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Platinum Games creative producer tired of Bayonetta 2 port-begging

Posted on December 12, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

Ever since Bayonetta 2’s announcement, fans have been very vocal about the game’s Wii U exclusivity. Fans have continued to ask Platinum about bringing the game to other platforms despite the fact that Nintendo is responsible for publishing.

After hearing request after request, Platinum Games creative producer JP Kellams has said on Twitter that he’s tired of the port begging.

Kellams wrote:

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  • InterTreble

    If people like PS4 and Xbox One exclusive games, they buy PS4 and Xbox One, and say Wii U is a fail. If people like Wii U exclusive games, they still buy PS4 and Xbox One because the ads say they are “next gen” and Nintendo not, but they want them, they pledge for having them on your “next gen” console with no games, and still say Wii U is a fail. Wii U is always a fail, but its games are what people want. Why don’t they buy a Wii U if they like its games, instead of trolling and cheating all days or pledging the SH for having Nintendo exclusives on their consoles, perhaps they don’t have games as good as Nintendo’s? Very hard to understand those people, very hard…

    • Rodrigo Coelho Costa Junior

      it doesn’t work they buy the wii u and still bash on nintendo. I have two friends that do that.
      crazy people

    • Yeah. They complain Wii U has no exclusives then a Bayonetta 2 comes along the way and all of a sudden they wan’t a port. And to this day they don’t understand that there would be no Bayonetta 2 if it wasn’t for Nintendo.

  • ecoutercavalier

    Aren’t we all..

  • RedRocBoy

    Remember when us Nintendo supports wanted games ported and everybody would laugh and say our console is last gen and say buy a Playstation or an X Box? Funny how things have changed. Buy a Wii U. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’m with this guy. Shoe’s on the other foot, bayonetta fans.

  • If only Aonuma would say “we heard you, we get it” to the majora’s mask port beggars

  • sonicfan1373

    I hope Nintendo purchases Platinum Games (or at least goes into a longer partnership with them), they have the amazing capability of creating IP that appeals to both Western and Japanese audiences. I know they cannot get Bayonetta because it belongs to Sega (although they could always negotiate something with Sega); but Platinum is able to create other new IPs at a fairly quick pace. Of course any acquisition has to be made in a way not to scare off the talent (look at Rare after the Microsoft buyout most of their talent left to start their own companies).

  • Captain-Olimar

    Hell yeah! In yo face!

  • Oh god the thread about this on vg247 is the dumbest thing I’ve seen. It’s all video game conspiracy theories. I feel bad for JP Kellams.

  • Oh god the thread about this on vg247 is the dumbest thing I’ve seen. It’s all video game conspiracy theories. I feel bad for JP Kellams.

  • Thomas_NE

    Should’ve sold more on the original platforms so anyone would want to publish it, then. Not like Bayonetta 2 will sell much on the Wii U, but apparently Ninty thinks it’s worth investing it. That’s a great decision for fans, though likely not a good business decision.

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