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Puyo Puyo Chronicle: more characters and their skills revealed

Posted on November 24, 2016 by (@OnePunchMaz) in 3DS, News

Once again, some more characters from the upcoming Puyo Puyo Chronicle and their Auto and Special Skills have been revealed via 4Gamer (credit to Perfectly Nintendo for the translation):



A confident and snobby girl from a wealthy family who studies at the Magic School in Primp Town. Despite that, she’s not really that good at magic – martial arts is her specialty.

Auto Skill: Filled with confidence (increases HP)

Special Skill: Etincelle (changes the color of a column of Puyo to yellow)


Yu-chan & Rei-kun

A sibling pair – and both of them are ghosts. Yu-chan is bright and intelligent, whereas Rei-kun is silent and backs her up in whatever she says and does. They like to talk in puns and riddles.

Auto Skill: Beyond the Veil (increases Recovery)

Special Skill: Silent Step (lowers the defense of all opponents)

Head past the break for more characters!



A skilled martial artist, she’s known as the “sexy fighting queen”. She claims to be Arles’ rival in love.

Auto Skill: Queen’s Attack (counter)

Special Skill: Queen’s Dance (changes the color of Puyo to red)



A diligent student at the Magic School in Primp Town. He’s also pretty stuck up and rude. He always carries a book around with him, which seems to be pretty important to him.

Auto Skill: Honor Student (increases MP)

Special Skill: Nebula (changes the color of a column of Puyo to purple)



A Comet warlock from an elite magic school. He’s extremely fond of sweets.

Auto Skill: Master Sorcerer’s Magic (reduces the amount of MP consumed by skills)

Special Skill: Crème Double (increases the defense of all allies)



Auto Skill: Dubious Good-luck Charm (counter)

Special Skill: Luminary (changes Puyo in Ojama Puyo (purple))



A young witch who is apparently a bit naught and has frequent giggling fits. She came from the same world as Arles.

Auto Skill: Witch Clan (recovers MP)

Special Skill: Foreign Star (changes the color of Puyo to yellow)



A strange being who seems to be half-squirrel and half-bear, he’s a scientist who always wears a lab coat and conducts mysterious experiments in the physics classroom of Suzuran Junior High School.

Auto Skill: Successful Experiment (counter)

Special Skill: Wow Eini (increases the defense of all allies)


Ocean Prince

He used to be a human prince, but wished to become a fish in order to escape the busy life at the castle. A bit selfish.

Auto Skill: Prince Knowledge (increases MP)

Special Skill: Noble Run (lowers the defense of all opponents)

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