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Online multiplayer no longer planned for Unepic on Wii U

Posted on September 5, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U eShop

Online multiplayer is no longer in the works for Unepic’s Wii U version, according to the game’s developer.

Creator Francisco Téllez de Meneses confirmed on Miiverse:

Testing networks and uploading versions are far too difficult and slow processes to do. I have my limitations and I dare not doing it. Apologizes!


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  • jimmy

    Does unepic even need multiplayer?

  • Well, that just made my buying decision super easy. Wonder how much I saved…

  • Vigilante_blade

    Developers need to stop gimping their games for Nintendo consoles. Why would he expect anyone to buy the worse versions of his games?

    • jimmy

      It would be an add on, unepic came out a year or so ago, its a great game that honestly doesnt need mp

  • Well the interests in the game just dropped

  • Busted

    Say what you want about the game and what not, but that a fancy name

  • Clumsyman

    Good. He’s an indie developer and he already gave people an awesome game. (assuming from watching gameplay, looks great)

    • Christopher McNair

      He didn’t give anyone anything. He sold it, and could have possibly gotten a few more sales with multiplayer. I still don’t understand why Nintendo diehards applaud less features in “exclusive” games, yet whine and spit when big devs don’t add features. Why does Nintendo get away with not paying for servers for games to have online on Wii U, but 3rd parties are “lazy”? Or part of the non-existent “conspiracy” against Nintendo? Oh yeah, because of blindly loyal and ignorant fanboys.

      • Clumsyman

        This game wasn’t exclusive I believe.

      • Clumsyman

        I also think your rant was for somebody else. Sorry dude if you actually did mean this for me. I don’t think I did anything that should have sparked that.

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