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Runner3 boxart, launch edition detailed

Posted on December 24, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Update (12/24): This is now up to pre-order on Amazon as well.

Original (12/23): Runner3 won’t just be an eShop title when it hits Switch in 2018. Choice Provisions is working with Nicalis on a physical version, which will be offered alongside the digital release on day one.

Similar to past Nicalis offerings on Switch, the company is preparing some special goodies for those who buy a physical copy of Runner3. GameStop has first details on the launch edition.

Buying Runner3 will provide you with a physical cartridge. Nicalis is also including a full-color instruction manual, soundtrack sampler mini-CD, and some sort of secret surprise.

Here’s a look at the launch edition:

You can pre-order Runner3 on GameStop here.

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  • amak11

    Oh baby. Cant wait

  • Indielink


  • Roto Prime

    OH YEEAAH, NICALIS IS GOD!!!!! Best Publisher on Nintendo Switch!!!!!

  • Stuart

    Nicalis must be making some crazy money on Switch because geez, 3 in 5 physical games on Switch is published by them…

  • Zeebor

    Someone at Nicallis used logo.jpg instead of .png, I see.

  • Lance Devon

    Nicalis; Doing things Namco can’t…

    Or Capcom…

    Or Sega…

    Or EA.

    Making money is apparently hard on Switch.

  • i’m just gonna play the wiiu version

  • StrawhatEevee

    Lol was going to bite the bullet and order through Amazon so I don’t have to be on alert for the Best Buy preorder, but againnnnnnnnnnnn the Prime discount is not in effect. Never have this problem with Gamer’s Club Unlocked.

  • dathip


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