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Portal Knights heading to Switch

Posted on February 23, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Portal Knights will be seeing a release on Switch. That’s according to a classification from Brazil, which was added in today.

Portal Knights was thought to be bound for Switch after it was listed by an anonymous major distributor. However, the rating from Brazil is as close we’ll get to an announcement until 505 Games makes it official.


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  • Alexandre Nepomuceno

    Although Nintendo Switch will not be launched on Brazil on March 3rd and I’ll wait to buy mine ’cause on the grey market the price tag is nearly R$ 3,000.00 which means almost 1000 USD

    • Vio Lent

      whoaa.. so expensive.. :v

      • Alexandre Nepomuceno

        In one or two months it’ll get to 350-500 range which is a good range taking into account that the import fees here are 60% and yet we’ve to pay two more taxes IOF (0,16%) and ICMS (17% on average, some sttates don’t charge ICMS). Nintendo left Brazil on 2015 due high taxes D: