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Psyonix will continue to work with and update Rocket League rather than making sequels

Posted on June 25, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Psyonix isn’t setting its sights on creating sequels to Rocket League. Rather than turning it into a franchise, the main game will continue to receive updates and released across new generations of hardware.

Jeremy Dunham from Psyonix told Engadget in a new interview:

“We’re not trying to build six Rocket Leagues. We’re not looking forward to when Rocket League 2 and 3 and 4 are coming out. Rocket League is the game we’re gonna keep updating. It’s important to us to keep that going, cross-generation, across multiple platforms without sacrificing anything.”

Rocket League is a similar position as Minecraft. Minecraft itself has been so hugely popular that a sequel hasn’t been necessary, and the game is continually updated and put out on new systems.


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  • Tlink7

    Certain other franchises should take note

    • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

      I want that Nintendo do that with the Smash Bros franchise, just update it over time

  • anthony

    Isn’t this game technically already a sequel to a game called Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars (good god, that’s a long title), making it technically a franchise?

    Either way, nice to know they’re just gonna keep updating this game, rather than abandon it for a sequel. A much cheaper thing to do.

    • Hugrazy

      It still weirds me out how barely anybody talked about that game back in 2008 and then when rocket league (practically the same game) came out in 2015, people were losing their minds and calling it fresh and innovative. Right place right time I suppose.

  • Cool

  • Zeebor

    Ah yes, the Riot “Games” strategy.

    • Lance Devon

      Isn’t that implying that this is a bad strategy for Psyonix?

      • Zeebor

        I’ll admit: sometimes the “If it ain’t broke” strategy works. It’s just usually the people it works for are douches. Not saying Psyonix are douches; far from it. Riot’s Chinese overlords are douches though.

  • Hidden Flare

    Makes sense, seems more like a game to add more and keep improving then making a full sequel, unless they want something real big like a story mode I think they will be sticking with this game for awhile.

    • You make a valid point!

      Off topic: Hey! I wanna invite you to my server in Discord. This server is designed to be mostly Nintendo players, music, anime, news, memes, etc. I feel like you would make a great addition to our community.

      • Hidden Flare

        Oh I know I’m a good addition to the server, I should know you already invited me and I chat there.

        • Seriously??????? I’m so sorry….I don’t know what i was thinking….I apologize.

          • Hidden Flare

            Ha it’s ok man, I did mention I don’t use the same name so it’s fair. Anyway I’ll see ya there…

          • Man…..Mr Jack!!!!!!!!! Sorry dude….

          • Hidden Flare

            Shh don’t say my name…. Can you delete that please?

          • done! lol

          • Hidden Flare

            Thanks, like to keep that separate for… Personal reasons. But thanks man. Ok talk to you there.

          • No worries 🙂

    • Aline Piroutek

      FIFA says hello

      • Hidden Flare

        Oh yeah most both sports games do this, can’t even wait a console generation or like 2-3 years. At the very least I can understand if it’s because of newer things like say new players but otherwise it’s likely just cashgrabs… Oh yeah they have story mode in those two… Cool but I don’t know how good they can make that.

  • MARl0

    How is something like this a viable long term strategy? They’re going to saturate the market eventually, but continue to work on the game with no new sales and revenue? Even Yacht Club had to finally find a way to get more revenue out of Shovel Knight since they keep working on it.

    • All the updates Yacht Club has done are stretch goals that were funded on kickstarter

  • this is what mario kart should have done

    well they did, but they called the tweaks sequels

  • Francesco Gentile

    I totally agree

  • Airsh Bornely

    This is what EA should’ve been doing with their sport games since updates for games was conceived. Could just release a new version of them every couple of years (for actual improvements) instead of this yearly BS.