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Square Enix announces localization of Spelunker Party! for Switch, out next month

Posted on September 26, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Square Enix is localizing the Japanese Switch title Spelunker Party! for North America and Europe, the company announced today. The game will be available digitally via the eShop on October 19. Pricing is set at $29.99.

Here’s an overview:

Following the story of Spelunkette and her friends, explorers can adventure solo or with up to four players in local and online multiplayer mode, avoiding dangerous pitfalls, boulders and wicked creations. In multiplayer mode, players can also join together to access new areas and revive teammates. With over 100 thrilling stages to challenge, players will discover Litho-stones hidden throughout each map to unlock new items, equipment and faithful pets to customize their characters and aid in cave exploration.

A demo for Spelunker Party! is launching on October 7. View a short trailer for the game below.

Source: Square Enix PR

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  • Bart

    Uh yeah, not exactly the localization announcement I was hoping for, thanks Square…

    Well, good for people that want this I guess. That price though, for digital only… Come on.

  • Stuart

    Nice. But Dragon Quest Heroes 1 +2 when?

    • SingingBrakeman

      Given the performance issues, I suspect we’ll be just as good never getting them. Kind of a huge missed opportunity, since I thought the games looked great, but sub-30fps is a huge issue for a Musou title.

      • Aline Piroutek

        Yeah, the game was rushed, they we’re all like “1080p 1080p” and forgot the estable 30/60fps experience.
        I don’t want a messy game.

  • Ardisan

    Played the japanese demo at launch and really didnt enjoy this one.Why not localize Seiken Densetsu Collection, something people were asking for?

    • Gregory Weagle

      Yeah. I mean, if you aren’t going to release the Secret of Mana remake on Switch; at least localize SDC to North America, so people can officially be able to play Seiken Desetesu III for real without emulator and all that stuff.

      • Simtopia23

        Secret of Mana remake for what i’ve seen so far looks crappy.

        • Gregory Weagle

          Oh; I don’t know. I do know that it has a new translation. I know the game a lot to notice the script has been changed. Probably means Buffy will be Vampire Lord and Axe Beak will be Hell Phoenix now.

    • Jonathan Cromwell

      This title has a lot less text to translate. That’s why.

      • Ardisan

        I think it would have been a better business move. Not sure how much translation costs for 1 rpg game though (It was just that one game that didn’t get translated right? Never played a Seiken Densetsu game before so I am not sure).

  • wombat

    Cool, I was looking at importing the japanese version but now it’s gonna be cheaper.

  • Roto Prime

    wowzera, I have the Japanese game hard copy, can you add a patch for that? I enjoyed this game, hard as a turkey, but very fun <3

    • Jonathan Cromwell

      I’m sure once it releases it will play in English on your English account

      • Roto Prime

        that would be great, I would totally replay this if so!!!

        • Princess_Eevee9

          Japanese games that launch and have English localizations immediately update with your Nintendo Switch’s native language. I think?

          • Roto Prime

            Oh Eevee9 ;____; I truly hope so!!!

          • Will The Lion

            I sure hope so because I have this in Japanese physical too.

  • Fernando Silva


  • kurodo

    It’s truth That games who get’s localization, get’s english? If so, I’ll import!

    • Jonathan Cromwell


  • nekoknight

    $29.99 on the eshop? It’s not worth that much. Maybe $19.99, or ideally $14.99.

    • Jonathan Cromwell

      You can literally put 100 hours into this game and still not collect everything

    • Will The Lion

      I’ve spent over 100 hours in playing co-op with friends and family. Were’ maybe half way through the game’s story and quests. There’s still tons for us to do, lots of unplayed levels and items to find. I imported it physically in Japanese and it cost me $56. This is half the price of that, and being in English will be even better.

      It’s very worth much worth $30. To be honest $30 is a steal of a deal for this game.

  • DrWilly

    Isn’t this F2P on Playstation systems? Eff Square Enix if so.

    • Jonathan Cromwell

      Yes but the micro transactions are insane.

      • Simtopia23

        While here no microtransactions right?

        • Will The Lion

          Yep none whatsoever. It’s a great game now. It’s nice to gradually unlock stuff based on your skill rather than hoping the RNG gods smile upon you as you play F2P.

  • Simtopia23

    Played the demo, it was fun.

  • Zeebor

    Fun fact: Spelunker is actually an Indie franchise. The original was made by Irem back in the MSX days, and over time, thanks to the fall of Irem, the IP reverted back to it’s original programmer and one of the 10 white people in Japan, Timothy G. Martin.

    • Fascinating, I never knew any of that.

    • Aline Piroutek

      I did only know it was a super troll difficult NES game

  • Wahoo! I’m so glad~! I wasn’t sure that we would get it. Not a long wait, either.

    • Radish

      I’ve never played this game before, but I’m definitely gonna try out the demo based on what I’ve seen!

      • Same~! I’m excited to try the demo, and sounds like a number of people had fun with the game. ^u^

  • Princess_Eevee9

    Physical or riot. And seriously I want this game but what the Distortion World? I want Dragon Quest Heroes it was there first!

  • LB

    i hope we get a localization of secret of mana collection.

  • DeltaPeng

    Cool, seems like a fun game per the Japanese demo

  • I’m surprised it is coming over afterall as I thought it would be one of the few that wouldn’t make it. I’ll admit I’m happy and would get it but the price is a little too high for my liking and no physical release is a bummer (JP got one so maybe if I get it after it releases in English it should convert the physical to English as well). Also Spelunker World of PS4 which is a F2P one does have that cool collab with Nier Automata so it would be nice to have some collabs on Switch and Steam.

  • MagcargoMan

    At first I thought it said Spelunky Party and got a little bit interested…