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Portal Knights footage

Posted on April 23, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Switch, Videos

A new video from IGN shows off footage from Portal Knights’ console version with 11 minutes of footage. View it below, which also features commentary from 505 Games developer David Welch.

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  • ibo

    i know nothing about this game but i do know is that it looks dumb and will probably sell badly… then the studio making the game will probably close down… for their dumb idea..

    • Jacob Groves

      Agreed. This why we always stick with biggest publishers / developers as they way better then them. 😉

      • BarryDunne

        You two are both muppets lol

        • Jacob Groves

          Well we not. We have own opinions. It is since we saw so many crap indie games on all platforms and most is sells badly and they waste their time developed games that no one interested. So most developers need to stop do it and think about better games that many people will supports their games and games sells well or massive this is what most important for developers need otherwise they meets danger areas like closing down or losing many people who work with. 😛

          • BarryDunne

            you have absolutely no idea what people are interested in. like you said above “we have own opinions”. Wrong way of saying it but anyways, I have an opinion too and this looks interesting TO ME. How about actually being happy for a developer for actually creating something that they’ve always wanted to make. I’m pretty sure that they’ve achieved so much more in the gaming industry than you have. How dare you say what’s “better” and actually support these indie companies who want to make something!

          • Jacob Groves

            I do pleased they all tried but look at so many games isn’t sold well so this is problem with them. 🙂

            I cannot wait for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe this week then Prey for XB1 next week. They are biggest games and I love it. Ofc everyone have different opinion. Your good gamer same time. I love gaming and own Switch, XB1 and PS4. 🙂

          • lolwat

            The game sold 426,294 copies on Steam. Those sales show that there is some interest and support for the game. And, that would most likely mean that 505 Games sees some potential in bringing the game over to consoles.

            So, these developers really don’t need to stop and think about maybe making a different “better” game. People are already out there welling to support Portal Knights.

  • DeltaPeng

    Looks fairly well polished, and it’s cool that it has
    online and couch co-op. I’m interested, not sure if I’d play it much as I’ve a lot of other games on my list,
    but I like the aesthetics.

    Either way, kudos on bringing the game over, looks like fun and could be well suited for the system.

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