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Square Enix explains how Dragon Quest Heroes I-II is more than just a port

Posted on January 21, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Dragon Quest Heroes I-II will be at the launch of Switch in Japan. Two games are included in the package, which in itself is a pretty good deal. On top of that though, Square Enix is introducing new content and making improvements. The company shared more details during the Nintendo Switch Experience 2017 last week.

First, HD Rumble is being implemented. You will feel vibration from the Joy-Con when slashing enemies, and it differs for each monster. If you slash a Slime for example, it gives off something like a jelly feeling, and if you slash a Golem, a rough / hard vibration will be felt. Also, while you are slashing a bunch of enemies, you’ll be able to notice that a Metal Slime is hidden somewhere in the crowd.

While it may not look quite as visually striking as the PS4 edition, the difficulty level and game balance has been adjusted for the Switch release of Dragon Quest Heroes. Improved elements introduced for Dragon Quest Heroes II will now be applied to the first game. More details will be announced during a live stream just before the release.

Regarding content specifically, Square Enix is including Ragnar McRyan from Dragon Quest IV as a new character. Malroth from Dragon Quest II is also appearing as a boss.

On another Dragon Quest-related note, Square Enix says Dragon Quest XI’s development is progressing smoothly on Switch. However, details are currently a secret.


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  • lightdasher

    But is it coming to the west, is what I want to know

    • Puffdaddy

      Yep, Amazon and Gamestop have it up for preorder

      • lightdasher

        I cannot seem to find it on Amazon…

        • Ljink

          It’s there, you just have to look a little harder.

          • lightdasher

            I’m afraid I cannot find it

          • BeggingforNewChapters

            Yes, I also checked. It’s not there anymore. Though, I already pre-ordered it few days ago.

          • Ljink

            Yeah, you’re right…I wonder what’s going to happen to my pre order then πŸ™

    • lvdrest

      If its not the Switch is region free so you can import it.

  • Barricade_BE

    This is a launch title?? Awesome!

    • amak11

      Yes, in Japan. It is coming here. Although since the Switch is region free, yes it’s a launch game in the west if you want to import it πŸ™‚

      • KnightWonder

        *cough* E-shop *cough*

  • Melatelo

    I really hope it’s well optimised! Judging by the trailer it won’t be. The frame-rate was all over the place.

    • Aline Piroutek

      I have the same feeling.

    • BeggingforNewChapters

      Yep, if only they’ve more time for optimization, I’m sure they could improve the framerate. But they gotta focus on the launch lineup deadline, y’know? Monay monay monay. I’m expecting 20-30 fps.

      • SpacePirateRoberts

        With any luck they’ll have those kinks patched out by the time it comes west. (Assuming it does, which SHOULD be a safe assumption since US retailers are taking preorders even though it hasn’t been officially announced AFAIK.)

  • Tlozbj

    A exclusive PvP mode in “I am Setsuna”, and now this? I’m surprised by how SE is supporting the Switch, I owuld had just expect direct ports, but they are technically giving us the definite version of the games, quite surprising seeing how they usually are with Ninty.

    • YamiryuuZero

      Guess this shows how Nintendo made the Switch having third parties in mind this time!

    • Lord Ozzie

      I am loving the support Square is giving and if they also bring the Kingdom Hearts series over to the Switch, I would die of happiness.

      • metalpants

        Well, given the massive success and support the 3DS gets in Japan, it’s easy to see why everyone there see the potential of a super powerful portable. It’s a no-brainer for big Japanese 3rd parties to jump on it.

        Nintendo basically tried to unite the eastern gaming market with the western… except Nintendo definitely put more thought into the eastern side of things (then again, you can’t make a tablet fully match a dedicated home console so, there’s that).

      • MajoraMan28

        Kingdom Hearts, and most importantly, Final Fantasy VII Remake.
        I still believe we will get these AAA titles.

        • Jon Turner

          I sure hope so. I’d hate to shell out money to buy a PS4 just to play those.

  • Samma

    I’m going to post this for consistency sake: The screens and gameplay of the game were when the Switch was in undocked 4 player Lan mode (servers are not yet activated as the console is not out yet). Comparing that to single player (docked) PS4 screens would be unfair.

    Comparing finished single player docked footage of both versions would be actually objective.

    • Priscillacmagee

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  • Lord Ozzie

    HD rumble is going to be amazing isn’t it? I honestly hope it doesn’t get shafted away, just imagine games like Monster Hunter, Fire Emblem and even Skyrim using HD rumble.

    • Glenn Davis Jr.

      Yes, Yes, YES! Monster Hunter would be huge if HD Rumble turns out to be as amazing as it sounds! Please Capcom, I… NEED… THIS..!!!

    • Aline Piroutek

      This is a feature people cannot understand well just reading word and seeing videos.
      We need to have a hands-on, just like VR, Wii Remote, 3D from 3DS and Kinect.

    • ben

      Nintendo has made the perfect VR controller/console. No wires and totally portable. with accurate motion controls that don’t depend on any cameras.

  • KnickKnackMyWack

    Would anyone care to enlighten on me on Dragon Quest I-II? Are these remakes? What’s the gameplay like? I’ve always seen DQ from a distant glance but never really hopped on board and would like a fan’s interpretation of the series.

    • lightdasher

      They’re ports of dragon quest heroes 1 and 2 with the first game having the updates the second one got, as well as new characters and bosses

    • hi v3.0

      This is a spin off just like Hyrule Warriors and it’s a port with extra content

    • Velen (Not WoW)

      It’s a Musou game like Hyrule Warriors. Difference being it’s with Dragon Quest characters.

    • JasonBall

      Yeah like the others said, it’s Warriors gameplay in DQ universe. Developed by Koei Tecmo just like Hyrule and FE Warriors.

    • metalpants

      It’s basically hack-n-slash. At times is like the Warriors series, at times is like Monster Hunter.

    • SpacePirateRoberts

      To add to everyone else saying it’s a Musou (aka Dynasty Warriors) game in the Dragon Quest universe – it also mixes in tower defense elements. When you defeat certain monsters, you’ll get a coin that lets you summon them back to the battlefield as your ally, and you’ll need to position them at key points to control the tide of monsters streaming toward whatever point you’re defending.

      As for the Dragon Quest franchise itself – it’s a series of old fashioned (here meaning the battles are turn-based, menu-driven, and usually random) JRPGs with very charming writing and character/monster designs. If you want to check it out, many fans’ choice for best game in the series, 8, was rereleased as a 3DS port just a few days ago. And don’t worry, just like Final Fantasy, each game is a whole new story with little if any connection to previous entries, so jumping in at 8 is fine.

      • KnickKnackMyWack

        Is it bombastically hard like an old school JRPG is it more balanced to today’s standards?

  • Deiser

    I’m surprised no one noticed that in the new boss portion of the trailer, they showed the two main protagonists of the first game fighting alongside the two main protagonists of the second. Cross-game character play?

  • ben

    I was interested until I saw the price tag.. It is almost the same price as buying two games.

    • BeggingforNewChapters

      ? $60 is a damn fine deal on the switch… comparing with the individual games on the original ps4 version = $120.

      • ben

        It is $90 in Japan.

        • BeggingforNewChapters

          That sucks. Well, DQ franchise is quite popular in Japan so I guess they can get away with it. Hopefully, there will be no change in price when it comes out in the west.

      • ben

        It is $90 which is the same price as buying Bomberman and another game. Bomberman is 4300 yen in Geo and so are a lot of the other launch games.Hell mariokart 8 is only 5000 yen in Geo and this is almost 9000 yen!

  • Justmadeanaccount2

    I’m so excited for HD rumble! It’s going to make games much more fun to play.

  • Ivan Junior

    I wonder if Builders is coming as well?

  • ThreadShadow

    I hope they include the main characters from Dragon Quest Swords (Wii). Never played the game but I liked their designs.

  • DeltaPeng

    Hm, the HD rumble is sounds cool. Hoping it is optimized for / runs well on the Switch, as it’s a pretty good value for 2 games in 1

  • Santiago3:16

    Hopefully they bring this(along with XI) to the West.

    • or you can import it now :v

  • TalesOfBS

    Of course it is more than a port, it is also a downgrade from the PS4 version.

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