle and have to stop to defend a town from bandits or explore a cave

    • Vigilante_blade

      I think that if you balance it in a way where grinding is not necessary, it could be fine. I think the dungeons were somewhat fun.

    • Kalkano

      This needs to happen. We haven’t had anything remotely close to that since Shining Force 3 in 1998.

  • キロ

    That’s either a really good thing or really bad thing depending on what kind of FE fan you are. XD

    • FireThunder25

      Well, that depends on what kind of changes they’ll use in the transition from handheld to console. Still, I think it’s best to keep an open mind and wait for more details about the newest installment.

      • キロ

        Indeed, hence the depending on what kind of fan people may be. xD

  • Hermione Granger

    the gullible nintyfanboys will fall for this again and again. they never learn…

  • Tlink7

    I wonder what the devs mean… very excited for E3! …hopefully nothing to do with waifus though xD or children for that matter

  • Fore

    Here’s hoping the one-dimensional character thing from the recent series is gone. Other than that, to all those “anti-waifu” people, I simply say: To each their own.

  • angieazcaban

    Very much looking forward to both of the Fire Emblem Switch games.

  • SomeUser

    Better not be no dating sim bs

  • Valwin Mediaz

    Cant wait for it to be Censored too

    • YamiryuuZero

      Switch is region free, my friend! Screw Treehouse, i’m getting the Japanese version no matter where I live!

      • Valwin Mediaz


  • Bart

    And then the localization theme can do their very best to snuff out this newfound life again?

    Ugh, I better think positive thoughts…

    Well, I like how he mentioned TMS, gives me a bit of hope for a sequel…

  • hi v3.0

    Hopefully the game will be more like Echoes with even more amazing voice acting..

  • DeltaPeng

    Hmm…now this makes me curious. What features does the Switch have that the 3DS doesn’t, such that they would be able to create or allow for something ‘completely different’, per Fire Emblem? Switch loses touch screen capabilities (for the most part, if allowing for Docked mode), and HD graphics are much appreciated, but I don’t see that as being the kind of change they are thinking about.

    I would narrow it down then and guess that the change they are thinking of is HD Rumble related? Unless they found some interesting way to make use or the IR sensor? Hmm…

  • hilary olson

    I prefer fates and awaking to echoes..i dont care what anyone says. I like the relationships and the game play as well as the stories..if the new ones dont have it i probably wont play them

  • Aiddon

    I can hear the hissy fits at Serenes Forest already

  • Ragnell

    I hope marriage and children aren’t a thing. It was nice for awakening and fates, except fates stupid way of trying to put them into the game. Sick of all the waifu bs

    • Fore

      But part of that is what helped the series be around today. If Awakening didn’t make such a come back, there’d be no FE Switch to look forward to. I see people’s point in not liking it, but there are people who do enjoy that. Either way, not everyone can be pleased, and one or the other, side of the consumers will not enjoy their experience.

      • Ragnell

        I won’t lose my cool if it does come back i just don’t feel like making another marriage list again.

        • Fore

          What if they make it so you don’t have to use marriage for stats/the child with great stats? So you can literally choose whoever you want?