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Rune Factory team working on new 3DS RPG, Forbidden Magna

Posted on February 11, 2014 by (@Patricklous) in 3DS, Images, News

The future of the staff at Rune Factory developer Neverland was left uncertain after the company filed for bankruptcy late last year, but now Famitsu has revealed that the team is working on a brand new Simulation RPG published by Marvelous AQL. The game, titled “Forbidden Magna”, will be released for the Nintendo 3DS. This first scan gives a look at some of the game’s cast members named (clockwise, from red-haired dude) Lux, Charlotte, Beatrice and Diana.

Expect more information and higher quality images when this week’s Famitsu releases.


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  • Sebastian

    please put this in a spoiler, its kind of disappointing to have the surprise spoilt when there’s still 5 hours left on the timer (assuming this relates to

    • TalesOfBS

      Yeah but then later…
      Birth! Official Web Site Coming 02.17

      I’m feeling like i got trolled.

      • Sebastian

        yep, I’m feeling rather mad at the company now myself.

        Unless its a game about trolling, then I’d say “well played”

  • The character art looks solid so, lets just wait for gameplay pics and videos, so far I like it.

  • maurer156

    too bad i dont understand japanese…

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