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New Pokemon / Alola Forms shown in Sun / Moon leak

Posted on August 10, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Update 3: Several more images from the trailer leaked.

Update 2: Team Skull’s big boss shown.

Update: New trainer from Team Skull leaked, images added after the break. We’ve also removed the rumor tag as we’re nearly certain all of this is legitimate.

A lot of Pokemon news has surfaced this week thanks to CoroCoro. The Japanese magazine leaked out early like usual over the past few days, and gave us a glimpse at the latest creatures that will be featured in Sun/Moon.

That being said, the Pokemon Sun/Moon updates for the week aren’t over. To close out the week, we’ll be getting an official trailer which should show even more for the two games. At least some of the fun appears to have leaked early if some convincing new images are to go by. Head past the break for more.

The new Pokemon are as follows:

– Wishawashi (Yowashi): has the ability Schooling, School Form also shown
– Pyukumuk (Namakobushi): has the ability Innards out
– Morelull: Grass/Fairy with Illuminate and Effect Spore
– Alola Form Raichu: Electric/Psychic with the new Ability Surge Surfer

Some of these Pokemon we did know about previously through the CoroCoro leak. Alolan Meowth and Marowak along with Team Skull will also apparently be shown. However, images for these have not yet appeared. We can also see Plumeria, a trainer from Team Skull.


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