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Puyo Puyo Tetris expert tutorial videos

Posted on April 20, 2017 by in Switch, Videos

SEGA America has just uploaded four new videos about the imminent Switch title Puyo Puyo Tetris. This strange puzzle crossover will feature some exciting new characteristics and SEGA wants to make sure that we understand everything we can about the game before buying it.

Check out these four tutorial videos after the break:

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  • James Fox

    The narrator is Asian American Puyopuyo Wizard, S2LSOFTENER (Yes, that’s his YouTube name)

  • Exy

    One of the big problems with SRS (the modern Tetris rotation ruleset all modern games adhere to) is that it rewards T-Spins inordinately and encourages setting them up as quickly as possible between Tetrises. The rules for piece kicks are so bafflingly unintuitive if you’re coming from another system like ARS or even games that predate SRS, so if you aren’t familiar with the 7-bag randomizer, the kick rules, whether a top out occurs above or below row 20, and other things like that, you will be crushed time and time again and you’re unlikely to ever figure out why. As for me, the only T-Spin setups I can memorize are OZJ and OSL, and that’s only because they rely on a very specific piece order.

    • Where do you learn this? Teach me thy ways…

      • Exy

        You don’t want to learn my ways. They’re pain. I can’t enjoy Tetris like I used to knowing that it’ll never be good like it was in 2005.

        • Aaaalright. Are you getting Puyo Tetris for Switch then?

          • Exy

            I pre-ordered it first day. I want those dumb keychains.

  • Santoryu02

    Cool. I’m a Tetris novice so this is really useful. However, I’m atrocious at Puyo Puyo, so I hope they put up some useful videos up for that as well.

    • R.Z.

      There are some tutorials in the demo if you’re interested. They are pretty decent for understanding the general strategy to adopt, even though you will probably never get to make such clean stacks as those shown in any versus setting.

      • Santoryu02

        Hmm, I’m surprised they show strategies in the tutorial. That was useful to know, although I couldn’t imitate them very well. When the full game comes out i’ll practice without an opponent raining garbage on me.

  • R.Z.

    I think I’m addicted to the game and I have just played the demo version.

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