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Pikmin 3 update adds “Stylus” control option

Posted on May 29, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

Pikmin 3 has been updated, and it brings about a new control option. It’s now possible to use the GamePad’s touch screen to throw Pikmin similar to the setup in Nintendo Land’s Pikmin Adventure. Players can switch between control options in the main menu.

Thanks to Jake for the tip.


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  • Ghasfarost

    great! i think it is a proper time to restart the Pikmin adventure and improve my time / rate of dead pikmin

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    This is badass!!!!! I always wondered why I couldn’t use the Stylus. To me this is big news.

  • ronin4life

    This seems kind of substantial to just throw out there as a random update…
    ^ ,^;;;

  • LordDisco

    Oh, man! I’m stressing about which free game I want to get with Mario Kart 8. It’s definitely between New Super Mario Bros U and Pikmin 3, but I don’t know which one. I love platformers, particularly Super Mario games, but I played the mess out of Super Mario 3D World. As for Pikmin, I’ve only ever played the first one, and it was really fun. Pikmin 3 looks really good, but I honestly want both games.

    Which one should I get???

    • Carlos

      Pikmin is a much better game. NSMBU was good for an early Wii U game, but for a must have title, Pikmin is the one you want.

      • LordDisco

        But I’ve heard that the Gamepad on Pikmin 3 feels a little strange. Have you tried playing Pikmin 3 with this new update? Does the stylus support make using the Gamepad better?

        • wintereater

          If you have a Wiimote & nunchuck, I’d recommend that instead and have the gamepad next/in front of you so you can have instant access to the map and its other touch screen functions to compliment the wiimote controls. Once you get used to the controls, you’ll love the quickness of the pointer.

        • Carlos

          I haven’t tried it yet. I didn’t have too much trouble controlling it with the gamepad. Sometimes it was a little hard to sim, but it wasn’t anything that would make the game bad.

          • LordDisco

            I ended up getting Pikmin 3, and I played a little bit today. The stylus control scheme is really good, actually. I don’t know how it compares to before or against the Wii remote, but I do like the stylus control.

          • In my opinion, the Wiimote and nunchuck is the best control scheme. The downside is that you need to keep switching back and forth with the Gamepad to use the very useful map.

          • LordDisco

            After the Wii, I’m just tired of the Wiimote. I want to stay away from it as much as possible, so I actually do prefer the new stylus scheme. It works perfectly fine!

          • I’m actually on the opposite side. I just try the touchscreen controls today and find it terrible. Simply because I can’t clearly see where I am throwing my Pikmin. Of all the games that show the same image on both screen, this one needed the most. Maybe is better if I try it off-tv mode.

            About the Wiimotes. While I do find it to be the best controller option for Pikmin 3, I have settled with the Gamepad controls (no touchscreen) alone. I mean, it is uncomfortable to be switching back and forth between two controllers. And on top of that, you are wasting battery life on both controllers as well.

    • Andrew Gonzalez

      PIKMIN 3 all the way.

      • LordDisco

        I did. 🙂

        • Andrew Gonzalez

          Awesome! I love games that make you think 😛

          • LordDisco

            I only played it for a minute, but I definitely don’t regret my decision. Pikmin 3 seems like a lot of fun! However, I am totally invested in Mario Kart 8 right now. It’s super fun!

          • Andrew Gonzalez

            Yeah, I keep telling myself, “one more game” then two hours later…. Mainly because the online is so smooth. Pikmin 3 is awesome but it gets even better when you multitask and you always want to do the day over again just to get more done. DLC is decently priced as well.

          • LordDisco

            I saw the DLC was pretty cheap, but right now, I can’t argue, considering I paid nothing for Pikmin 3. But that Mario Kart. I just can’t stop playing. hahaha.

    • Go for Pikmin 3. I don’t know about you, but I spent so much time playing New Super Mario Bros. on DS and Wii that by the time I played the U entry, it felt like I was not playing anything new. But just like you, I had only played the first Pikmin and it was a blast. And Pikmin 3 is was amazing. If you liked the first one, you won’t regret getting the third.

      • LordDisco

        I got Pikmin 3, and it was a great choice!

  • ChexParty

    Just non-stop good news coming from Nintendo. Let’s hope they keep it up.

  • Great update. Wonder why that control scheme wasn’t there to begin with.