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Sonic Forces debut gameplay (off-screen)

Posted on March 16, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Switch, Videos

SEGA just debuted the first gameplay from Sonic Forces – previously known as Project Sonic 2017 – at its series panel at SXSW. It may not be the best quality, but here’s what we have for now:

Thanks to TSSZ News.

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  • ChaosNocturne

    reminds me of when secret rings was first revealed remember and remember how it tanked

    • nemo37

      Actually it reminds me more of Sonic Generations and Sonic Colors, both in terms of art style and gameplay. Those two games were well received and successful.

  • Addae Francisco

    Sonic forces? Oh,no,that’s the upcoming game.

  • Locky Mavo

    I’m not the biggest Sonic fan, but it certainly “seems” to have the potential to be a good Sonic game.

    Though it wouldn’t be the first time a potentially good looking Sonic game ended up being rubbishy.

  • Felipe M.

    That looks awesome. Hope the Switch can handle it.

    A physical Switch release would be fantastic.

    • Hidden Flare

      Considering this is a main line sonic game there are high odds that it’s getting a physical release.

  • Jacob Groves

    Oh no!!! It look so terrible to me to be honest. Oh well, SEGA you failed once again with Sonic. Poor 3D Sonic again. Lol

    It look so much like secret rings and black knights. Lol

    • nemo37

      The gameplay is actually designed to be similar to Sonic Generations and Sonic Colors, both of which were well received and commercially successful.

  • GoldenTriforce

    Looks like Sonic. Not that that’s a bad thing, I’m referring to the good games, but there wasn’t anything mindblowing there (which, again, is not a bad thing)

    • Stuart

      I rather have that than Sega trying to do stupid strange new ideas again…

  • Dayph

    It’s too soon to say anything. I’m not friend of realistic graphics for a mascot-platforms game but… we’ll see.

  • Stuart

    It does look cool.

  • nemo37

    It looks fantastic! Based on all of these comments I assume a lot of people never played Sonic Generations or Sonic Colors, this game (at least the modern gameplay style, which is what was shown here, and the classic style) are similar to that. Based on this footage and confirmation of classic Sonic gameplay based on Sonic Generations I can say that 2/3 of the game will be solid. The final 1/3 is this new gameplay, and here I hope it is something like being able to play with Classic Sonic in a 3D environment or maybe playing with some of Sonic’s friends in 2D and 3D (similar to S3&K but not like the adventure series. More specifically in S3&K Sonic’s friends had similar abilities like Sonic and went through the same stages but they had additional abilities that allowed for further exploration. The Sonic Adventure series gave each character their own levels and objectives that were typically slow and not very well thought out in certain cases).

    I hope the Switch version will be the same as the other versions. The reason I say this is because Sega has a track record of announcing mainline multiplatform Sonic games for Nintendo systems along with other systems but they typically leave out that the game on the Nintendo system is different until later. This occurred with both Sonic Unleashed (where the Wii version was a different game than the 360 and PS3 version, although in this case the Wii version was the better game despite not looking as good and still being quite average overall) and Sonic Generations (Sega announced it for 3DS, and it was the early days of the system where people through it could be lower resolution version of the PS3 and X360 versions; it turned out to be an average and quickly made Sonic Rush style game). I also hope that the game, assuming it is the same version as on the XOne, PC, and PS4, performs well on Switch. Sonic Generations (on consoles not on PC) and Sonic Colors where somewhat difficult to play through because the FPS was capped at 30 and a fast motion game like this needs to be 60 FPS; I hope they do not sacrifice FPS for resolution in this game.

    • Hidden Flare

      Interesting ideas, though I’m not sure classic sonic gameplay will exactly be there because sega said that it’s not like generations but I could be wrong.

      I could see multiple characters being playable, unless the title is literal and we play as three separate sonics, which would suck if you ask me. Give me some non blue variety! Even Tails and knuckles would work. Maybe shadow and silver but I’m getting ahead of myself. But I can see their being sonic 3 and knuckles (-and knuckles-) type gameplay but I won’t object if we get some of the gameplay from adventure, just nothing big…. I mean nothing big, he has his own game, don’t need his playstyle here.

      I do not think making another different sonic game is s good ideas considering it would cost more money to do so and would not be a good idea. To be fair the the unleashed thing occurred because the Wii wasn’t strong enough for the game, couldn’t even handle HD elements, and for some reason they made a PlayStation 2 port too, how odd. I think generations was out before the Wii U so that explains why there wasn’t a real Nintendo console port. Just a different game.

      I hope the switch version goes well, it’s been in development with the other consoles so I do have hope it’s as good as them.

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  • Addy

    Oh great, the boost feature is back, some people are going to not like this.

    • Velen (Not WoW)

      Personally. I would rather they do away with the feature and make Sonic just gradually speed up to high speed.

    • Bap

      I don’t see why. Boost solves alot of Sonics level design problems.

      • Addy

        Ever heard of the phrase “Boost to Win”? Just hold the button through the end. Good for speed running, but can be abused easily.

        • Bap

          Nope, because you made it up. Clearly you never played a Sonic game with boost.

          • Addy

            I have. Rush, Rush Adventure, Unleashed (Wii), Colors (Wii), Generations (3DS). They had boost, I played them, mostly used them for speed runs.

          • Bap

            Then you out of most people should that Rush was anything but boost to win, even causally. They also used boosting so running segments would be longer and you had an idea on what would be coming next. And if you did speed run then you wouldn’t even criticize it as boost to win, because they where more about execution than boosting, get real.

        • MagcargoMan

          As someone who has spent many hours trying to do flawless runs of each level in Generations I can tell you that what you just said is highly inaccurate.

          • Hidden Flare

            Don’t mess with this snail, he knows true speed! :p

            I still agree with you but Im having trouble putting it into words.

  • meh, Sonic Team can talk to me when they make a new NiGHTS

  • Hidden Flare

    Honestly was hoping for a new trailer for the game with non offscreen gameplay but I guess this looks alright. I can see it’s like generations and even has multiple pathways kinda. Looking alright but I hope we get a cleaner close up of the game later, as in direct feed.

  • I’ll reserve final judgment for now, its early days but from that it’s just looking like another practically on-rails runner with some occasional jumping.

    Yes I own both Sonic Generations and Sonic Colors and I don’t completely dislike them, indeed I quite enjoyed them even if they felt a little, I don’t know, shallow to me.

    I’d just love them to do something new with the franchise. Something offering more freedom perhaps. I’d actually probably prefer a side-on Sonic game (yup, I’m getting Mania) or if they’re going to go with the behind the character angle. Then maybe make it less on-rails, open up the world for exploration.
    It can be done, look at Mario 64/Sunshine/Odyssey. I’m not saying make a Sonic Mario game, I’d just love to blast the blue blur around a more open environment.

    Anyway, who knows maybe the game will be amazing. We don’t really have much to go on so far.

  • OniLink97

    Looks cool, although I bet the switch version will not look as good as that which means I will get it on another system which is a shame :/

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