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Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire – first scans

Posted on June 7, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, Images


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  • MaanavLink

    They are fake, you get starters at the lab, not from a bag.

    • Exposer

      Go to the minute 6:12

      • MaanavLink

        True, true. Sorry, I got the games confused for a bit.

    • Hobie

      Not in Ruby and Sapphire. Have you ever played the originals?

    • Jackson Barnes

      No, in Ruby and Sapphire, you go out into the field and have to rescue a person from a poocheyana, by choosing your first starter from the professors bag.

  • Exposer

    Ok, i have a problem with Mega Swampert and the redesing of May and Brendan i dont like them…Sorry.

  • KokiriHylian

    Brendan and May look quite over-designed here. 😛

  • Maxo

    The hell did they do to May’s hair? i hope there are more clothes/hairstyles to pick like in X/Y

    • Purple3DSXL

      I was just thinking that. These are supposed to be major upgrades from the original games after all.

  • Su Zhuque

    Well at least they didn’t replace May with a completely different character. Also is it just me or did Brendan got tanner?

    • In the in-game screenshots, he still appears to have the skin tone of his past iterations in R/S/E and Colosseum/XD.

  • Patrick

    I can’t believe it’s not hair.

    It was his hat the whole time.

  • Tito

    That hair looks like a hat.

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