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Rune Factory

At E3 2019, XSEED kindly invited us to their booth for a behind-closed-doors interview and several gameplay demos for all of their upcoming Switch releases. In part eight of this series, I’ll be taking a look at Rune Factory 4 Special and how the upgraded port stacks up on Nintendo Switch.

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For detailed impressions of Rune Factory 4 Special, check below the break.

Forbidden Magna, a strategy RPG for the 3DS released earlier this month in Japan and has not necessarily been well received by fans.

The new update will hopefully address many of the issues, mainly steaming from the battle system.

The three main features of the patch:

– Enemy Strength (allows you to choose between easy, normal, hard)

– Fast Forward (holding down R allows you to speed up events)

– Gallery (new option to revisit cut-scenes and events)


The future of the staff at Rune Factory developer Neverland was left uncertain after the company filed for bankruptcy late last year, but now Famitsu has revealed that the team is working on a brand new Simulation RPG published by Marvelous AQL. The game, titled “Forbidden Magna”, will be released for the Nintendo 3DS. This first scan gives a look at some of the game’s cast members named (clockwise, from red-haired dude) Lux, Charlotte, Beatrice and Diana.

Expect more information and higher quality images when this week’s Famitsu releases.


Marvelous AQL has opened a new teaser site for the reveal of a new 3DS game coming from the developers of Rune Factory. The page features a brief message and a countdown set to expire in four days or so. You can find the teaser site right here.

Neverland is ceasing operations due to a lack of funds. What does this mean for the Marvelous AQL-published Rune Factory series?

Producer at Marvelous AQL Yoshifumi Hashimoto left a message on the game’s official blog following today’s news. Speaking about the series’ future and staff, he wrote:

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