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Off-screen Gal*Gun 2 footage

Posted on September 25, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Switch, Videos

At the Tokyo Game Show this week, Gal*Gun 2 was on display for the first time. Take a look at some off-screen footage from the playable demo below.

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  • Vigilante_blade

    Is this a new Fire Emblem game?

  • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

    what is this game about?

    • Bap

      Its a spin on the classic tale of the boy that every girl fell in love with but he needs to confess his love to the girl he actually loves.

    • Zeebor


    • Fanservice. Admittedly, playd more silly and straight-forward and semi-harmless compared to usual. At least, this entry looks that way. I think the series has been reasonably side-eye before?

      Basically, every girl on campus falls in love with you on accident and you shoot them with a pheromone gun (how??) to reverse it. But you can also take requests to help them out with things. You are trying to romance one of the main gals, but I don’t know much else.

  • Tlink7

    It is time for another meteorite

    • Bart

      Heh. I’m inclined to agree with that, but not because of stuff like this… I’d even say I consider this as slightly redeeming… A bit of fun like.

    • Velen (Not WoW)

      There are worse things.

    • It’s sad that this is the most innocent of the fanservice games announced/to come recently. CH has been trying to outdo themselves it seems, for instance.

      • Tlink7

        Ah, I didn’t really know what the game was about beyond that header image xD I wasn’t being serious anyway, probably should have put a smiley behind my comment

        • Oh, lol. Well it’s not like there isn’t a reason to have some scorn or side-eye for plenty of these fanservice games. x’D