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Sonic Mania update rolling out

Posted on September 25, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Sonic Mania’s first patch should be arriving shortly. The series’ official Twitter account states that the update is rolling out now.

Here’s what you can expect from the patch:

When the update is officially live, we’ll let you know.


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  • SetzerGabbiani

    Glad to see this. There are a lot of bugs still in the game, some game breaking, some cosmetic. I’ve encountered at least 10. Didn’t deter me from getting all chaos emeralds for all 3 characters.

    • Felipe M.

      I encountered a bug that broke the game for me but it was a place I wasn’t supposed to go and went anyway. lol

  • Roto Prime


    • Felipe M.

      Guess it’s not happening but meh, I don’t care anymore. Spent so many good hours playing the digital copy it has paid for itself.

      • Roto Prime

        I am very happy you got so many hours of gameplay out of your copy, I got the limited edition and give away the DL code, Just waiting for that day the hard copy comes out so I can join in on the fun <3

        • Bart


          Now I completely understand prefering physical to digital, but you’re really taking it to a whole new level there… Why would you just give away the code, I mean you already paid for it, might as well play it, right?

          • Roto Prime

            It was one of the hardest battle I have ever had, but every time I almost caved…..I would think about that box art and the game card art, and putting in the game cartridge in my Nintendo Switch….I give away the code ;____; I did get to see that amazing opening….made me cry with happiness, we truly live in a wonderful gaming era right now!!!

          • Bart

            Wow, I gotta admire your dedication, your will of steel… xD

            Well I hope for you the physical release happens! (And for myself too of course, I’d buy it again.)

          • Roto Prime

            Thanks Bart <3 me too!!!!!

  • Reggie

    What is meant by the ‘Super Sonic button’?

    • spd12

      On the PC version, you can manually activate Super Sonic by pressing a separate button.

      This way, you don’t automatically turn into your Super form once you have 50 rings and jump. It’s a nice quality-of-life thing.

      • Felipe M.

        That’s a neat feature, sometimes I don’t want to activate Super Knuckles/Sonic but do accidentally.

  • Felipe M.

    Thank God. It’s about damn time.

  • Supporter

    Aww yeah, nice to see Press Garden there! I’m also glad an update will take care of some of the technical issues with this game.

  • Reggie

    Has anyone been able to get the update for Switch yet? I’m not getting it.