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Pokemon GO Plus compatibility with Android “under development”

Posted on July 14, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in Mobile, News

We’ll be seeing Pokemon GO very, very soon. If all goes well, it’ll be out by the end of the month.

Pokemon GO will be compatible with iOS upon release, after you apply an update. With Android though, it’s less clear. Nintendo UK’s product page mentions that as of this month, compatibility with phones using Android “is under development.”

Here’s what the page says in full:

For use with the Pokémon GO app, by Niantic Inc. App update dedicated for Pokémon GO Plus required (planned for 2016). It will also require a compatible smartphone.*

* Compatible Smartphones:

Pokémon GO Plus will be compatible with iPhone 5/5c/5s/SE/6/6s/6 Plus/6s Plus and operating systems iOS 8 – 9.

As of July 2016, the Pokémon GO Plus compatibility with phones using the Android operating system is under development.

A curious inclusion there! Will Pokemon GO Plus not be ready for Android at launch?


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  • Reggie

    Wait, you mean the original Go Plus never was supposed to be compatible with Android phones?

    That’s really kind of stupid?

    • daizyujin

      Even more stupid that this is the first we are hearing of this. Usually this is the type of thing that is revealed much sooner, not after 100,000s of people have already probably preordered it.

      • Reggie

        I’m seeing a lot of returned items, then.

  • Operative

    Sucks, but it’s understandable

    • daizyujin

      how is it “understandable”? they don’t even give a reason why.

      • Operative

        Android by its nature is less uniform. There’s countless android phones that they have to account for when designing the software. They need to make it work on all the various specs that Androids come in. Where iPhone, it’s much simpler.

        • Reggie

          Being “understandable” does not justify it. We were never told from the beginning that Go Plus would not be compatible with Androd. We were only told that when pre-orders already went live. That’s poor communication and nothing can excuse that. Had people been told that earlier then it would be a little more forgivable.

          • Operative

            Okay yes I agree

  • daizyujin

    (Smacks self in forehead) WTF? I really wonder what is going on at Niantic. Android makes up a much larger portion of the mobile world worldwide. Why in the world would they not have this working up front?

    Even odder is why this was never communicated until now. Literally nothing to this point has even spoken of it. People get excited, people preorder and then…..this? It isn’t really a smart idea to hype people then drop a brick on their foot.

    I am beginning to wonder if Niantic can make anything and release it finished and in a 100% working fashion at this point.

  • daizyujin

    I am sure you are not the only one. I had no plans to buy it but I am sure many were. Communication is an important thing and it looks like Niantic and Pokemon Company didn’t get the memo.

  • bugman83

    Dat Nintendo seal of quality 🙂

  • Tlink7

    *meanwhile at the way too spacious Windows Phone clubhouse*

  • dbizal

    Still ordered… But it’s a bit silly as Android phones are far superior.