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Rumor: Wii U update coming this week, possibly Monday

Posted on September 28, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in Podcast Stories, Rumors, Wii U

Emily Rogers has returned with another rumor regarding the Wii U’s upcoming update.

A tweet Rogers published a short while ago states that the firmware is going live sometime this week, perhaps as early as Monday.

The tweet reads:

The Wii U’s next update is the second of two major firmware upgrades for the console. Nintendo hasn’t said what will be included, but the system’s speed (loading times and associated elements) should be improved.


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  • I predict:
    Cross-game wii u chat
    Cross-platform VC purchases
    Rareware games
    Gamecube virtual console
    Downloadable Wii games (in 1080p)
    Gamepad Wii Mode
    DS compatibility
    Free t-shirts
    $60 eShop credit for ambassadors

    • gimmegimmekevin

      That’s way too much to expect, especially out of nowhere. Not to mention the fact that Rare games can’t ever happen, outside of the ones that Nintendo owns for obvious reasons.

      • eh

        That’s the joke

      • I thought “free t-shirts” would give me away for sure…

        • gimmegimmekevin

          Sorry. Read it too quickly and made a huge gaf. Sorry

          • You’re a good man, kev. No apologies necessary

    • Shota

      skype ,ds compatibility and wii gamepad support FTW

  • Extra Vinegary

    Nintendo posted a message on Miiverse that there will be maintenance on Monday from 8AM to 5PM PST. So maybe we will see this firmware update.

  • Ballzbeard

    Don’t they usually do maintenance a few days before the update? Maybe we’ll get it sometime this week.