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Sonic Mania has a couple of small issues on Switch

Posted on August 15, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Sonic Mania is currently suffering from a couple of technical hiccups on Switch. Multiple users have experienced issues with taking screenshots, accessing the Home Menu, and using the power button. The response times are either very slow, or completely nonexistent.

Kotaku says that the issues stem from playing in portable mode, but some players have reported encountering the same problems while the system is docked as well. The site adds that it isn’t happening for everyone, and can be intermittent.

We’re hoping it won’t be too long until an official fix is issued via an update. Thankfully, the issues don’t really affect gameplay.


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  • Daniel Araujo

    Yes, I played earlier and I experienced a massive slowdown on the home button press, unfortunately. Nothing that ruins gameplay, at least

    • Roto Prime

      Good news that it only affects the OS and not gameplay!!!

      • Lauracphillips


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  • Roto Prime

    Start getting that Sonic 1 game ready Sega!!!

    • what sup?

      • Roto Prime

        Nothing, did you buy Sonic Mania?

  • Michael Guilherme

    Yeah, i have the same issues.

  • Adrian Brown

    I noticed the lag when trying to change the order of the joy cons. I hope it gets fixed soon.

  • Supporter

    The Switch version was ported by Tantalus Media so issues with the Switch version over the other ones makes sense. Hopefully they can be patched.

  • Reiianuo

    I’ve also noticed it will repeatedly change the joy-con position from horizontal to vertical when I bring it to the home menu, which has been annoying

  • Reggie

    Well crap. I only play on portable. Guess I’m not getting this until they fix it.

    • Annie Anemo

      It happens when docked as well

      • Reggie

        Not that it matters to me since I only play on portable anyway.

        • Annie Anemo

          I prefer to play on portable mode too, I was just mentioning it because your comment made it seem like you didn’t know docked mode has the same issues

  • Tomo910

    Seriously though why do companies use tantalus, the games they port always have frame rate trouble. Look at twilight princess

    • Addy

      I played Twilight Princess HD and saw no frame rate problems.

  • Addy

    Two game released on Switch today, neither passed quality inspection, they skipped it entirely.

    • Velen (Not WoW)

      -or they did pass QI. These just weren’t caught. It may be bug testers job to find as many bugs as possible so they can quash them, but they’re only human and can’t get everything. :

      • Addy

        “It may be bug testers job to find as many bugs as possible so they can quash them, but they’re only human and can’t get everything.”

        Then explain this hot mess of a game. It seems like they didn’t care that much and rushed it out the door and go home, back to their seedy little apartment rooms watching over-due rented DVDs from a RedBox on a dinky TV eating ramen and crying themselves to sleep.

        • Velen (Not WoW)

          You’re over-reacting is what you’re doing. Besides. The devs are already working on bug fixes. Your anger is useless.

          • Addy

            You fail to see the humor I placed, about the employee living a horrible life while trying to make ends meet. This game was clearly rushed out the door, and the horrendous performance shows. Good that the devs are fixing this, but no, this “release it broken now, then fix it later” nonsense still continues. If this was a AAA game, the sheeple will easily forgive them and forget the botched launched even happened, but this isn’t a AAA game and only a select few will forgive them. And you’re right, my anger is useless, especially when I wasn’t expressing anger, but disappointment.

    • Carlos

      If they didn’t pass QI, they wouldn’t have released. Stop trying to hate on the Switch for no reason.

      • Addy

        I expect quality, not half-baked results. I’m not saying Sonic Mania was poorly made, but it’s disappointing that Nintendo user got, yet again, the inferior version.

        • TDude73

          I disagree with that bullsh*t comment, Addy. Sonic Mania for the Nintendo Switch is NOT an inferior version. Due to your misleading, what you have FAILED to notice that it only has a couple of SMALL issues in portable mode.

          What you have also FAILED to notice is that Sonic Mania is now the #1 digital download in the Switch’s top 20 charts according to the eShop.

          • Addy

            Have you not seen DigitalFoundry’s video?


            The Switch version’s inferior performance wise, but the doesn’t mean that version is bad either, just not as good as others. And yes, I am aware about the issues in portable mode, it slipped my mind at the time.

  • Pablo Almeida

    Looks like an OS issue.

  • Annie Anemo

    From what I heard it has the same issues in both docked and portable modes, but at least it’s nothing that affects gameplay, except for some occasional audio bugs