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Rumor: Switch will allow for video capture longer than 30 seconds in the future

Posted on October 19, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Rumors, Switch

With yesterday’s Switch firmware update, Nintendo finally introduced the ability to capture video. There are a couple of caveats, however. You can only use the feature with a few select Nintendo games, and you’re limited to just 30 seconds of gameplay.

Kotaku UK spoke with two sources who say that Nintendo has more in mind for video recording on Switch. The company’s first goal is to have all first-party games supporting the functionality, as well as titles tied to Nintendo properties. In other words, titles like Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and Fire Emblem Warriors are the priority at the moment.

What Nintendo is said to be planning next is the ability to capture gameplay at one minute, three minute, and five minute intervals. However, these options would necessitate a larger amount of space for a rolling recording. Kotaku UK adds, “This would be handled by a Switch firmware update, after which all games with 30 second video capture support would be able to make use of larger recording times without needing to repatch the individual game.”

Kotaku UK doesn’t say when Nintendo would be planning to expand on Switch’s video capture feature. Currently the focus is getting as many Switch games as possible to support the functionality. Kotaku also says that future games from Nintendo may support capture without the need for patches.


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  • Operative

    It would be great to pre select the amount of time the console records, and of course have it stored directly on the SD card to avoid memory issues. I’ve no doubt they’ll expand on it in the future. Maybe if we’re lucky we’ll even get built in streaming functionality for those that use it. I don’t, but many would I’m sure.

    • amak11

      It is stored to the SD card when you have it installed. I have like 20 video files sitting on my laptop from last night alone.

      I’m also going to add, it only records at 720p @30fps

      • Operative

        Ah, thank you for the information. The recording limitations are a bit disappointing, but it’s a good first step at least

  • Dunnington

    I wonder why the functionality is being added for individual games rather than into the system itself. I can understand testing for individual games, but it seems like a kind of backwards implementation?

    Either way, I’m glad that the functionality is there.

    • I’m sure it’s implemented into the system, but has to be enabled manually in a game by the developer, since video capture probably takes away precious system resources, so just activating it for all games without proper implementation by a developer could impact that game’s performance.

      • Dunnington

        Ahh that makes sense. Hopefully it’s not taking away too many resources.

  • Pepperkeet

    This is very cool

  • Philip Elthorpe

    I could see them, once the 30 second trial run is over, they go to Amazon and Google to get the same functionality as on Playstation 4, where you can upload a capture straight to Twitch and/or Youtube.

  • dbizal

    What’s the point anyway? You won’t be able to share it anywhere without Nintendo claiming it lol.

  • Snackster1001

    I really don’t mind the current length, I just wish you could do it for all switch games rather than just specific games. Hoping they don’t tie it to just specific games in the future, I would love to show off rocket league moments when it releases on switch.

  • DeltaPeng

    Neat feature! I have yet to test it, but it’s interesting that it works/records retroactively (the past 30 seconds rather than the upcoming 30 secs).

    Could be handy for capturing more ‘natural’ moments of gaming greatness. Curious as to whether this feature impacts performance/battery life.