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Photos of the Prima Zelda Box Set

Posted on December 1, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, Images

Took a few photos of Prima’s Zelda Box Set, which you can find in the gallery above. I decided to do a bit of a size comparison as well to show you how big the box/bookmark are by including a 3DS XL in some of the shots. On another note, the box with the guides weigh a ton – definitely over 20 pounds.

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  • Daisy Mae

    Wow, that is an awesome collectors piece!

  • Jaxon Holden

    Ya I bought this Zelda guide box set- it’s lovely. Gotta say, I like the gold metal bookmark the most- triforce on one side and “Legend of Zelda” on the other. Looks great on my shelf.

  • Doug Sahr

    The only bad thing is that it did not include the new 3DS title. Now it won’t fit in my chest 🙁