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Splatoon 2: amiibo outfits revealed

Posted on April 21, 2017 by (@OnePunchMaz) in Screenshots, Switch

A new set of amiibo is being released alongside Splatoon 2, and just like in the first game, these will unlock special outfits. These are somewhat similar to the outfits the original amiibo in the first game unlocked – the new Inkling Girl amiibo unlocks a school uniform, the Inkling Boy amiibo unlocks a ninja outfit and the Inkling Squid amiibo unlocks a set of heavy armor (called Power Gear in the first game).

In the original Splatoon, you had to play special challenge levels to receive the outfits. We don’t know yet how it’ll work in Splatoon 2, as we barely know anything about the game’s singleplayer content at the moment.


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  • Addae Francisco

    Splatoon 2 has old and new characters,i was thinking of a female new character,but. The special outfits looks new-freshioned,huh?

  • R.Z.

    Another school outfit ?
    I liked the old one better, I hope we can still get it with the “old” amiibo.