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Original Project X Zone removed from the 3DS eShop

Posted on May 1, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Update 2: While the re-download button doesn’t display in the individual listing, you can currently grab the software again by visiting your list of “Redownloadable Software” on 3DS eShop (thanks Kaleo).

Update: The game is also unavailable in Europe (thanks lightdasher and Grimahim.

The first Project X Zone has disappeared from the North American 3DS eShop. On top of that, if you’ve downloaded it previously, a message stating “This software is currently unavailable” is displayed where the re-download button would be.

We’re not quite sure why Bandai Namco decided to remove Project X Zone from the eShop. Anyone in Europe know if this is the same situation there as well?

Thanks to Brian for the tip.

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  • Samma

    It’s gone from Europe’s e-shop as well. 2 is still available. Maybe it has to do with licensing, because there is a lot of it.

  • Anarki

    They removed it in Europe quite some time ago (at the start of 2016 I think).

  • DoctorOverbuild

    Yup gone from Europe just ordered a copy off amazon for £30 before the sellers become aware of how rare it will become thanks for the tip guys! the game is getting expensive already!

  • Lord Drieg

    That’s gonna be a problem for folks who downloaded the game. How is the publisher gonna explain that the buyers can’t have the game they paid for because of licensing issues? The buyers have a right to a copy of the game. It’s what they paid for.

    (Not trying to start a fight. I just see one stewing there)

    • DoctorOverbuild

      I think redownloading should always be available, if you’ve paid for it you should always have access I understand not being able to buy the game again.

      • Lord Drieg

        That’s exactly what I was trying to say. It’s okay to remove it from the storefront. It’s not okay to prevent previous purchasers from redownloading what belongs to them.

        (I have a similar issue with the Smash DLC across my two 3DS consoles.)

        • DoctorOverbuild

          Yeah, Exactly! It belongs to them! “We’ll take your money by the way you won’t be able to download this in the future but we’ll keep your money even if you deleted your game and want to download it again we won’t let you do that!”

        • Kaleo

          Yup, you can redownload it.

          I bought the game some time ago on the Brazilian (so, under NA jurisdiction) eShop, deleted it from the SD, and I’m redownloading it right now.

          • Lord Drieg

            I just saw the update. Good to know that the download issue applied to the storefront only.

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    And this is why I always buy physical copies.

    • DoctorOverbuild


    • Riku0493

      Wait until the console manufacturers start pushing out updates to block individual games from being played on their system.

      And yes, they CAN do that.

      • RoadyMike

        Might as well keep all consoles offline and destroy games that aren’t playable until you update

      • L_O_R_D

        nope,they can’t
        why? cubic ninja is why
        they can’t make an update to block any game from playing
        this will cause serious legal issues.

        • Riku0493

          They can actually and Nintendo has already done so.

          • Ironfall was never sold as a physical copy, so your comparison doesn’t make any sense. Besides, it was to fix an exploit which allowed hombrew, downgrades and piracy.

          • Riku0493

            There is still a check to see if it’s a physical copy regardless.

            Nintendo seemingly doesn’t want to block physical copies.

      • ThunderGod_Cid

        Deleting and/or not accepting the update file takes care of that issue. Or you could do a factory reset for a more extreme measure.

        Besides, what is this “blocked game” you’re talking about?

        • Riku0493

          Deleting an update is impossible, unless you were to flash the console using a hard or soft mod.

          Factory resetting also doesn’t “unpatch” the console.

          I specified the game in another post in this thread.

  • JasonBall

    F! I was planning on getting that game.

    Now I just have to pray it’ll come back.

  • RoadyMike

    Should have bought it when I had the chance :/

  • Kaleo

    If you bought the game previously, you still can redownload it, looking on your list of “Redownloadable Software” on eShop.
    I’m doing it right now, by the way.

  • Had this game, but sold it because missions took way too long and it was highly repetitive. I’m hoping the sequel improved on the formula.

  • Grimahim

    As I mentioned, the game has been removed from Europe’s e-shop. You won’t be able to find it if you look. But I’ve been checking my account activity to find my purchase and re-download the game, as I’d deleted it off of my console before I found out it had been removed from the e-shop, and I’m now playing the game. I’m not sure if this only applies to Europe or if this can be done in all territories, but either way it seems that it’s possible to re-download and play the game if you’ve purchased it before. You just can’t find it by searching the e-shop anymore.

  • That sucks.

  • Blake Good

    Well. at least it wasn’t a Virtual Console game. They were really bad with that back between 2012-2014 and why they removed Tetris (GB), I’ll never know!

    • Riku0493

      The Tetris removal was due to licencing agreements.

      Only one publisher per platform at any given time, with few exceptions.

  • Joachim

    That’s why Nintendo should make ‘My Nintendo/Game Shelf’ after your purchase the game going directly even the game is pull out the store. Period! Isn’t about physical game is better than physical. Some people like digital and it’s ok but this just ridiculous!

    • kthanxyousuck

      This isn’t a Nintendo issue as they aren’t the publishers of Project X Zone. They do have a place where you can redownload games you’ve purchased. Bandai Namco are probably the ones that removed it. There’s nothing Nintendo can do about that.

      • Joachim

        Anyways they are using their ‘store’ as port of source to purchase the game paid/free, through eShop, that why Nintendo should make or implement ‘My Nintendo Game/Shelf’ to quite many people says “Digital sucks” Make sure your game/s will be there. I’m not a pro-digital but seems this is the future like me or not.

        P.S. I don’t own 3DS/Wii U but so far I know cause someone told me here if they pull out the game also pull out the game in purchase section as well. It’s true or not?

  • kthanxyousuck

    Thankfully I bought a bigger SD card so I wouldn’t have to remove any games. I still have my copy on my system. It really sucks because the Eshop had the game for $19.99 and it went out of print a long time ago in NA.

    • TheWeasel

      Might I ask what capacity SD card you have? I am using a 32 GB SD card and so far it isn’t close to filling up, but since I plan to buy digitally as much as I can, it would be nice to know if someone else is using a higher capacity card in their 3DS without problems, should I ever need to upgrade.

  • Chad Newcomer

    i played it…the game is not that fun 🙁 which is disappointing even with all these awesome character it is at most mediocre but I feel bad for those who do want it. then again cave story 3d was removed from eshop for no reason

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