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Splatoon comic anime debut episode – “Rider”

Posted on August 11, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, Videos

Last month, CoroCoro teased a new web anime for Splatoon. The first episode, titled “Rider”, has gone live.

Rather than a straight up anime, CoroCoro calls the series a “comic anime”. That’s because instead of true animation, it’s more along the lines of a manga with voiced dialogue. There are bits of animation sprinkled throughout, however.

We’ve included the new Splatoon comic anime below.


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  • Shonenfan

    This is called vomic.

    • DJ Tako

      I was going to say the same XD

    • RoadyMike

      I will never not call it “vomit” now

  • Reggie

    Well that’s a bit disappointing, but I didn’t expect much from CoroCoro anyway.

  • Sam Coley

    Aw man, Callie didn’t appear! I want to see my girl!

  • Guest Person

    Haha, well this is unusual. Although I would’ve be preferred a traditional anime, considering is a Coro Coro, it’s fine, and honestly, I still found this oddly amusing. Hopefully one day there will be a fully animated adaptation at Splatoon!

    • Mariselactorres


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  • lucaslink2

    You could say the blue team caught their opponents with their pants down. 😀

  • Supporter

    Oh, this is more like a motion comic. Not what I was expecting, but maybe someday we’ll get a full-on Splatoon anime.

    • Reggie

      Doubt it. Nintendo doesn’t really do anime of their IPs, I’m guessing because of how protective they are of them. The most recent anime adaptation I can think of was the Animal Crossing anime movie, and that was back in 2006.

      Then again, Nintendo has announced ventures into movies, so maybe they’ll be more open now.

      • Supporter

        Yeah, I believe Nintendo is more opening to movies and anime based on their property so hopefully a solid anime comes out of that. A Fire Emblem series would be great for example (as long as they don’t focus on the new games over the older ones too much).

      • RoadyMike

        Pokemon, Mario, Kirby? A reeeally old Fire Emblem short with Marth?
        If what you mean is that Nintendo doesn’t make the shows themselves in house, ok. But there are animes/shows of Nintendo’s IP’s

        • Reggie

          1. Nintendo does not wholly own Pokemon. They only partly own it. I’m talking about their main IPs.

          2. I assume you’re referring to the Kirby: Right Back at Ya anime. That was 2001-2003. I’m talking about recent ventures, and the Animal Crossing movie is the most recent I can think of.

          3. I’m also talking about actual series and full length movies, not youtube shorts.

          • RoadyMike

            1. Still owned by Nintendo.Invalid
            2. It still happened. Again, invalid. Who’s to say they can’t do it again?
            3. Not technically a YouTube short. I think it was a very short promotional tv show for FE in the 80’s or 90’s

          • Reggie

            Yes, the Kirby and FE shorts did happen. So did the F-Zero anime, the Mario OVAs that were based on fairy tales, the rare Mario movie, and more that I’m forgetting.

            But those were awhile ago. My entire point was there have not been many very recent ventures and the ones that have have been few. But the possibility for that to change is there, yes.

          • RoadyMike

            Oh yea, F Zero anime happened. Dang, just goes to show..
            For “recent ventures” the Kid Icarus Uprising animations happened. So yea who knows. KI probably still isn’t popular enough to warrant a show

          • Supporter

            A Kid Icarus show alongside a new game on the Switch would be spectacular!

          • Annie Anemo

            Rebooting old properties is all the rage now, they should just reboot Captain N: the game master but please don’t modernize Alucard’s design, he’s perfect the way he is https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5da164d38453a3bb79115a5840ea58843ec1639694e1ee67b7cd700d511d560b.jpg

          • RoadyMike

            Never saw CapN’, was never interested. But the concept would be kinda cool I guess if done right and with good modern animation

          • Annie Anemo

            I’ve only watched some scenes and stuff online and it looks like one of those ”so bad it’s good” shows, especially when you know the source material

          • jimmy

            Lets not forget the Kid Ikarus shorts as well

          • 近野皐月

            There was a Fire Emblem OVA in the 90’s. That one even got an English localization, believe it or not. Marth was “Mars” in the dub.

    • Meadowtronic

      • RoadyMike

        Not Splatoon, even if it is squid related

        I love Ika Musume, wish it got another season instead of the few OVA’s we got(last year? 2 years ago now?)

  • Coonfoot

    They probably should’ve been more clear and said it was more of a motion comic than what’s usually described as an anime… Oh well. I’m still hoping for an actual TV series, even though that might not happen for a while.

  • Zeebor

    Huh, motion comic.

    Still better animation than Berserk (2017).

  • Annie Anemo

    Oh 🙁 I was expecting something similar to what they did with Star Fox, oh well… btw Inklings speaking an actual intelligible language feels so unnatural